Evelyn’s Journey: An Erotic Awakening


I am privileged to have a gym at my place. Rejuvenated after a workout. The past few months have been hectic. I’ve been helping out at the local hospital due to their shortage of doctors, and my appointments with regular patients here.  I am grateful for my mother who taught me, time management skills.  It has come in handy to run my business smoothly. I employ a cleaner and gardener as I hardly have time to maintain my house and property.

My current cleaner Adele finished yesterday. A lovely middle age woman. She had to leave due to her mother’s illness and will miss her.  I have narrowed my list of applicants for the cleaner’s position down to 6. In my foyer out the front of my house. The warm sun lights through the front of my house. My house could not be a better position. Especially during the colder months. My eyes gaze through the tinted sheet glass window outside to watch Ms. Fox park her car. She intrigues me. I thoroughly combed through her resume yesterday.  Evelyn Fox is 22 years old. She is a qualified registered nurse with honors and has flawless references. Why is she applying for a cleaning job?  My breath quickens at the sight of her.

I turn to my left and observe myself in my huge mirror from the floor to ceiling. One of many secret compartments which house my salacious needs behind the mirror. I adjust my navy tie on my Armani three-piece gray suit. Evelyn is a radiant beauty. Definitely, would suit my needs as a submissive.  No… I smirk. She is here to apply for the cleaning position. I am surprised she isn’t a model. Evelyn is tall, and her hair is silky long and Fuck me dead! Has long slender legs, the slit of the pencil skirts reveals her luscious thigh.  A desire soars through my veins to my cock and clears my throat. This interview has just turned into an interesting event.


The front door swings open. Instantly mesmerize by Dr. Stevens intense blue eyes. They’re like a violent storm in the ocean. A warm breeze runs through his tousled black hair. I glimpse his sculpted face. He must be around 35 to 40 years old.  He grins wide and overshadows his intense blue eyes. Oh God! he has a sexy smile too.

My face beamed wide. “You must be Doctor Stevens,” and extend my hand to shake his firmly. An electric spark grips my body from the touch of his hand and descends to my southern region. Oh God, have mercy, what is happening to me. My lips slightly part as my senses are tantalized by the fresh sandalwood aroma.

“Ms. Fox, please call me Bradley, come into my home.”

The door closes behind me in the main entrance and follow his lead through the main entrance area and capture a glimpse of the spacious living room to my left. My eyes are wide in amazement as the sun’s reflection sparkles through the tinted windows on to crystal in the display.  Beautiful rainbow colors appear on the ceiling. He is a lover of antique furniture too. I’m instantly brought back to reality when he says my name.

“Ms. Fox, my office is down the hallway, second door on your right, please take a seat on the couch.” A phone rings in the distance. “I apologize for the inconvenience, but I need to take this call, it concerns a patient. I will not be long.”

He walks ahead of me, to answer the phone. My eyes observe Bradley walk down the hallway, and follow him. My Louboutin’s click on the French tiles as I admire his shapely posterior. I giggle, shaking my head at my infatuation of this man. Suddenly attracted by the traditional carvings on the ceilings and wonder if Bradley’s house is heritage listed.

I turn right into the office. An amber aroma fills the air of the room. In front of Bradley’s office desk. I observe the plaque on the sidewall. A certificate for a doctor of medicine. My gaze captures the dark-timbered bookshelf on the far wall. I walked up close to the bookshelf and brushed the rosewood carvings on the timber of the bookshelf with the pad of my fingers. Wow!  I love the texture of the carvings. My love for antique furniture comes from my mother. I now own all her antique furniture. My attention is drawn to the books neatly presented on the bookshelf. There are rows of medical books and the top shelf, a collection of erotica books. I am captivated by this man.

I took a seat on the black suede couch and crossed my legs. The slit of my pencil skirt falls open to reveal my thigh.  Oh god, this skirt is too much. I should have worn long pants. All I can do is be professional in my approach to this interview and don’t want to give this doctor the wrong impression.

Bradley power walks into the office. His skin is luminescent, and facial stubble has a sexy appeal to me. He must be active, which is good. I believe in looking after your body. He takes a seat opposite me. Bradley makes eye contact on my exposed thigh. A little chuckle bellows from his mouth and clears his throat.

“Thank you for your patience, Ms. Fox.”

“No problem Dr. Stevens, Um I mean Bradley.” My face blushes a crimson. I regret my decision to wear a skirt.

“You may call me Evelyn,” My cheeks rosy from sunlight through the window behind me.

Bradley’s mouth curls into a wicked smile. He leans forward to pick up my resume that I observe placed on the glass table between us. My eyes glazed on Bradley. I notice his prominent brow ridge, and there is a little scar on the right side of his brow. He is a cultivated man who appeals to me. I hope he employs me to clean his beautiful home. My previous employers were friends of my parents.

“Ms. Fox why have you applied for the job of cleaning my house, you’re a qualified nurse with honors?”

My hands folded into my lap as nervous tension builds within me.

“First, I did ask you to call me Evelyn, and second, I want to occupy my time while I apply for a nurse position.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Ms. Fox, first I will decide on how I will address you and secondly if a nurse position becomes vacant. I would be happy to help you find one,” He winks at me.

Oh, what the fuck, he is flirting with me. What is it with this man? His sexy and irritating. It makes me want him more. My breath quickens, keep calm, Evelyn.

“Um… Bradley. I am highly recommended by my previous employers and have a good work ethic, please see attached references to my resume.”

“Ms. Fox, I have a slight problem. I have no doubt you would be an excellent employee however you cannot apply for this position. You should devote your time to find a nurse’s position.”

“Doctor Stevens, I appreciate your advice.  However, I am quite capable of finding a suitable position.  Sorry, I wasted your valuable time.” A tight knot in my stomach. Why is he so unreasonable? He has no right to dictate where I work. My bottom lip trembles at the audacity of this man.  I cannot bring myself to gaze upon him again, embarrassed at the downward spiral of this interview.

I rose up from my seat to walk out of his office. He catches up to me as my eyes welled up. He brushes my arms with his strong hand to grip me. My legs trembled as the electric spark I felt before resurfaces. I need to leave before I am totally under his spell.

“Ms. Fox, please stop. I apologize if I upset you.”

He places his other hand on the side of my cheek and lightly brushes with his thumb.  The corners of his eyes crinkled with his sexy grin.

“Evelyn, you have beautiful golden skin.”

Oh, God why does he do that? My heart cannot take more of this. One minute he doesn’t want me to work for him, and now he is making a move on me. I need to keep my distance.

“Bradley no need to apologize, I do not want your pity.”

He stared wide-eyed and released his grip on me. I quickly leave his house. Tears begin to roll down my face as I enter my car to drive home.


As I watched Evelyn walk out of my place.  I run my hand through my short black hair. I’m unsure how to grasp what just happened, but I was honest with her. I swallowed a lump at the back of my throat and closed the front door. There is an enigmatic presence about her, and intend to peel away the layers to see beyond her beauty. The aroma of sugar and spice scent lingers on the palm of my hand, and it soothes my inner soul. She is a wildflower indeed. I want her. I need to possess her.

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