The Dragon’s Gift

I’m flooded with lust as Maxine straddles over my upper thighs, her weight a reassuring blanket in the dark. She grasps both my breasts and squeezes, and then drags one clawed hand down over my torso while her tongue licks in a hungry trail down to my navel. Her saliva lingers like sticky paint, evaporating slowly, and I love it. I can feel her impatience; it’s electric in the air, as is my own. I simply can’t remain still. I want to feel her touch everywhere.

My hands find her one hand lingering under my breast, but she moves further down where I cannot reach her. It’s a deliberate tease; she enjoys topping people. She loves control, and has told me numerous stories of doing similar things to her boyfriends. I don’t mind. It’s me she’s craving now.

Her hot tongue dips into my navel while both her hands grip my waist. She swirls in and around, and then plants soft kiss after kiss downward until she’s come to the crest of my underwear. Her breath falls warm and heavy here, almost as if she’s pausing to watch what I know she cannot see happening in this dark—the ridiculously slow peel of the cotton. It’s a big step for her, diving right in. It can be a little scary.

I raise my hips slightly to encourage her to pull my panties down further, and she does. I’m breathing so loudly now, I almost drown out the jingle of her belled sleeves. It’s a strange music, but it’s our music. As Maxine drags the fabric down over my ass and thighs, she comes to rest at a crouch around my bent knees, and I feel her wrap one arm around my left leg while the other falls softly against the top of my pelvis.

Her touch is excruciatingly warm. I want to both move away and embrace the heat at the same time, but Maxine doesn’t move. We’ve reached a precipice. A decision must be made. She could stop, or she could pleasure me.

Boiling in my lust, I encourage her. “Love me,” I whisper. “I need to feel you.”

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