The Arrangement

She knew what was coming next, had prepared herself for it, but with the reality of it facing her so squarely in the face, she still had to take a big gulp of air. Taking a pillow case and a length of rope out of the van, Joel strode toward her once more, his eyes burning brightly. He jerked her door open roughly and as she wasn’t entirely sure what was expected of her, she remained seated, eyes forward. He took the pillowcase and threw it over her head, then yanked her out of the car.

Before she could even catch her breath, he’d taken her arms and pulled them sharply behind her. The rope came next and he wound it up past her elbows before looping it around her stomach, up over her breasts and knotting it at her neck. The world tilted as he lifted her over his shoulder, securing her by holding her legs with one arm, one hand on her butt. Carried to the van, he placed her inside and climbed in beside her.

“Tara, I want you to know I have you, I’m keeping you and I’m going to do all manner of things to you. No one knows where you are, even who you are anymore. You are who I say you are. Nothing more. I’ll tell you when to sleep, when to eat, when to bathe, when to spread your legs, when to close your mouth, when to open it to take my cock. Your will is no longer your own. Obey me in all things, defy me and incur my wrath. I can be loving and protective or I can make you wish you’d never ever heard my name. Nod if you understand, darlin’, as of now, you are all mine.”

Tara nodded as best she could. She knew what she’d signed on to give him. Two weeks of complete servitude, her body to do with as he wished. No one on this green earth knowing where she was, who she was with. His ultimate fantasy, a slave to do anything he wished with. Beaten, flogged, fucked at his will and whim. She knew this and yet still, in some part of her mind, she rebelled. Seeming to sense this, he reached over and roughly pulled down her jeans.

Pleased that she’d complied with no underwear, he stripped the jeans off over her sandals. She could hear him moving slightly and wondered what he was up to. She soon found out as the sharp crack of a paddle hit her buttocks, causing her to inhale sharply. Another crack had her jumping and he put his arm over her bound ones, pushing them into her back. Another sharp smack had a tear leaking out of one eye but she was determined not to make any noise.

She had pride and determination. So too, it seemed, did Joel. He kept up the battering of her behind, until her legs began to jerk and she whimpered feebly. Hearing him setting the paddle down, she waited for what came next.

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