Illusory Moon (A Passion Moon Romance): (A Bear Shifter, Witch Romance)

510iHa9z1SL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Spirits of wind, slip into the lock and open the way for me,” I chanted. My totem, a tattoo between my breasts of a whirling tornado bound in red ribbon, tingled as the magic raced out of me. My will focused by the totem.

I loved being an air witch.

The cloudy air spirits answered my call. Spirits were all around us. As a witch, I had long learned to ignore the sight of them when I wasn’t casting spells. But now that I unleashed my magic, I focused on them. The air spirits zoomed towards me, creating small breezes in their wake as they rushed towards the padlock on the metal security shutter. The barrier between us and the jewelry. The spirits slipped into the lock.

That’s it, babies,” I grinned as they flowed into the tiny keyhole. A heartbeat later, the lock clicked. Adrenaline surged through me, my body buzzing with excitement. I loved being a thief. It was such a fun game.

Awesome, Penny.” Lexie said, beaming at me while wearing the face of Jennifer Aniston. I could only see the highlights of her face and lips from the poor light of a nearby streetlamp. (more…)

Truth’s Heart (The Valkyrie’s Passion Book 3): A Valkyrie/Shifter Romance

51VHA-v82OL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I leaned into the broad back of my lover, Einherjer, protector, and werewolf—Magnus. His Harley growled beneath us as we drove through the back roads of Northern California. My black hair whipped behind us as we rode. The scent of Magnus’s musk, a manly mix of sweat and the leather of his biker vest, his cut, filled my nose. My arms were wrapped tight about his strong torso, gripping him.

It was our third day of riding since I killed Odin and we fled south from Washington State. The gods were hunting us. Hunting me.

There were times I believed I had shed every tear possible for Owen. That was how I liked to think of the one-eyed god. Not as Odin—the terrible god of battle and the dead, an ancient being worship with blood and sacrifice—but as Owen, the broken, Vietnam vet that came to the coffee house I used to work at. He was such a sweet, old man.

And I killed him.

Every time that thought struck my mind, it rattled through my head and echoed over and over. The heinous crime I committed; the tears came again. They poured down my cheeks. I would huddle in Magnus’s arms or lean against his strong back, burying my face into the black leather of his cut, and cry. (more…)

Night’s Beauty (The Valkyrie’s Passion Prologue): A Valkyrie/Shifter Romance

5189Lf5YnDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_As I puzzled over what had happened, a motorcycle roared behind me. I threw a look over my shoulder as the bike slowed and came to a stop beside me, the engine chugging and roaring. A large man sat upon it, his blond hair falling long and wild about his broad shoulders. His blue eyes flashed in the light from the bar as he looked at me, a slight grin curling his strong lips. He wore a leather vest that left a muscular chest and thick arms bare.

A flush of heat and fear went through me. This man was dangerous. A tattoo of a black, howling wolf’s head was on his upper, right arm, and I could just make out what looked like a dragon on his chest. The back of his vest was covered in patches, dominated by another black wolf howling at the moon. His patches declared him to be a member of the Black Wolves Motorcycle Club, a founder and President of the Wolf Council, a hunter, and a 1%.

Definitely dangerous.

“Car trouble?” he asked, his eyes raking over me. (more…)

Love’s Choice (The Valkyrie’s Passion Book 1): A Valkyrie/Shifter Romance

51UcTwDnLGL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“That is an interesting style,” a man with a smooth baritone said.

 I gasped and spun around. Instinctively, my flaming sword swept into being. A man in a gray, immaculately tailored suit stood in the doorway. It was the type of suit you could only buy in Italy. Perfect craftsmanship. A crimson pocket square added a splash of vibrancy.

The man who wore it was as equally immaculate. His hair was black and slicked back, his eyes an intense green. No stubble adorned his strong jaw. He stood straight, confident, and arrogant, a powerful smile curling his lips.

He was a man that knew he had power and knew how to flaunt it. He stepped into the kitchen, his intense, green eyes examining me. I was shocked by the hot wave that rippled through me. His eyes ended on the sword and his smile grew more confident.

I pointed the sword at him. “That’s close enough.” (more…)

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