Down Devils Road: A Dark Psychological Thriller (Devil’s Angels Book 1)

51mb7owhqlHis dark brown eyes fluttered open. Above him was a bright surgical lamp to illuminate the dark room. His back felt cold and he realized he was lying on a metal table. There was a sharp stinging pain in his neck. Javier attempted to move his hands to alleviate the throbbing, but found his arms bound to the table with leather straps.

What was going on?

Straining to sit up, Javier glimpsed the room he had built. From this vantage point, it appeared savage. For the first time, he realized that the table he was lying on was a surgical table and the tools on the shelf were surgical tools. Ava had informed them that she ran a funeral business and she prepared corpses for burial.

Now he understood what she’d meant.

“Please,” he gasped. The light overhead seemed blinding. He squinted his eyes to keep from becoming dizzier. The bright light made the blood oozing down his cheek appear black.

Suddenly, he was face to face with Ava. She was dressed in all black her hair hung around her face and her full lips blood red. He noticed a curious vial pendant around her neck. It was empty.  She smiled at him as she picked up a shiny surgical instrument.

A scalpel?

As she ran the blade up Javier’s arm, he began to scream. His arms were bound to the table and he lay there helpless. The root of each strand of Ava’s hair stiffened and stood on end flaring out around her head. With the light shining through behind her it appeared she had a halo.

“Javier, do you know why you’re here?” She rasped in an eerie, spine chilling guttural voice.

“No, Miss Ava, what did I do?” He trembled as the blade pressed against his skin blood trickling down his arm.

“Well, Javier, it’s not what you did it’s more like what you didn’t do. You didn’t anticipate my needs.”

Sweat and blood dripped from his face pooling at the hollow of his neck. Tears began to sting in his eyes. What did she want with him?

“Miss Ava, I don’t know what you mean. I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I built everything just the way you wanted. If you let me go, I can change anything you want.”

Ava shook her head slowly as she straddled him on the table. Her ample cleavage spilled towards his face as she leaned over him wearing a maniacal grin.

“No, Javier, I don’t want you to change a thing. You did a tremendous job. Your mistake was your failure to anticipate what I would do to you after the job was completed.”

Choked gasping sobs emerged from Javier’s throat. He was confused. If he’d done everything perfectly why was she so upset?

“I don’t understand, Miss Ava,” he cried tears spilling down his face.

Tracing the scalpel up to his neck, she pressed lightly. He shrieked loudly as the blade cut deep into his flesh.

“Perhaps I’m being too harsh with you, Javier. I mean, how could you have known seeing as you are an uneducated illegal alien?”

Javier sobbed uncontrollably. Ava had the scalpel to his throat and the pain was unbearable. Sweat, blood, and tears ran down his face dripping onto the metal table.

“I don’t understand.” He wept.

“Let me spell it out for you, Javier. You know my secret: the bunker, the crematorium, and all the surgical tools. I can’t possibly allow you to live.”

Javier’s brown eyes widened with fear. He shook so hard Ava had to lift herself off of him to keep from falling. He opened his mouth in a silent scream.

“So, as you see, Javier, whoever completed this work for me I would never have allowed to leave.”

Javier struggled against the leather straps. He had to find a way out of here if he was ever to see his family again. Closing his eyes, he saw his baby girl, Maria with her long pigtails tied with pink ribbons. She was playing with the doll he’d bought her last week for her sixth birthday. Her brown eyes twinkled with joy as she smiled at him. He saw his beautiful wife, Luisa holding their infant son in her arms her long black hair flowing around her face. Her dark eyes shadowed knowing her husband would die soon….

His arms were slippery with blood and sweat. As he tugged at the restraints, Javier felt something give. Was he freed? His eyes darted up to meet Ava’s blue eyes. To his horror, her blue eyes had changed to black orbs sunken deep into her face. Her full lips curled into a sneer.

Was this the end?

Suddenly, Ava leaned back. She relaxed her hold on the scalpel. She hopped off of him and walked over to the wooden shelf against the wall. She appeared dazed as she braced herself on the wall.

Glancing down at the blood covered scalpel in her hand, a sickening dread filled her.

Could she do this?

Her hand trembled as the scalpel clattered to the floor. She’d tasted blood once, but it was so long ago she couldn’t remember what it was like. Had she liked it?

Was she willing to unleash the evil she felt building inside her?

She reached up to wipe the sweat from her brow. She cast a quick glance back at Javier who remained sobbing on the table.

What had he done to deserve this?

Then a tickling sensation crawled up her leg. Ava stared down and saw a lone black spider on her right leg. It stood motionless.

Call to us, Ava.

You can do this. It’s time you saw what we can do


A loud crash shattered Ava’s thoughts. Whipping her head around, she saw Javier scrambling off the table throwing off the leather restraints and charging towards the door.

Snatching her scalpel from the floor, Ava raced to catch him. She hurled herself at him her hand wielding the sharp blade. Javier threw his arm up to block her and the scalpel sliced deeply into his arm. Blood pumped voraciously out onto the concrete floor. His injured arm fell to his side. Javier grabbed his bleeding arm with the other hand trying to stop the blood flow. In a split second, Ava came at him again. Summoning all his strength, Javier dealt her a vicious kick to the stomach. Ava collapsed to the ground clutching at her midsection gasping for air. Seeing this was his one and only chance to survive, Javier scrambled out of the room into the dark corridor.

Disoriented from blood loss, Javier stumbled to find his way in the dark groping with his hands along the wall. The blood was spilling down his body onto his legs. If he didn’t find his way out soon, he would surely bleed to death if Ava didn’t kill him first. Javier’s hands finally came to rest at the small stairway at the end of the corridor. He could only hope that the door at the top of the stairs was unlocked. It was the only escape from the bunker.

Inching his way up the dark stairway, Javier reached the door. He pushed against it.

And pushed.

And pushed.

He fumbled with the latch. Nothing.

It was locked.

And only one person held the key.

As Javier desperately threw his weight against the door in vain, his foot slipped in all the blood and he tumbled down the stairs. Landing at the bottom of the steps in a heap, Javier sobbed as he cradled his bleeding arm.

Without warning, a bright light beamed from the end of the corridor. It blinded him. A tiny cry escaped his lips.


Her arms outstretched her long fingernails scraping the walls making a hideous sound as she seemed to float down the hallway towards him.

Javier pushed himself back against the wall scooting up into a standing position. Terrified, he looked about him. There was no way out.

(no way out)

His breath came in little screams as Ava moved closer and closer to him. When she got about halfway down the corridor, she stopped. Javier braced himself to see what she did next.

“Please, Miss Ava, please don’t kill me. I have a family. I won’t tell anyone about this I promise.” He sobbed tears coursing down his face as he held his bleeding arm.

The corridor was bright with white light. It illuminated Ava from behind making her look like a dark angel, the devil’s angel, a demon. Her mouth curled upward into a sadistic smile. When she spoke it was in the same guttural, gritty voice he’d heard earlier. Just the sound of it alone made the hair on his neck stand up.

“I’m not going to kill you, Javier. But they will.”

Javier’s eyes darted all around. Who?

At that moment, Ava leaned her head back and an incredibly hideous screech erupted from her throat. It was animalistic, piercing and terrifying. Before his very eyes, Javier saw an unbelievably chilling sight.

The spiders. Hundreds and hundreds of them of all sizes scurried out from beneath Room 5 racing down the hallway behind Ava. Laughing and crying, Javier bent down slightly planting his feet firmly on the ground. He allowed his bleeding arm to swing at his side not caring how much blood flowed from him. This was the end.

But spiders? How could they–?

Ava’s eyes glowed like black coals. He could see the inferno of hatred raging within her. Pleading wouldn’t stop her. Javier stood watching the spiders as they were poised behind Ava in a completely even line like an army just waiting for her command. There was a strange hissing sound coming from them as if they were speaking. Ava opened her mouth slightly. He wondered if there was any chance…

“Javier, when you walk through the gates of hell tell my mother I said, ‘Fuck you’.”

With that, she extended her arms out towards Javier.

As the spiders hurried towards him, Javier’s teeth began to chatter with fear. The last of his control broke and he began screaming. The spiders hit his body like bullets hundreds of them crawled all over him savagely biting him. Javier tried to shut his eyes, but spiders were in them biting the tender flesh of his eyes blinding him. Javier flapped his arms about trying to fling the spiders from his body, but there were simply too many. He could feel their venom being pumped into his like a hypodermic needle. His mind began to fade and as the darkness closed in upon him he began to pray.

Our Father who art in Heaven…

He slumped down to the ground like a heap of rags. The spiders continued to bite him even after he was gone. Blood poured from the thousands of bites. Ava stepped forward as the spiders continued to writhe about upon Javier’s body. She touched his bleeding neck with her fingers then put them to her mouth. She tasted the vitality. Sucking the blood from them, she felt energized, renewed.

She remembered doing the same thing as a child.

But that was Amelia, wasn’t it? Not her.

Removing her vial pendant, she pressed it to Javier’s neck and filled it.

“Come my babies. Time to rest.”

The spiders immediately departed the body marching back like an army to Room 5 where they disappeared beneath the doorway.

Licking the blood from her lips, Ava smiled. Stepping over Javier’s body, she left the bunker. She’d come back later to clean up. Now it was time for a celebration. She’d found her allies. She’d come home at last.

By Autumn Raynne on Twitter @autumnraynne2

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