The Arrangement

“I want you to make love to me. But I want it to happen in your bed.”  I said to him.

His face never lost its heavy seriousness, but I couldn’t fight this need… this desire. It was raging inside me. I needed assurance. I wanted to feel close to him.

“Please, Sullivan. I just… I just need you to do this for me. Please.”

Without another thought, his strong arms captured me, sweeping me off my feet. Carrying me out of the bathroom, he ascended the staircase two steps at a time.

It was like a dream; I could have pinched myself. He’d brought me there, to his room: The No-Go Zone. The place I was never allowed to be.

Setting me down at the foot of the bed, he cupped my face, locking his lips with mine. Our tongues danced, licked and tasted, savoring each other like hungry lovers who couldn’t get enough. His embrace was safe and warm, like a gentle breeze. I could die in his arms.

The demons behind his eyes danced as he gazed down at me, unfastening the zipper of my dress until it fell around my ankles. He knelt down, peeling the stockings from my legs, with an unhurried confidence I loved. “Taffeta, I’m going to do some things to you, and you’re going to obey me. Understand?”

My mind on fire with the thoughts of what I wanted him to do to me, I nodded my head and returned the favor. Pulling at his tie, I let it hang on both sides of his neck as I ran my hand around the stubbly edge of his jaw. Damn, he was gorgeous. I had him out of his shirt before he could kick off his shoes and peel off his pants.

Tracing his thumb over my bottom lip, primal possessiveness flashed across his features as he watched me closely. He then turned away from me and reached for the nearby wooden storage box. “Stand with the front of your thighs touching the bars on the footboard.”

I wondered if he was going to give me more than I could handle as he opened the cedar chest and pulled out some items. He put the tools of his trade on the mattress as I stood like he told me, at the foot of the bed with my legs touching the top two beams. In three circuits, he wrapped a rope around each of my thighs, anchoring them to the middle bar with a knot.

Getting behind me, Sullivan moved my hair away as he lined my neck with kisses. He rested his chin on my shoulder. “I’m going to put my hands on top of yours and I want you to touch yourself where it feels good. And don’t be ashamed. I know you’re shy.”

With his erection wedged in the crevice of my ass, I started at the top of my legs. Circling our hands around the warm, soft cushion of my hips, I drifted to the narrow of my waist. Taking over the motions, Sullivan’s need to control forced our route back down to my mound. “I want you to taste yourself.”

I wasn’t interested, but the choice was made for me as he forced my middle finger through my dripping folds. He brought the moisture coated digit up to my lips, and I tasted the sweetness. “Hmmm… you like that baby? It tastes so damn good, like the finest honey. See why I can’t get enough of you?”

He led the journey of our hands around the outer curve of my breasts. “We’re going to heat you up. Pinch your nipples hard. Make it burn.”

I bit my bottom lip and took my nipples between the pads of my fingers. Squeezing lightly, soft rays of pleasure shot from the puckered tips.

“Harder baby, we’re going to do this right.”

At his command I pressed firmer, rolling and pinching until they burned and my inner thighs grew sodden.

“That’s it, making it hurt will make it extra good.”

My nipples were pebbles rolling in flames, and the folds of my pussy swelled with desire. Sullivan was panting over my shoulder as he watched me torture my breasts. I was forced to keep it up until my heart pounded in my neck.

I took a tense breath as Sullivan reached for two metal clips connected with a silver chain. “This will excite me very much, Taffi.”

Wondering if he could hear my heart beating, my nerves gave in to the curiosity. “What is it?”

“Something to make you come harder. And after you experience it, you’ll never want to go back.”

I started to speak, but had already agreed to do everything he told me to do. I made myself concentrate on Sullivan’s granite chest rising and falling against my back as he neared the height of excitement. “It’s a little bit of pain, baby. Just feel it; let me take you somewhere you’ve never been.”

I knew Sullivan would never really hurt me, so I closed my eyes and put my head on his shoulder. It was rock hard, strong, and I listened to him breathe as the cold bite of the metal sank into my nipples with sharp pricks. The longer the clamps were attached, the more the pain seemed to ebb and become something more pleasant.

Pushing his knees into the back of mine, he lowered me until my chest rested against the cold sheets. “It pleases me to see you like this. Fully trusting.” Raising my hips as far as the restraints would allow, he exposed my pussy. “So beautiful.”

Coasting his hands over my curves, he leaned over, dragging the rough bristles of his beard down my lower back. “Welcome to my brand of pleasure.”

He didn’t know, but the real pleasure came from allowing me in his bed. I knew it didn’t mean forever for the two of us; Sullivan would never be mine, but in my memory I would always have right now. Tonight.

A finger spread gel around my opening. At first, there was coolness, then heat encircled my clit. I lifted my hips higher as he pushed his finger inside, stroking that sensitive indent I didn’t know I had before he showed me.

I jerked as his hand landed on my ass, laying a patch of fire. “Pain and pleasure go hand in hand,” he said through hard breaths. I took in one of my own as his hand came down again, sending a streak of lighting from my ass to my pussy. “They complement each other, feed from one another.”

One finger from his other hand massaged my clit while another finger stroked the inside. I pressed my cheek to the mattress and gripped the sheets as each slap from his other hand grew harder in succession, leaving a hotter streak each time.

Riding the thin line of pleasure and pain, I closed my eyes, so aware of the sensations. I was wide open, high, alive and unable to speak though every inch of my body begged to be sated, while I hovered over the threshold of release.

He withdrew his fingers and rested his chest against my back. “Damn, you’re doing it again, taking my control… killing me, babe.” His voice shook as his breath brushed my ear, teeth scraping my shoulders.

“I need to be right here,” he growled, nudging his cock head against my opening. I think I moaned as it slowly inched inside, spreading and stretching me from behind.

He thrust deep and another stinging caress hit me, as his palm met with my buttocks. I could feel all of him, every inch of his hardness moving in and out, burning me up inside.

The clamps were snagging against the sheets, rubbing my nipples. Fisting the covers, I tried to move my hips back more, but my legs were tied. The space was filled with the sounds of our desire, my world consumed by him. His smell, his heat, his perspiration mingling with mine. There was no room in my brain to think of all the other women he could’ve had in this position.

Right now, I was freed. Right now, I was his.

Alone in his bed.

The mix of pleasure and pain spiked, launching me into a release unlike anything in this dimension. I tightened around Sullivan’s cock and it wasn’t long before he lost himself, filling me.

Climactic breaths dragged from his lungs, then settled into a normal rhythm. His hands dropped from my hips and we laughed as he fell onto my back, basking in the left-over pleasure emanating from our bodies. Kissing a line along my back as he slid down my body, he breathed in the smell of my skin and gently withdrew.

He unknotted the restraints and massaged the rope’s impressions from my skin. “How did you like being tied?”

“I loved it.”

Sullivan’s gleeful smile let me know I’d pleased him. “I think I might have a masochist on my hands.”

I wished he wouldn’t use those complicated words. “A maso what?”

“Masochist. A person who derives pleasure from pain.”

Hmmm… sounded fascinating. I should do some internet research on the topic.

I rolled over, removed the clamps and watched him as he returned them and the rope to the cedar chest. Sweet mercy, I also loved the way he looked after we had sex. Nude and sweaty, the mass of dark curls on his head were messy, sexy as hell.

The slick bastard knew exactly what to do to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of powerlessness, of having him take care of me, but I wasn’t finished with him yet. “I still need something else from you.”

With his hands resting on those yummy lean hips, he turned around, eyes darkening with some emotion I couldn’t exactly make out. It wasn’t anger—maybe indecision—but I wasn’t about to let him send me away now. Not after the specialness of being tied and taken here in his room. I was going to ride this train as long as it would roll.  “Lie with me.”

To make it harder to deny me, I threw back the comforter, inviting him. Running his hands through his hair, Sullivan crawled in beside me. He rolled over on his side and I turned my back toward him, cuddling against his chest. I wanted him to press his body hard against mine and I waited for him to hold me, but I had to reach over and pull his arm across my body. Difficult as it was, I ignored the distance that suddenly arose because I’d finally made it here, to his bed. A place I wanted to stay forever.

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