Wicked Stories

Belonging: Book Two in The Everett Gaming Series

I sat patiently on the couch and kept my eyes focused on Sydney. As I stared at Sydney’s naked form, I began to wonder if this was the right thing. Yes, I knew Sydney wanted to scene with a good Dom, but now Anthony was fitting into the picture more. He at least should be. I really didn’t think we’d get to the point of the scene without Anthony saying something, but he was being stubborn. Matt tried talking to Anthony yesterday at lunch but that hadn’t gone well. He told Matt that he couldn’t give Sydney what she needed and I couldn’t for the life of me wrap my head around that notion. He’s a confident and capable Dom, yet he’s so sure that he can’t give Sydney what she needs. He’s refusing to see it.

Sydney knelt next to Anthony’s chair while he stroked her hair. They both were content being next to one another. Anthony sat expressionless but I knew it was his mask. He was lost and deep in thought. I knew Sydney was nervous about being naked in front of Evan, but if she was going to scene with him Friday she needed to get used to it. The sound of the doorbell caused the tension that was floating in the air to multiply.

“Relax, baby. We’re just talking tonight. Your posture is perfect.” I stroked her cheek before walking to the door. (more…)

Longing (The Masked Emotions Series Book 2) (Volume 2)

Marie let out a smile as Dom 241 disappeared into the shows for a half second and reemerged holding a flogger and the crowd let out a small applause. The three women, still on their hands and knees began to space themselves apart, giving Dom 241 ample space to walk between them.


The flogger seemed to wrap around the middle one, causing her to let out such a moan, that it caused many of the people within the restaurant to become dead silent. ‘Crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far right across her ass and pussy and although she didn’t make a sound, the way her body shuddered and the look of pure pleasure on her face was enough to see he struck her just right.

It was quiet, except for the light buzzing overhead and the occasional clink of the glass. ‘Crack- crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far left on her upper back and breast, causing her to jump slightly with each hit.  ‘Crack!’ the woman in the middle lets out a sharp yelp, followed by a satisfying moan as the flogger smacked against her nipple. (more…)

Storyville: A Time-Travel Erotic Romance

A week passed and I still hadn’t seen Jan Baptiste.  I was beginning to think I’d imagined him, due to all the moonlight-and-magnolias’ scenarios that had been clouding my mind. It didn’t make any sense.  What was he doing in the cemetery?  Was he a ghost?  How weird is that?!  On Saturday night, I heard the ragtime music again.  I wasn’t sure if it was coming from the cemetery or not.  I put my robe on and ran across the street to look through the fence to see if Jan was there.  As I was looking, I felt a cold presence behind me.  I quickly turned around, and there was my Jan.  I threw my arms around his neck and showered him with kisses.

He pulled away and said, “Come with me.  I want to show you something.”  I followed him around the fence and we came to a place that was opened enough for both of us to get through.  “Are you frightened?” he asked.

“Not when I’m with you.”

He took my hand and led me to a burial vault.  He pointed to one of the names on the family plot.

I asked, “That’s you?!  So you are a ghost?” (more…)

Onyx: A BDSM Cruise Romance (Midnight Oasis Book 1)

Chef Isaac looked at Dimitri and then Cameron. “I was going to make a cake with a boat on it, then I was going to do a chocolate fountain with fruits, then another thought hit me, maybe cupcakes on a tower. But each of these didn’t feel special enough on their own, then it came to me, I would make them all. So I did.” With that said, the waiters began removing the cover.

As the cloth was removed it revealed two of the most sensual looking women Sadie had ever seen. Both women were naked, placed with their heads to opposite ends of the table. Their bodies were covered in all of the desserts Chef Isaac had just described, only bite-sized. With chocolate drizzled all over them and the desserts, neither of the women moving, they were like mannequins.

Chef Isaac looked at Dimitri and Cameron. “I hope you enjoy it, but not as much as I am going to enjoy them when we are finished,” he said smiling at them. “Please, join me in the first tastes.” Dimitri and Cameron stepped off the dais and went to the table. Chef Isaac leaned over the woman in front of him, licking some chocolate syrup, and then covering the chocolate covered strawberry on her right breast sucking her breast as he took the fruit in his mouth.  (more…)

The Arrangement

She knew what was coming next, had prepared herself for it, but with the reality of it facing her so squarely in the face, she still had to take a big gulp of air. Taking a pillow case and a length of rope out of the van, Joel strode toward her once more, his eyes burning brightly. He jerked her door open roughly and as she wasn’t entirely sure what was expected of her, she remained seated, eyes forward. He took the pillowcase and threw it over her head, then yanked her out of the car.

Before she could even catch her breath, he’d taken her arms and pulled them sharply behind her. The rope came next and he wound it up past her elbows before looping it around her stomach, up over her breasts and knotting it at her neck. The world tilted as he lifted her over his shoulder, securing her by holding her legs with one arm, one hand on her butt. Carried to the van, he placed her inside and climbed in beside her.

“Tara, I want you to know I have you, I’m keeping you and I’m going to do all manner of things to you. No one knows where you are, even who you are anymore. You are who I say you are. Nothing more. I’ll tell you when to sleep, when to eat, when to bathe, when to spread your legs, when to close your mouth, when to open it to take my cock. Your will is no longer your own. Obey me in all things, defy me and incur my wrath. I can be loving and protective or I can make you wish you’d never ever heard my name. Nod if you understand, darlin’, as of now, you are all mine.”

Tara nodded as best she could. She knew what she’d signed on to give him. Two weeks of complete servitude, her body to do with as he wished. No one on this green earth knowing where she was, who she was with. His ultimate fantasy, a slave to do anything he wished with. Beaten, flogged, fucked at his will and whim. She knew this and yet still, in some part of her mind, she rebelled. Seeming to sense this, he reached over and roughly pulled down her jeans.

Pleased that she’d complied with no underwear, he stripped the jeans off over her sandals. She could hear him moving slightly and wondered what he was up to. She soon found out as the sharp crack of a paddle hit her buttocks, causing her to inhale sharply. Another crack had her jumping and he put his arm over her bound ones, pushing them into her back. Another sharp smack had a tear leaking out of one eye but she was determined not to make any noise.

She had pride and determination. So too, it seemed, did Joel. He kept up the battering of her behind, until her legs began to jerk and she whimpered feebly. Hearing him setting the paddle down, she waited for what came next.

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Make Me Take It from You: erotic poetry and short stories

fuck me with a whisper…


fuck me with a word, she said

one perfect word


fuck me with your mind, she said

simultaneously benevolent and cruel


fuck me with your voice, she said

a sound like rocks slowly breaking


but, most of all, she said

fuck me with a whisper…



all this talk about hair pullin’ has me in a fuckin’ tizz…



you heard me right ya bastard,

all this talk about hair pullin’ has me really worked up!


I’m in a fuckin’ tizz if ya hadn’t noticed,

and I want,



you to take care of this pussy,

and beat my ass,

maybe choke me while you’re at it.


And you better fuckin’ tease me,

before you hurt me,

‘cause I know,

and you know,

there won’t be much of me left,


my mind will be a blur of happy hurt,

when you’re finished.




grab a fist-full of my hair,

and when I scream,

suffocate me,

with your vicious mouth,

rub my pussy lips,

with the head of your cock,

bite my shoulder ‘till you feel bone,

push my face,

against the wall,

holding me there,

while you fuck me hard,

balls slappin’ my clit hard.



after you fill me with cum,


finish what you started,

with your strong hand,

like fire on my ass,

my thoughts,

slipping loose from my control,

at least for now,



I’m in quite a tizz,

because of you…



morning sex


when she ran her tongue across his lips

his mustache tasted of coffee and smoke

and the honey freshly harvested from between her thighs


fingers rested

over her pounding heart

soft now

unlike the fire that they burned with before

so she mused

on how this began

how he had called her by her secret name

a name that made her feel both vulnerable and understood


she traced that name

into the sweat on his ink stained shoulder

newly broken nail dragging on his skin


he smiled

the drying blood on his back creaking

as he drew her close

moving her to let loose a happy sigh


after all

morning was long from over


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Breaking in the Pledges

Alex had been a friend of hers for a few years, and to be blunt he had been friend zoned by her early on. Anna just hadn’t realized his interest so much, or at least that is what she told herself till one drunken night their college freshman year. He finally got through her thick skull and for the last year they’d been an item. The relationship was, well since she’d told him enough of everything she’d ever wanted, just about perfect save for one thing. Alex was for a lack of better words, not as well-endowed as she would have liked. He was smaller than average in every way, length and girth, though she found his uncut member quite attractive looking as it was well built just small.

At first he hid it from her as best as he could, sexually he never let her touch him though he went down on her regularly and had proven to be well skilled in his oral abilities. However that had frustrated her by not letting her return the pleasure and led to the inevitable, her discovering his smaller member. To say she was a little disappointed would be an understatement though she had expected him to be no more than average considering the size of his bulge when aroused. (more…)

High School Reunion

She is spellbound while he reaches over and slowly, tentatively touches his lips with her own.  He moves her body closer and with both hands firmly grabs her ass.  She can feel his hard-on pressed against her.  They continue kissing and he puts one hand up her dress.  She is dripping wet and he whispers, “You naughty and delicious girl.  I want you now!”
He starts taking off his clothes while she sits on the edge of the tub watching.  As he removes his shirt, she admires his broad shoulders and slim waist. His chest is well-defined and muscular and he wears dog tags from the time he spent in Afghanistan.  His legs are very long and lean and she judges that he must be six foot two. His cock is rock hard and dying to be touched.  She steps into the bath, trying to hide her butt that is red from being spanked earlier by the sexy British man on the beach. Randy follows her into the tub and sits in back of her.  He pulls her close to him so that she can feel his hard-on pressing against her back.  He takes some soap and lathers up her big tits.  He kisses her neck as he does it.  “You feel so good,” he tells her.  “I could do this for hours.”  They spend the next ten minutes touching and exploring each other until the bath water gets cold.
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Evelyn’s Journey: An Erotic Awakening


I am privileged to have a gym at my place. Rejuvenated after a workout. The past few months have been hectic. I’ve been helping out at the local hospital due to their shortage of doctors, and my appointments with regular patients here.  I am grateful for my mother who taught me, time management skills.  It has come in handy to run my business smoothly. I employ a cleaner and gardener as I hardly have time to maintain my house and property.

My current cleaner Adele finished yesterday. A lovely middle age woman. She had to leave due to her mother’s illness and will miss her.  I have narrowed my list of applicants for the cleaner’s position down to 6. In my foyer out the front of my house. The warm sun lights through the front of my house. My house could not be a better position. Especially during the colder months. My eyes gaze through the tinted sheet glass window outside to watch Ms. Fox park her car. She intrigues me. I thoroughly combed through her resume yesterday.  Evelyn Fox is 22 years old. She is a qualified registered nurse with honors and has flawless references. Why is she applying for a cleaning job?  My breath quickens at the sight of her. (more…)

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