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  • Oh Mr. Blackthorne that's how you write a SIZZLING HOT book!!!!

    Welcome to the world of Ashton Blackthorne. A suave, sophiscated businessman who has a dark, sexy side. This story had my attention from the very first page and it remained there until that final page - where Mr Blackthorne decided to end on a cliffhanger.
    This is a tale (biography) of a man broken by events in his past - the main one being the "loss" of his mother. (no spoilers here - read the book!!) It is also the story of a successful businessman who has a side to him that he keeps hidden from others. Mr Blackthorne is a Dominant - boy does he know how to wield his power!!! This book is sexy from beginning to end - so ladies please ensure you have a change of panties nearby!!!
    In BROKEN, we learn what events forged him into the man that he is today. The relationships that have shaped hiim, built his built character and established his beliefs, are all there for the world to see. His mother, ex-girlfriend Veronica and his trusted assistant Amber, have all played a vital role in the making of this man.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Putting it down, even for five minutes, became near impossible. I needed to know everything. The salacious, sex scenes certainly made this reader squirm and wriggle in her seat. Excellent beginning to a new series, so happy that I have Book Two SHATTERED already. Excellent Mr Blackthorne, looking forward to seeing where you take us next.

  • Oh, Mr. Blackthorne! You're So So Bad...and that makes this book SO SO GOOD!

    This dark alpha-male romance delivers all that the blurb promises -- and then some! We get to know the Sexy, Classy Man of Mystery by his first-person telling of the life he leads as a powerful businessman and an even more powerful lover.
    The sex is HOT, the man himself is even hotter and it's no wonder Ashton Blackthorne knows how to enjoy the finer things in life...he has them all. Beautiful women, custom clothing, the best cars -- all the luxuries money can buy. But money can't give him what he truly desires and he tries to fill the wholes in his broken life with rich dreams and living fantasies.
    This is a fast-paced read that comes to an end sooner than you're ready for it. You'll want to linger on the pages and enjoy the white hot scenes in this story over...and over. But don't linger too long...there's more to "come" in Shattered.

  • Blackthorne's debut, Broken will leave you breathless...

    Blackthorne weaves an appealing tale of a powerful businessman with a darkness that stems from his hidden past.
    Present day events and flashbacks to his past provide a view of his thoughts and desires. And the man has some carnivorous desires! Steamy sex scenes, combined with the intrigue of his business affairs, creates a story that is hard to put down.
    And leaves you wanting more...
    Fortunately for us this is just the first chapter in a provocative series.