Longing (The Masked Emotions Series Book 2) (Volume 2)

Marie let out a smile as Dom 241 disappeared into the shows for a half second and reemerged holding a flogger and the crowd let out a small applause. The three women, still on their hands and knees began to space themselves apart, giving Dom 241 ample space to walk between them.


The flogger seemed to wrap around the middle one, causing her to let out such a moan, that it caused many of the people within the restaurant to become dead silent. ‘Crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far right across her ass and pussy and although she didn’t make a sound, the way her body shuddered and the look of pure pleasure on her face was enough to see he struck her just right.

It was quiet, except for the light buzzing overhead and the occasional clink of the glass. ‘Crack- crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far left on her upper back and breast, causing her to jump slightly with each hit.  ‘Crack!’ the woman in the middle lets out a sharp yelp, followed by a satisfying moan as the flogger smacked against her nipple.

Lana held her breath every time Dom 241 raised his arm and quickly imagined herself to be the one getting hit. Her eyes darted towards the back corner and saw a crowd of people standing there. Not allowed to move until the show was over and she figured that was why Enzio hadn’t come back yet. Dom 241 snapped his fingers and two of the women on the ends quickly stood up and ran into the shadows, a second later one came back with several buckets of clothes pins and the other one not too far behind, holding a small red silk pouch.

Nadia couldn’t believe the man before her was her brother as he took the microphone and looked at the guests. “Ladies and Gentlemen. Masters and Mistresses. Dome and Masseurs.” His dark voice echoed and Nadia was certain that if her brother never told her that he was Dom 241, she would have sworn it was a completely different man. “The world record for the most clothing pins on a single body is two thousand and it was on that person for fifteen minutes. Tonight, Slave Jasmine, who is on loan by protégé Master Marcus and I are going to break that record. Twenty-five hundred pins and she is going to wear it for twenty minutes.” Nadia tossed her brother a snide smile as she shared a similar look with Juno.

“However, it’s too many pins for me and my two slaves to do.” Dom 241 began walking around the room as his two slaves cuffed her wrist to the chains that slowly descended from the ceiling. He walked over towards the largest table in the room and looked at the man-dog sitting beside Akira. Dom 241 nodded at him and Akira stood up and walked towards the middle of the room. He looked at Miko who promptly lowered her head. Marie simply smiled and mouth “hell no.” and although he was wearing a mask, he smiled.

Tetsuo held his breath as the man in the mask looked directly into his eyes. The masked man was about to nod at him, but then Juno shook her head and the masked man nodded to her instead. “Like I said, you’re a cub, not a Dom.” She growled into his ear, and then when the masked man snapped his fingers, Juno quickly became so feminine and shy and it made Tetsuo instantly jealous and Miko highly annoyed.

Lana couldn’t believe that Nadia’s boss was in the restaurant. She looked over at the table and saw Nadia as well as Marie both staring directly at her and instantly she felt guilty about being excited about Dom 241. She looked over towards the back corner, trying to find Enzio, but the crowd was just too big. Dom 241 nodded at a man and when he got to the center, Lana recognized the hip-hop mogul as well as everyone else. He nodded to an Oscar-winning actress who squealed and practically ran to the center. Finally, he was standing right in front of her and she couldn’t hide her excitement.

Lana looked into his eyes and they appeared to be sad, but then he nodded at her and walked to the center of the room and she quickly followed. When she arrived at the center, she could hear Marie chanting her name and she let out a smile. Akira gave her a kiss on the cheek and Juno just gave her another hateful stare that she felt that it was well deserved. The servants each handed them a bucket that was full to the top with wooden clothing pins and Dom 241 looked at the other guests. “Now, when I give the signal.” He looked at the five people he picked “All of my slaves will place every single pin on every square inch of Jasmine’s body and then the countdown will begin.”

Dom 241 pointed at them and all of them went to work, attaching the pins on Jasmine’s face, ear, breasts, stomach, and vagina. Lana hesitated for a moment, but she found slight enjoyment placing the pins on the slave’s pussy lips. It took less than two minutes to place the pins on her and a bright red countdown clock appeared overhead. Lana looked over at Akira who simply had this look that can only be signified to be overwhelming pride as he watched Dom 241 randomly flicks the pins with his finger, causing Jasmine to moan and cry.

She watched the hip-hop mogul trying to pick up Juno, but he quickly shut up and backed away when she gave him a cold dead stare. Only to become lively again when she looked at Dom 241 and it made her a bit angry because it was the exact same look she gave to Enzio that night at Alturas. The Oscar winning actress began to talk to Akira and they had several minor laughs before Dom 241 pointed to the clock. Five minutes left and the guests were all watching in anticipation as Jasmine began squirming, but not too hard to knock off any pins.

Then the crowd counted down “Five, four, three, two, one!” And there was an amassed cheer that momentarily deafened everyone in the center of the room. Dom 241 pointed at the slaves and they began to rush to take off the pins off of Jasmine as a loud buzzer rang overhead “Ladies and Gentlemen,” a woman’s voice echoed, “We have a servant punishment. The servant shall be punished as soon as the floor clear.” Dom 241 watched the servant pleading to the table, asking them what she had done wrong. The tattoo riddled man just laughed “I just felt like it.” The man spoke. “Yeah, he felt like it.” The man’s female date repeated.

Dom 241 looked at his slaves “Please sit down. It looks like I need to put someone in their place before I retire for the evening.” He spat, walking towards the tattooed man on the table. “Is there a problem with Slave Ana’s service?” He asked and the tattooed man simply smiled “Nope,” the man arrogantly said, “The service was immaculate.”

“Then why did you press the button?”

“I just wanted to see what would happen.” He arrogantly spoke and Dom 241’s voice became filled with joy. “I take it you have read and signed the provision contract before entering the restaurant?”

The tattooed man smiled completely vanished and his date had a fearful look on her face as Dom 241 leaned in closer to the tattooed man. “I shall repeat part A, number six of the provision clearly states that if you press the red button for no other reason, then you and your guest shall take the place of the servant.”

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