Innocence (Male Escort Book 1)

51jvexraiil-_sy346_“I want to taste your come,” she pleads.

Grabbing her by the hands, I forcefully pull her up. Her hands reach out for my cock, but I cast them aside, pushing her back against the rear wall of the cleaning cupboard. I have never dominated a woman like this, and the thrill of it makes my dick throb. I begin to tear off her t-shirt. It snags, so she takes over, removing it and casting it aside. Her white lace bra glows in the fluorescent lights. I bury my head in the centre of her cleavage, and my lips begin to plant rough kisses on each of her breasts.

Arms behind her back, she unclasps her bra and her tits swing free. I place my hand under the left one. Lifting it to my face, I suck and tease the nipple with my teeth. My breath scorches her skin, and she emits a groan of satisfaction.

Delving into her pants, my fingers probe her already soaked pussy. Crooking my finger, I insert it, forcing it to the back of her opening. I hit her sweet spot as my thumb rubs her clit. Another murmur escapes her lips as a second finger prises open her delicate folds. I crudely drive my fingers in and out of her, almost lifting her off the ground.

“Oh my God, I want you so bad,” she screams in my ear, all thoughts of being discovered now abandoned. (more…)

The Principal’s Daughter

51vcag-uzl-_sy346_As he approached he took a deep breath, and pulling down the handle on the door it swung open silently and he stepped inside the dimly lit reception room. In the corner sat a guy who was looking through some papers. On hearing Richard enter the room he immediately stood up.

Richard could tell by his physique that he obviously kept himself in good physical condition. His face was angular and was a veritable network of scars. One, in particular, stood out from the rest, it started from the top of his hairline extending down to his chin. He had a tough yet friendly manner about him, and as he extended his hand to greet Richard he took it and felt the steely grip of this amiable bloke.

“All right buddy I’m John and I’m the Chief Instructor here at Ajax” he began the introductions.

His smile was warm, welcoming, and somewhat unexpected from his granite-like exterior and Richards’s first impressions. (more…)

Undercover Liaisons

512Q2PWJmZLTheir body contact was causing feelings of arousal in Zak, and from the stiffening of Delores’s nipples trying to burst through her t-shirt it was apparent she was having the same stirrings. For the next ten minutes they grappled on the mats until Zak placed her in a strangle hold from behind. His cock was now fully aroused and was forcing itself against her sweet arse cheeks. She forced herself back against him delighting in his hardness and how she wanted him inside her, so she decided to take charge. With a stamp of her foot she brought it down on his causing him to release his grip. This was enough time for her to slip behind and place a stranglehold on him. Startled by her strength he struggled to free himself, but could do nothing about it. She turned him and threw him up against the wall, the pain of it causing him to exhale sharply.

“I want to fuck the arse off you do you know that” she demanded, the words coming out in a staccato fashion.

“I thought you would never ask, you horny bitch!” was Zak’s simple reply. (more…)

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