Jenny’s Awakening

512nlfftmalJenny Negles yawned as she fumbled to get her keys out of her purse while balancing the bookbag slung over her other shoulder. It was heavy with her laptop, an ancient thing, and several textbooks. Her back ached from the strain, and she kept having to roll her shoulder to keep it from slipping off.

“Come on,” she whispered, her keys in hand but one of the jagged teeth had caught on something in her purse and refused to come out. “Not now, I want to get to bed.”

Before her stood the door to her dorm room. Jenny let her head slump forward, banging against the painted-white door, rattling it on its hinges. She tugged again on her key while an errant strand of her black hair spilled down her cheek. It was supposed to be pulled back with the rest of her locks into her ponytail, but after a day of classes and an evening studying in the library, several tresses had escaped her scrunchy’s imprisonment.

“Come on,” Jenny muttered, hating her hair escaping. Her hair should be neat. It needed to be combed.

The young coed, attending her second year of college at Washington State University in Pullman, just west of the Idaho border. She liked the school and mascot—Go Cougars!—but right now what she would really like was to pull her keys out before she lost her bookbag and broke her most prized possession—her laptop.

The door yanked open.

Jenny’s roommate, Lupita, grinned at her. “Sup, girl?”

“Hey,” Jenny said, letting go of her stuck keys. “Thanks.”

Lupita nodded, her hips swiveling in the tight, low-riding jeans she loved, her bright-red thong standing out against her nut-brown skin. She backed off from the door, the fringe on the bottom of her belly shirt swaying, matching the bounce of her bleached platinum-blonde hair.

“It’s Friday night, and you were studying again.”

“I didn’t think you’d be here,” Jenny said, ignoring the comment and setting her laptop bag on her desk followed by her purse. “Isn’t there a frat party or something?”

“It was lame,” Lupita groaned, emphasizing lame.

Jenny smiled and pulled off her scrunchy. She grabbed her brush off her nightstand and went to work on straightening out her hair while Lupita kept undulating her hips, dancing to a beat only the Latina could hear.

“Shame, I am horny,” Lupita moaned. “Was hoping for a nice frat brother or cute sorority sister to ease my itch.”

Jenny’s cheeks reddened. Lupita was a…forward girl. Three months sharing a room had not changed that. “Well…sorry.”

Lupita fell on her bed, her arms spread wide, her large breasts jiggling in a way that made Jenny pretty sure her friend had forgone a bra again. Lupita’s legs spread wide, obscenely wide, and Jenny looked away.

Lupita’s jeans molded to her crotch, and Jenny wasn’t interested in seeing such an intimate sight.

“You could scratch my itch,” Lupita said after a moment.

Jenny froze in mid-comb. “No, Lupita. No.”

Lupita sat up on her elbows. “You never have any fun, Jenny.”

“Because we’re in college.”

“Exactly. It’s like you want to have good grades or something.” Lupita rolled her eyes. “What are you thinking?”

“That I’m racking up student loans, so I want to get a good job to pay them off.” Jenny set her brush down after carefully pulling out stray hairs caught in the teeth. She balled them up and threw them in the trashcan on the way to the bathroom. “I didn’t come here to have fun.”

“Everyone else did,” Lupita called.

Jenny turned on the faucet and washed her hands. She always washed her hands after doing anything. If she wasn’t juggling her purse and laptop bag, she would have made the immediate left to step into their bathroom when she walked through the door.

“You need to have fun,” Lupita said. “Since you’re such a cat. Cats know how to have fun.”

“A cat?” Jenny frowned as she lathered her hands. “What are you talking about?”

“Everyone has an animal spirit,” she said. “I’m Mayan. We know these things. You’re a cat. Like a panther or a jaguar.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “Is this an otherkin thing?”


“Nothing.” I shook my head “Just something I read on Tumblr.”

“You’re a cat at heart, always cleaning yourself. Tidy. Like a cat. No cat likes to be dirty. Always grooming themselves. But then you’re not embracing your other side. You study too much. That’s not cat-like at all.”

“Maybe I’m not a cat.” Jenny grabbed her toothbrush and squeezed a line of Colgate three-in-one toothpaste across the bristles. “Ever think about that?”

Lupita popped in as Jenny shoved her toothbrush into her mouth. “Nope. You’re a cat. Look at you. Who brushes their teeth three times a day? Once, in the morning, is enough.”

“People who don’t want to have cavities,” Jenny mumbled around her toothbrush. In her purse she had a travel brush and toothpaste, in a Ziploc bag, for brushing after meals.

“Don’t you want to get laid ever?” Lupita asked.

“I’ve been laid a few times,” Jenny blushed.

“Don’t you want to get laid again?”

Jenny spat out the toothpaste. “When I find the right person.”

“You’re not going to find him, or her, at the library.”

Jenny shrugged as she reached for her makeup bag. She pulled out a cloth and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. “School’s too much of a hook-up culture. I don’t want casual and meaningless.”

“But it’s fun,” purred Lupita.

“No one dates anymore. It’s sad. Everyone’s using Tinder and screwing around. I don’t like it. I want to be old fashioned.”

“Cats are not monogamous.” Lupita threw her arm around Jenny’s shoulders. “They’re polyamorous. They enjoy sex where they can get it. A female cat will mate with multiple toms in a night.”

“Well, I am not a cat.” Jenny shrugged away Lupita’s arm from her shoulders. “And I’m not scratching your itch. I’m going to bed. I’m tired.”

“Fine,” pouted Lupita. She slinked off, leaving Jenny to strip off her makeup. Not that she wore much, just a bit to hide a few blemishes.

Jenny had a symmetrical face, her green eyes setting off her delicate looks and small, but kissable, lips. She was a slim girl, sleek with small breasts and narrow hips. Her legs were long. Jenny often thought they were her best feature, which is why she wore knee-high boots or socks along with skirts.

Her makeup stripped, she washed her hands a final time before stripping out of her clothes and slipping into a long t-shirt, falling to her mid-thigh, and pulling on a clean pair of panties. Lupita lay on her bed, earbuds in as she played with her smart phone. Jenny turned off the lights, the smart phone’s screen glowing blue and giving Lupita’s face an almost sinister look.

Jenny found her covers and fell asleep almost the moment her head hit the pillows.

~   ~   ~

Jenny dreams…

Jenny smiles as she squirms in his strong arms. She led him on a chase and now she is his. His prize. She loves how strong his muscles are, rippling as he holds her and carries her to the bed in the middle of the forest. Around them, songbirds serenade the couple.

“You caught me, my love,” Jenny gushes.

“Always,” the man answers with a smile. A hungry smile, his one blue and one brown eye fixes on hers. A mane of thick, black hair spills about his broad shoulders.

Jenny’s hand strokes his chest, reveling in the firmness of his muscles. “So strong,” she purrs, wiggling in his arms, her body growing excited beneath her dress and red cloak. “What are you going to do to me?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Ravish me,” Jenny moans, undulating, her pussy on fire. “Take me, claim me. I’ve waited for you.”

“Have you?” a woman purrs.

Jenny looks over her shoulder. A new figure has appeared on the bed, naked save for her red hair spilling about her wicked, hungry face, a vixen smile spreading wide her ruby lips. Her leg parts, revealing a landing strip of red hair leading to a shaved and dripping pussy.

“Have you waited for us?”

“Us?” asks Jenny, furrowing her brows. “What? No. Just for him.”

“But we come together,” he growls in her ear.

She shudders in his arm. “Yes, yes. You both. I don’t care. Just ravish me. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting all my life.”

“And we’ve been searching,” the fox-faced woman purrs. She licks her lips and slides a hand between her round breasts down to her groin, stroking the tattoo of an angry unicorn prancing where her groin and right leg meet. “Can you smell how excited we are?”

Jenny inhales. She catches two scents: a wild, primal musk and a tangy passion. The man and the woman. Her pussy clenches again and her nipples ache, eager for the pair to love and caress Jenny’s body.

“Yes, yes. I can.”

“And we can smell you,” he growls.

His lips kisses at her neck and suckles at her flesh. She gasps, arching her neck and giving him unfettered access. His teeth nibbles and bites, teasing her as he reaches the bed. The woman seizes Jenny, pulling her down and out of his arms. The woman nuzzles into Jenny’s neck, her softer lips kissing the other side of Jenny’s neck.

Two sets of hands stroke Jenny’s body through her lovely, silk dress. One small and quick, the other large and powerful. Both tease her body and send thrills of delight racing across her skin. The warmth blossoms between her thighs, her pussy grows wetter, and Jenny shudders in pure delight.

He claims her lips in a kiss. Jenny’s eyes flutter. Other men have kissed her, but they were like boys compared to this man. His lips are strong, devouring hers. She trembles and moans into the kiss while the woman’s delicate fingers pull at the lace knots holding her bodice closed.

“Mmm, what treasures do we have in here?” the woman asks, pushing open Jenny’s bodice and revealing her small breasts topped by puffy, dusky-pink nipples. “What yummy morsels.”

Jenny gasps as the woman’s mouth engulfs her nipple, sucking on the puffy nub. Jenny moans into her kiss with the man, savoring the pleasure shooting from her nipple to her pussy. She squirms on the soft bed.

A strong hand engulfs her other breast, squeezing and massaging it. Callous fingers slide up and find her nipple, rolling it between them while the woman’s tongue swirls about the puffy nub. Jenny sucks in breaths through her nose, the room spinning about her.

The man breaks the kiss. “Ours.”

“Yes,” Jenny breathes.

The man’s lips find her other nipple. Jenny squirms as her two lovers suckle at her small breasts. She runs her fingers through silky red and coarse black hair. Whiskered cheeks rub on her right breast, exciting her.

Both the man and the woman reach down, grasping Jenny’s skirt and hiking it up her sleek thighs. The silk rustles as more and more of her legs are exposed. The hands stroke her, sliding up and down her flesh, teasing her, shooting delight to her wet pussy.

“She’s growing wetter,” moans the woman between sucks of Jenny’s nipple.

“Yes,” growls the man.

“I am,” Jenny breathes. “Please, please, touch me there. I need to cum.”

“Naughty slut,” giggles the woman. “She’s a pussy with a hot pussy.”

“So hot.”

The man’s bold hand finds Jenny’s pussy. She shudders as his thick fingers stroke up and down her folds then dip between them. He brushes her clit. Jenny shudders and clenches her fingers in their hair, cradling her lovers to her breasts.

The two sucking mouths and the fingers playing with her pussy drive Jenny wild. She gasps and moans, humping her hips. The woman’s fingers join the man’s, rubbing at Jenny’s clit as the man shoves two thick fingers into her depths.

“Yes,” she moans, savoring her pussy being filled. Her flesh clenches down on their fingers. “Oh, yes. Mmm, that’s wonderful. Oh, god.”

The woman circles Jenny’s clit faster and faster. The man pumps his finger deeper and deeper. She groans and her toes curl. Pleasure courses through her. The excitement builds in her. The woman nips her nipple.

Jenny’s hips buck.

“Oh, wow,” Jenny gasps. “Oh, yes, that’s good. Mmm, I’m going to cum.”

“Good,” growls the man. His fingers thrust faster and faster, rubbing at the folds of her wet pussy. “I want to hear you scream out as you cum. I want to feel your pussy spasm about my fingers.”

His words propel Jenny over the edge. Her clit throbs beneath the woman’s fingers. Her pussy spasms around the man’s fingers. Her body bucks. The woman sucks harder at Jenny’s nipple. The pleasure races through her body and…

…Jenny bolted upright in bed, trembling as the pleasure rippled through her body. She moaned and shuddered before falling back onto her pillows, gasping for breath. Her eyes fluttered and her heart thundered.

“I…I…” Jenny struggled to remember the last time she had such a powerful wet dream. Her panties felt soaked. “Wow.”

The man and woman burned in her mind. His wolfish grin and her vixen smile, their lips sucking at her nipples, their fingers teasing her panties. Jenny rolled onto her side and hugged her body pillow. Her pussy still tingled as she smiled.

It was such a real dream.

Her breathing slowed as she fell back into sleep, hoping to meet her dream lovers again.

~   ~   ~

“We’re close,” Abigail panted, her round breasts rising and falling as the sheets slipped off her body. “Did you feel her?”

Rex sat up, his dick hard from the shared dream. He stared at his mate, her fiery hair spilling about her shoulders, her vixen lips bursting with a hungry smile. He brought his fingers to his nose, breathing in, wishing he could smell sweet musk again.

“Yes, I felt her,” he growled. “Which direction?”

“Further west,” she moaned. “Maybe a day.” Abigail turned and seized his cheeks. “But we’re fucking close.”

“But will we beat them?” Rex snarled, anger boiling through him. “They will have sent Alexander. I know it.” His hands clenched. He owed Alexander.

“I don’t know,” Abigail panted. “But I’m too excited to sleep. She’s close. We need to get on the road. I bet we can reach her by morning.”

Rex nodded, his heart thudding as he remembered the woman, so innocent with her black hair and green eyes. It wasn’t the same green as Abigail’s bright emeralds, but darker. His blood boiled. He had to claim his dream lover.

And he had to save her. The full moon was tomorrow night. She was close to her first change, and the Association would seek to possess her.

By Reed James on Twitter @NLPublications

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