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He was mad for me. It was all over his face as he squeezed my full, firm tits. His cock swelled to dramatic proportions as I held it in my hands.

Ash Blackthorne was all mine.

Ash Blackthorne, the cocky, self-assured shark from Manhattan was the love of my life. He was hot, sexy, and in my bed.

After all these years, he’d never been far from my mind. He had made me his official submissive, and I had accepted him as my one and only dominant. Ash had awakened desires in me I never knew I had. After my strict, religious upbringing, I never thought I would be able to be so sexually adventurous. Ash fulfilled a need in me that I’d had my whole life.

The need to be challenged, desired, and most of all, dominated by a powerful, sexy man.

When we broke up ten years ago, I was devastated. I vowed then and there that I would have him again.

And so, here we were.

Ash was with me his black leather riding crop in his hand. He was standing over me. My firm ass was ready and waiting for him.

I closed my eyes, breathless and wet with anticipation, waiting for him to correct me.

As he brought the crop down spanking my flesh, I felt him driving his essence deeper and deeper into me. I was officially his again.

And he was mine.

But as I gazed into his penetrating hazel eyes, I knew that my ability to hold onto him was tenuous at best. There were things about me Ash didn’t know.

Terrible things.

Things that would likely drive an impenetrable wedge between us plunging a hole into our universe that would take him away from me forever.

I just couldn’t tell him.