The Tortured Soul Trilogy: Of Pain & Pleasure

Excerpt One – Introduction of ‘Katherine and Nicholas’

Very well then… Do you understand the rules as I have explained them?”


“…And you’re going to abide by these rules?”


“Yes ‘what’…?”

“Yes Nicky…”

Nick stood up and unbuckled his belt. “Yes ‘what’…?”

Katherine eyes widened. “Yes… Nick…?” Nick slowly slid his belt off by the buckle and held it in his hand and let it swing slowly as it dangled. Katherine watched the belt. She had no idea what he wanted her to say. Her heart pounded. Nick folded the belt in half and snapped it until it made a very loud pop. Katherine was startled. “Yes… daddy?” Katherine stammered. Nick pulled out the chair away from his dining room table and sat down.

“Now… come here…” And he motioned for her to come to the side where he held the folded belt. Katherine stood up and hesitated. Nick snapped the belt on his thigh. “NOW!”

“Yes daddy!” Katherine sheepishly walked to him and stood where he pointed to and she stood there with her back to him. Her ass was close to his face and the belt in his hand. She smoothed out her pants. Nick reached over and fondled and squeezed her ass. Katherine moaned.

“Turn around and kneel down please…”

“Yes daddy…” And she did as she was told. Katherine started to shake. Nick took her arm with his left and laid her across his lap. Katherine whimpered.

“Pull down your pants please…”

“Yes daddy…” Slowly she grabbed the waistline of her pants from behind her and shimmied out of them, revealing her soft, round bottom. Katherine was wearing white silk panties with a lace trim. Katherine’s ass twitched in anticipation. Nick paused and waited a moment to let Katherine consider what was about to happen. As she shivered in Nick’s lap, Nick hiked up her panties to reveal more of her tender flesh. Katherine cooed as the panties tightened on her crotch.

“Do I have your undivided attention, young lady?”

“Yes daddy…”

“I don’t believe that I do…” And Nick raised the belt and it made a sharp smack on her buttocks. Katherine inhaled deeply from the sting of the belt. She bit her lip and sighed.

“Ohhh…! My…!” Katherine then arched her back raising her ass just a little higher. Katherine purred. Nick hesitated and Katherine became a little impatient. “May I have another… daddy?”

“Yes you may…” And pulled on the waist of her panties giving her a tighter wedgie and Nicholas hit her with the belt again. Katherine cooed and purred.

“Ohh… may I please… have another… daddy?” And Nicholas struck her again and again. Katherine writhed and gyrated with every stroke. In between some strokes he would stop to fondle her ass until she would relax and coo a bit, then he would suddenly strike her again. Katherine felt as if she was on a rollercoaster with no idea when the next thrill would come. She had never experienced anything like this in her life. From where they were positioned Nick was able to reach the kitchen table and he stuck his left thumb into the open jar of jelly and placed his sweetened thumb into Katherine’s open mouth. Katherine sucked his thumb voraciously, licking and sucking the jelly off his thumb with every stroke of the belt.

“Bad girl… bad, bad girl!” Suddenly Katherine pulled his thumb out of his mouth and shuddered violently. She began to breathe in short quick breaths. And then she let out a high-pitched squeal. By the time Katherine came, her ass was a bright red. “That’s gonna leave a mark…” Nick said; Katherine giggled. Nick grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and stood her up. He stood up and while still controlling her he bent her over the back of the chair. “Take your pants off and then put your hands on the back of the chair…” Katherine complied. Nick went and got the ice pack, now mostly melted and gently massaged Katherine’s exposed ass with it. Katherine jumped a bit when the cold bag touched her, but it began to soothe her. The water that had formed outside the bag trickled down her legs. Nick reached between her legs and fondled her clit.

“Ahhhh ha…” Katherine cooed.

“You’re all wet… let me get you a towel.”


Excerpt Two – ‘Introduction of ‘Jennifer and Michael’

He picked up the folder off his desk and held out the enrollment papers for her. Jennifer closed the door to his office and locked it. “What are you doing…?”

“There’s something I want to give you first…”

“And what would that be…?” Jennifer removed her jacket and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Michael held up his hand. “I told you… I don’t get involved with…” Jennifer unhooked her bra. Michael inhaled. “I told you… I won’t….” he couldn’t speak as Jennifer slipped out of her blouse and bra. He was mesmerized by her amazing fit body.

“I’m a virgin…!” Jenny whispered.

Michael took a deep breath. “I don’t believe you!”

“What purpose would it serve to lie about that?” And she walked closer to him. Michael was frozen in time. “No man or woman has ever touched me in the way you’re about to touch me…” She walked slowly towards his outstretched hand and it touched her breast. Jennifer inhaled deeply and breathed out slowly.

“My god… These are real!” And Michael fondled her breasts. Jennifer cooed and purred. Jennifer unzipped his pants and reached in and felt his throbbing cock. Michael pinched her nipples. Jennifer felt faint. Her jaw trembled. She only knew how to give head and she hated doing that.

“I… I… don’t know… what I should do…!” she stammered.

He still didn’t believe her, but that didn’t concern him right now. Michael stood up and picked her up in his arms; she touched his face gently as he carried her and placed her gently on the couch. He then went over the office intercom. “Ms. Kirby…?”

“Yes Mr. Callahan?”

“I’m going to be in a conference call on my cell for about an hour or two. Hold all my calls and reschedule any appointments I may have until later this afternoon.”

“Yes Mr. Callahan… could you please pick up line one first?” Michael picked up line one on his desk phone. “Please… be gentile with her Michael…” Ramona whispered.

“I promise….” And he hung up. Michael turned to Jennifer lying down on the couch and began to loosen his tie. Jennifer lay there shivering and panting slowly. She was covered with goose pimples. He went over to the thermostat in his office and turned the heat up a bit to make it more comfortable for her. He then walked towards her taking off his shirt. Michael had the body of a boxer. He was very fit and trim. He slowly lay on top of her without pinning her down. She kissed him deeply.

“You don’t have to do this…!” He said softly.

Jennifer put her finger on his lips. “Shhhh! You talk too fucking much!” And she kissed Michael deeply. Michael gently fondled and massaged her body. Jennifer began to pant heavily and spread her legs for him. She was very wet, very wet indeed. Michael placed his hand gently between her legs and stroked her clit. Jennifer’s eyes went to the back of her head and she moaned. Michael kissed her nipples and bit them gently. Jennifer felt that she would surely faint now. Her head was swooning. She felt as if she was on a roller coaster and she didn’t want the ride to stop. She kissed him more passionately. She hungered for him. Michael worked his hand under her panties and began to probe her with his finger. “Owwww!” Jennifer sighed softly. Michael stopped. “Don’t stop… Please! Don’t stop!” Michael again tried to probe her and Jennifer’s eyes began to fill with tears. She didn’t think it would be this painful. Michael stopped again. Jennifer was now crying. She felt… embarrassed and ashamed… Michael kissed her gently. He realized this wasn’t a ploy; she really was a virgin. There was something he didn’t know about her. “I’m sorry!” and she cried.

“Don’t be sorry Jenny… We’re just gonna have to go very, very slowly… Do you still want to do this…?” Jennifer put the back of her hand on her mouth, cried and nodded yes. “I’m gonna try something… I promise I will not hurt you at all… do you trust me?”

Jenny sobbed and nodded. “Of course I trust you…”

Michael eased up and slid down her body until his head was between her legs. As he did so, he had eased her out of her panties. Jenny closed her eyes hard. She didn’t know what to expect now. Michael began to lick her labia and clit. Jennifer had never felt anything like that in her life. She was back on the roller coaster ride she had just learned to love so much. Her jaw trembled, her thighs quivered, her eyes went to the back of her head and she covered her mouth to stifle her screams of pleasure. “My office is soundproof… no one can hear anything that goes on in here… The clients demand it…” He whispered. He didn’t want to startle her. And he dove right back into her wet and hungry pussy. Then he sucked on her clitoris and nibbled on it so very gently. Jennifer screamed in ecstasy. She came so hard she didn’t even realize that Michael’s fingers were deep inside her pussy stroking her ‘G’ spot. He continued to lick and stroke her until she was so hot and horny that she no longer felt any pain. Jennifer grabbed her nipples and squeezed them. Her leather gloves felt so good as she pinched her nipples. It couldn’t possibly get any better than this. All of a sudden, Jennifer felt naked. She looked up at him. Michael had gotten off her. ‘What was he doing?’ She said to herself. She saw him pull a condom from his wallet and put it on. Now, Jenny relaxed. He came back to her and positioned her on her knees on the couch, bent over the back of it. Her ass was up in the air. He stared at her. “Is there any part of your body that isn’t magnificent?”

“You’re talking again!” As much as she loved to hear his voice, she didn’t want to take the chance that he would say something stupid and kill the mood. Michael slapped her on her ass. Jennifer’s lip quivered. “Ohhhhh! My!” And she spread her knees on the couch. Michael didn’t catch the subtle hint that she wanted to be spanked but no matter. He got behind her and entered her very, very slowly. His hard throbbing cock reached farther and farther into her. Jennifer began to beat her fist into the back of the couch as his cock probed her deeper and deeper and deeper.

(My GOD…! Is he using his fucking fist?)

He wasn’t, because his hands were on her waist pulling her closer and closer to him. Michael was so deep inside her that she felt she was going to choke. And just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he began to pump his cock into her. In, out, in, out, long, deep, slow strokes. Jennifer’s nipples got so hard she felt they were going to explode. That would have been fine, until Michael got into the zone and began to pound her like a jackhammer. She could barely breathe. Her taught nipples kept hitting the leather couch with every thrust of Michael’s cock. His loins were now smacking her on the ass harder and harder and louder and louder. It was more than she could take. The wicked sensations occurring on both ends of her body and deep inside her were sending chills and shivers up and down her spine. “Holy Sh… sh… shhhiiiiit!  You mu… mother fuc…ccc… kkk… kkkerrrrrr!” She moaned. Her mouth opened wide and she grabbed her throat. “Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhh!” she screamed. Jennifer didn’t remember passing out. She only remembered waking up on the couch and finding Michael fast asleep in the chair in his office. He was totally exhausted. Jennifer got up, used his private bathroom to freshen up, got dressed and began to leave.

That’s when she heard Michael’s voice softly say; “Ramona has the limo waiting for you to take you home… and don’t forget your enrollment papers…”

Jennifer took the papers from his desk. “Thank you Michael…”


Excerpt Three – Introduction of ‘L.L. and Angie’

L.L. kissed Angie so very gently. “You in the mood to soak in the tub, filled with bath oils and lavender?”

“You cleaned my tub…?”

L.L. whispered in her ear. “It’s so clean… we can… eat in it!” Angie almost swooned right there. It was if a genie heard her deepest wishes and they were all being granted. Angie kissed L.L. so passionately and L.L. held her in her arms and then L.L. pulled away from her. “We have all night… let’s not rush things… I want to take my precious time with you…” A tear came to Angie’s eye as L.L. led her to the bathroom. L.L. gave Angie privacy as she got naked to take her bath. L.L. entered the bathroom with a soft sponge and a towel and Angie was wearing a soft terrycloth robe.

“What are you going to do with that?”

L.L. motioned for Angie to sit on a small bench Angie had in her bathroom that she used whenever she wanted to lotion her body after a quick shower. “I’m going to give you a sponge bath…” Angie sat and sighed as L.L. gently sat her down and then started filling the tub with water. She then took a body wash, poured some into the sponge and wet it in the sink. L.L. slowly, softly and meticulously hand washed her lover. Angie cooed and purred and felt like a princess as L.L. washed every inch of her, paying particular attention to her hands and feet. She was aroused but so relaxed. L.L. washed away every care she had in the world… and she hadn’t even gotten in the tub yet! By the time she was ready to soak; her body was clean and covered by goose bumps. L.L. had kicked up the thermostat in the apartment so that she could truly enjoy her experience. L.L. escorted her to the tub and helped her get in. L.L. then added the bath oils and some more rose petals. The scent of lavender quickly filled the room. She then turned the hot water on as to raise the water temperature slowly. She then continued to wash her in the tub, but now she paid close attention to her erect nipples and her clitoris. A lone flickering candle was the only witness to this sensuous act of love and affection. Angie spread her legs as L.L. stroked and fondled her and just when she felt like she was floating on air. L.L. dropped her robe and got in with her. “You didn’t think you were going to have all this fun… all by yourself… did you?” Angie giggled as L.L. got into the tub with her. They lay in the hot, steamy water as they touched and caressed and probed each other, with their hands and tongues. After about five more minutes of underwater foreplay, the girls lovingly toweled each other off and began to lotion each other’s bodies. They took their sweet time taking baby oil and rubbing each other down in the steamy bathroom. Angie used her hands to oil and caress L.L. and she used her whole body to oil her. L.L. used her tits to rub oil on her. She used her ass to grind the oil on her. It wasn’t until they sat on the bench and got into the ‘boxing’ position, where they were vulva to vulva did things get truly heated up.

“Take me to bed…” Angie moaned.

“I thought you would never ask.” L.L. answered. L.L. escorted Angie to the bed where she lay down and spread her legs and began to pinch and squeeze her nipples. L.L. went down on her gently licking and sucking her labia and clit. Her tongue flicked in and out of her juicy pussy. Angie moaned and thrashed her head from side to side. She really needed this… right here… right now…

“Oh… mmmuuuuuuu! Muaaaaaaaaah! Ha-ha haaaaa! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ohhhhhhh! Muuuuuah!” Angie’s body shivered and shook, her nipples became hard and tight. Angie took her fingertip and kissed and licked it. Then she started pumping her finger in and out of her mouth. That was the signal for L.L. to probe her. L.L. eased her fingers into Angie while her thumb stroked her clit. L.L. bent her fingers upward and stoked Angie’s “G” spot while she licked her clit. Angie began to wail and moan. “More! More! Ohhhhhh! Right Therrrrrre! Oh! Faster… faster… Fff… fff… fffuck meeeeeeee!” L.L. stood up from her kneeling position between Angie’s knees and continued to pump her fingers in and out, in and out, faster and faster. She could feel Angie’s pussy contract and tighten around her fingers and she pulled out, rubbed her clit and entered her again. Angie arched her back and moaned and cooed and threw her head back and forth violently. Angie threw her head side to side and her hair whipped around. Angie’s voice rose in pitch and got louder.

“Oooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Then her jaw trembled. “That’s so ggg… ggg… ggg… good bay…bee! That’s nice!” Then Angie began to cough. Every time she did, her vagina got tighter around L.L. fingers. “Ohhhh Fuck me baby! Fuck meeeeeee!” Angie was only a closet lesbian, she still liked the feel of a man inside her, and L.L. was prepared. She had picked up a present for Angie from the Callahan’s sex shop, ‘The Warehouse’. It was a ten-inch, latex, oil filled, strap-on which L.L. had under the bed in a pot of hot water. It had gone down to almost room temperature while they bathed. It was still warm and was the closest thing to feeling like a real cock. L.L. put it on and was about enter her when Angie stopped her. “No wait…” L.L. thought that she didn’t want her to use it on her. She was wrong. Angie sat up and began to perform fellatio on it. Angie was really getting into it, but it didn’t do a thing for L.L…. until Angie reached under it and began to fondle L.L.’s clit with her thumb. L.L’s eyes fluttered as Angie rubbed and stroked her clit faster and faster, left to right. Angie knew never to try to ‘invade’ L.L.’s personal space, so she had learned to use her thumb as well as she used her tongue. She could tease her vagina but would never ever try to probe her. L.L. loved the fact that Angie respected her wishes. It was one of the things about her she loved about her so much. Other than Cindy… Angie was the only other woman she allowed anywhere near her pussy. Other women could not be trusted playing around down there without trying to probe her. That was always a deal breaker with her. Angie continued to suck the strap-on and fondle L.L. Finally, Angie could wait no longer and she rolled over on her knees and spread her cheeks. L.L. eased up behind her and slid the dildo slowly into her. “Ohhhhhhh yeah! Do that again!” L.L. eased out and slid back in again. Angie started to slam her hands on the bed. “Ohhhhhh That’s it… right there!” L.L. continued to pump Angie with long deep strokes. Angie was very appreciative.

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