Once Upon a Faerie

51c06bN1L-L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_She had this. Under different circumstances, she might have let him spank her. After all, her new mantra was try everything once, but it had to be on her terms, not his.

Throwing herself on his bed, she bawled her eyes out, sobbing, sniveling, the whole enchilada. “I’ve never been to a barbecue and I thought I was doing something nice. I bought steaks for everyone and a bottle of red wine for Marius. I hate it when you’re mad at me.”

“Darlin’, we’re not mad, but you can’t keep putting yourself in danger like that.”

Daring a peek over her shoulder, she found him staring at her ass and intensified the waterworks. “You don’t love me.”

That did it. She felt the mattress depress as his hand stroked her back. “Ah, honey, please don’t cry. I love you so much I can’t stand it. Come here.”

He pulled her into his lap and she encircled his neck with her arms, reveling in the feel of his bare chest against her skin. Like Ethan and Marius, he was hard all over, including his erection poking her hip. He smelled good too, woodsy, with a hint of pine and peppermint. She sighed. This was more like it. (more…)

Surviving Sydney: A Wicked Tails Story

417Sk1YgTrL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_CHAPTER 1
Activity in the foreground, diffused light and smoke. The screen goes dark as speakers blast the first few notes of Benny and the Jets. Moments later, a beam lights a platform. At its center is a pole, a figure draped around it, her back to the camera. She is nude, lithe, erotically female. Platinum hair grazes porcelain shoulders and catches the light as she sways. Her back slopes, dips and flares. A heart-shaped ass tops well-toned legs and four-inch stilettos, shoulder-width apart. Seducing the pole, she squats, her movements fluid, more languid than lewd. She rises, turns and chaos ensues. Her breasts are firm, nipples rosy and erect, mound waxed smooth and littered with rhinestones. Elton would be proud. As she swings her head, her face is revealed and…

“Holy. Shit.” I gaped at the computer screen. In the last twenty years, I’d viewed hundreds of surveillance tapes. Most bored me to tears, a few made me puke and some made me laugh. But never ever had one left me with a hard-on.

Dylan Hunt, my business partner, hit the pause button and Sydney Forrest’s eyes froze on mine. They were beautiful eyes, large and expressive. When she was angry, they went from cornflower to cobalt in the length of a heartbeat. Not that I’d noticed. And I’d bet next year’s salary, the same thing would happen when she climaxed. Not that I cared. (more…)


51JKg3M2lkL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Seriously? Was I going through with this, let two strange men tie me up and perform unspeakable acts to my body?

Copy that. I needed to come worse than I needed my next breath, and with my vibrator MIA, my options for release were dismal at best. While I envied women who could get off without a plastic playmate, alas, I wasn’t one of them. Like it or not, I would remain kneeling on the floor of the playroom, legs apart, head up, eyes down, wrists crossed behind my back, awaiting my masters, one of whom had a Lothario complex, the other borderline Bipolar.

I shifted and blew out my breath. That Sydney had described Lucas as affable was laughable. The friendliest thing about him was his perpetually erect penis, a condition which warranted a serious chat with his urologist. I had no illusions of being the object of his testosterone surges. Au contraire. He’d made it abundantly clear the only thing I aroused in him was disdain. And that was a pity. There were moments, although few and fleeting, when I saw the man within the Dom, when I heard more down-home and less uptown, when his touch inspired more heat than…

“Very nice. You’ve done your homework.”

I wasn’t the only one who needed a bell. The object of my reflection stepped in front of me, his feet bare and his calves covered in well-worn flannel warm-ups. (more…)

Runaway Brat

41B3dvbZxgL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Wiggling her toes in the sand, Hadley gave a long, languid stretch. It was a good day. She’d managed to go a few hours without thinking of him. And tomorrow would be better.

The first week was so horrific she could have spent it in a Best Western in Dubuque instead of a pricey room on Maui. The days were bad, one tearful hour tumbling into the next, but the nights were so much worse. She’d thrashed around for hours, their brief time together on a continuous loop inside her head. Things improved a little when she could channel her misery into anger but inevitably the tears would start again, and she’d dissolve into the thing she feared the most, a simpering pile of mush.

She rolled to her stomach. With the beach practically deserted, she had her own private paradise, just the way she liked it. If she wanted to, she could stay there all day or take a drive into Lahaina, maybe do some shopping and have an early dinner. In the end, it didn’t matter what she did as long as she was healing. (more…)

Storming Jericho

indexDumb. Just. Dumb. Seeking sanctuary in the kitchen instead of locking myself in the bathroom, I realized my mistake too late. From the very instant he touched me, the ground gave way beneath me and I was falling harder than before, my libido short-circuiting my brain. But the dumbest thing by far was going off-script and negating every good intention I had to play it cool. Say my peace, leave the room and zip it; but do not, repeat do not, ever try to have the last word with a man like Rourke ‘The Rat’ Simmons’.

No sooner had I formed those thoughts when he strolled into the kitchen and proved me right. “You want to run that by me again?

“Which part?”

“The part about loving me.”

Flustered by his nearness, I’d have sooner taken a bullet than let him see me squirm, so I did what any self-respecting woman would do when she’s caught with her metaphorical panties down. I hit him with the smile of death. “You’re hearing things, a condition not uncommon in men of your advanced age. It has something to do with an excess of arrogance. You might want to have that checked out.” (more…)

Serenity’s Child

51TWibBYvKL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Be careful what you wish for. No shit, Sherlock.

Another sneeze almost knocked her off her feet. Great. If the punishment didn’t kill her, she’d probably die of pneumonia. Peeling off her clothes, she bundled them in her arms and looked around the bedroom for somewhere to put them that wouldn’t leave water rings. It was a beautiful room, masculine and comfy. Proportionately, this room and the luxurious en suite bath were twice the size of other rooms she’d spied throughout the house. The furniture was massive. Executed in rich, dark wood with elaborate carving, it was something she might have purchased if she ever had a room large enough to accommodate it. Even the colors in the bedding and draperies were her favorites, jewel tones of hunter green, cobalt blue and amber.

Wait. Our room? They hadn’t even had the talk yet and in his mind they were a foregone conclusion. Well, duh. She was standing naked a foot away from his bed ready to submit to a session with his belt. What other conclusion could he infer? Who was she kidding? She wanted this, wanted him and everything he was offering. Just the sound of his voice gave her goose bumps.                 (more…)

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