Forbidden Genie

I hear the familiar ringing of bells in the distance, signaling the announcement of my upcoming nuptials, when two families will be joined together, one year from today.

I, Princess Isabella Marie Braun of Alabon, am set to be married to Prince Michael John Ahab of Abnon on my twenty fifth birthday. I don’t understand why I have to marry a man I don’t even love, but rules are rules.

Having an arranged marriage is not a good thing if you have no chemistry. The prince is a nice and good looking guy, with blond hair and blue eyes, but I do not love him, nor have feelings for him. But here I am, forced to marry him. My life will change forever.

Much to my chagrin, my parents would not listen to me. It is customary in our country to marry a prince. One that is worthy.

I’ve spent many countless nights since my sixteenth birthday pleading with my parents, and I am trying one last effort to do the same again. “Mother, Father, please don’t make me marry him. I do not love him. Why must we have arranged marriages?” I pace back and forth. “A marriage is between two people who love each other. Have a connection. Chemistry, with sparks between them. I have nothing for the prince. Please don’t make me.” I sit on the floor on my pillow in front of my parents, crying and pleading with them to release me. (more…)

Just ONE Bite

vh1w4czh-jpg-largeJust ONE Bite

You meet someone who takes your breath away;

not because you want them to, but because they were meant to.

And that person will change your life FOREVER.


Chapter 1

I woke up feeling stronger after a rejuvenating feeding the night before. Our Sunday night ritual was something we needed in order to maintain the porcelain human-like looks of our skin, and obtain the nutrients our bodies needed as part of our survival in this world. We fed on the blood of animals to keep us fully satisfied for a whole week. Killing wasn’t necessary, because we didn’t require much. Eating human food provided sustenance, but we could only stomach so much before our bodies rebelled. Mainly, it was used as a way to provide some normalcy among the living. (more…)

JAM IT at your Service

ThumbsUpRepairMan“Grrrrrr…..I fucking hate this computer.”  I shouted banging on the keyboard as my computer froze up again. I seriously need to get this thing fixed or break down and invest in a laptop. It has been way too long that anyone had a serious look at this. I’m no computer tech, so the  sooner the better. I can’t lose all my stuff I have stored on here. All of  my erotic stories on here that are far too precious to lose now. I should have some form of back up, but I don’t. I always think nothing is ever going to happen to it. When will I learn my lesson? Probably after the third time.

I grabbed my phone and googled computer repairs in my area. Even though there were only a couple, here was one that caught my eye. “Hmmm, this one will come to my place to fix it. Great, then I don’t need to drag it somewhere.” I dialed the number.

Jam It at your service, how may I help you?”  Said the deep voice on the other end. He has a sexy voice. I wonder if he is equally as sexy as his voice. (more…)

Feel Again

51oC0EQyPQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Get him down, get him down now! I scream at him. Why is he not listening to me? I am giving orders, and it’s like he can’t hear me. Oh my god, he is down. What the hell just happened? I can’t see anything that is going on. There is a lot of smoke and gun fire. Bang … bang … bang…

 Bolting up out of bed, panting and wondering what the hell just happened, I look around my room. I let out a huge sigh, realizing it was just a nightmare, then hear someone banging on my door.

“Abby, can I come in?” Ang says as she opens the door.

“Yeah,” I breathe out.

“Are you okay, girl? I heard you shouting. Did you have a bad dream?” She comes over to sit on edge of my bed.

“Yeah, I guess.” I sit there, thinking about it while I try to calm my beating heart. Parts of it are fuzzy while others parts seem so real. (more…)

Dreaming of You

41clkQCKrcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Everyone is rocking to the beat of J.Lo’s “On the Floor.” Young hot bodies fill the club, dancing all around, bouncing to the hypnotic rhythm. The seductive pulse and flashing lights drew me onto the dance floor.

In the distance, toward the stage, a tall, sexy guy with blonde curly hair and wearing a headset is jamming to the beat. Moving around from person to person for a better look, I find myself lost in the overpowering music.

The irresistible beat takes over my mind and body, and I let loose. Seconds later, large hands slide across my hips and a masculine torso presses up against my back. I close my eyes to absorb the electrifying sensation of his magnetic touch, relishing in the intensity that sends shock waves through my core.

My seducer spins me around, drawing me closer as we dance. Pulling me flush against his hard frame, holding me tight, my heartbeat races faster. Is this real? Because I feel like he could be the one. His strong hands rake over my ass and up my back. In a dipping motion, he arches my back. Slowly, he taunts me with his fingertips as his hand slides up the front of me and pauses between my breasts. We are in sync.

Reaching up, grabbing my face, his hot breath on my cheek ignites fire within me, and before I know it, his wet lips are on mine, claiming every part of me. He is so gentle, yet fierce—with a taste of mint. Heat kindles between my legs, aching for him to take me. (more…)

Promise To Love & Protect

41ymB7wQvCL._SX311_BO1204203200_-188x300Warren, Gabe, and I are meeting today and going over the disappearance of a man who mysteriously went missing a couple of days ago in Vegas while we were there. He never made it back home, and we checked with his partner, but got nothing. No trace of him.

Technically, we cannot do anything until after seventy-two hours of there being a missing persons report filed by the police, and that doesn’t happen until at least twenty-four hours after the person is noticed as missing.

Sgt. Black, who works with Charlie, calls us on a potential lead, and since he knew we were in Vegas at the time following up on another lead, he thought that maybe we would have known something.

Warren is texting with Ally and announces that something is wrong. Then his phone rings with her on the other end. I look up at him, wondering what is going on.

He looks at me, asking if I got a text from Anna. I pull out my phone and see a message from Anna. She is thanking me for the black roses … that I did not send. SHIT! (more…)

Promise to Love & Protect

41ymB7wQvCL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Anna loves to dance and is living her dream in Vegas…until one drunken night on her birthday changed everything, causing her to go on the run for her life.

Brody and his associates were sent in to keep an eye on Anna while going undercover to investigate crimes that were associated between Chicago and Vegas. When he meets Anna, a promise is made. Can Brody keep it long enough to love and protect her at the same time and be enough for Anna when she finds out the truth.

By Tori Dean on Twitter @ToriDean_247

Coming to Amazon April 1st! Now available for pre-order. Reserve your copy today!

Promise to Love & Protect

8aoYg20FNever had I ever thought that I could leave my parents or Chicago behind, but dancing was a passion of mine. I loved to dance since I was a little girl. The spotlight in dance recitals had me wanting more. I dreamed of wanting the spotlight, and the only place that was possible was in Las Vegas.

I wanted to experience the glitz and glam of The Strip. So I left my family and friends behind, including my boyfriend, who took my virginity and dumped me shortly after graduation. It was nothing serious, anyway, and made my decision to leave even better. (more…)


It was hard deciding to close for a whole week over Labor Day weekend, but they asked Macy and I to come tattooback to the Annual Lake Tahoe Tattoo & Body Piercing Convention. Tattoo artists and body piercers from all over the world will be there either to attend or partake in demonstrations.
They have competitions, demonstrations, prizes, food and lots of fun. Since Macy and I both have tattoos and piercings of the nose, ears and belly button, as art and bling is our business, how could I say no to that?
With our bags packed and tucked into the trunk of the car, we set out for Lake Tahoe. The top is down on the convertible, music is playing, sun at our backs, and wind in our hair. Let the fun begin.

Arriving at the Montbleu Resort & Convention Center, we park and walk into the resort to check in.
“Hi, can I help you?” the receptionist said behind the desk.
“Yes, Markie Milner and Macy Cook checking in.” (more…)

Sexy Secret Santa

index“Tori, are you getting into the secret Santa drawing?” Max asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

I looked up and smiled. “Yes. I think it will be fun. Are you?”

“Oh, yes. Of course. I think it will be fun, too.” He winked at me with his breathtaking smile. Maxwell Lawson had been my best friend and co-worker for four months. We had shared so many secret desires and flirted non stop, but never took it to the next level. There was nothing I wanted more. I just needed to figure out how.

Please let me get his name, please let me get his name … I chanted as I reached in the bowl and pulled out the folded up piece of paper that revealed the name of the person who was going to be my secret for a week. (more…)

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