Longing (The Masked Emotions Series Book 2) (Volume 2)

Marie let out a smile as Dom 241 disappeared into the shows for a half second and reemerged holding a flogger and the crowd let out a small applause. The three women, still on their hands and knees began to space themselves apart, giving Dom 241 ample space to walk between them.


The flogger seemed to wrap around the middle one, causing her to let out such a moan, that it caused many of the people within the restaurant to become dead silent. ‘Crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far right across her ass and pussy and although she didn’t make a sound, the way her body shuddered and the look of pure pleasure on her face was enough to see he struck her just right.

It was quiet, except for the light buzzing overhead and the occasional clink of the glass. ‘Crack- crack!’ the flogger hit the woman on the far left on her upper back and breast, causing her to jump slightly with each hit.  ‘Crack!’ the woman in the middle lets out a sharp yelp, followed by a satisfying moan as the flogger smacked against her nipple. (more…)

Linger (Masked Emotions Book 1)

By the time Lana finished filling out all of the 300 sexual preference questions, she was mentally exhausted and truly surprised by her answers. There were a few questions that made her chuckle, like ‘cock sniffing’, ‘reverse gang rape’, and ‘harem play’, but at the same time, she was amazed at the different forms of fetishes that were out there. She signed the contract and handed it to the woman behind the booth who smiled at her and softly said, “Please enjoy your stay at The Looking Glass.”

Marie then took her by the hand and dragged her to the main hall. “Look!” There was a tone of pure amazement in her voice as she pointed to the middle of the room. There appeared to be some sort of a suspension act being performed. Four girls were tied from their groin and hung upside down. Two of them were completely naked and the other two were wearing only a bra and panty set. Lana was surprised that something she could only imagine as painful or at the very least uncomfortable could look so beautiful and graceful. The four girls floated around like aerial ballerinas. She was in awe. They were so comfortable with themselves and they moved with such an easy sensuality that it let the crowd around them know they were completely engulfed by their Dom’s will.

The four ballerinas spun in unison, and in the center, she could see a topless man wearing baggy bootcut blue jeans and a ninja mask. He gracefully lowered each ballerina one by one, slowly untied them, raised his mask to just below his nose, and gave each of them a deeply passionate kiss that took Lana’s breath away. As the four women walked away, he raised his arms, and the crowd exploded with applause.

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