Natalie’s Edge (3 Book Series)

d1fy8gwccqs-_sl250_fmpng_I decided to stay at the boutique, rather than go all the way home before the movie. It was closer, and I didn’t need to think about an outfit or dinner. I had packed a sandwich for lunch that I never got to eat, and truth be told, I wasn’t very hungry anyway. My belly was doing flips. Oh god, the things he made me feel. I had enough make-up to freshen up, a little wine left in my mini fridge, and my music. Eight o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. “Don’t be late,” echoed in my mind. I did not want to disappoint him. I checked my texts, just to make sure there was no change in the plan, and I opened the picture again. I would need to find out who both of these women were tonight. But for now, I needed to get ready.

There was no way I would ride the T with no undies on, but I did remove my bra. I tucked it into a side drawer at the shop. I decided I would stuff my panties into my purse once I got there. I could change in the bathroom. I was shivering again with excitement, and rather than wait around, I decided to leave so that I might even be early.

I rode the T with an arousal that I worried people could visibly see. But as I rode, I realized people were too caught up in their own lives, their own drama, to be concerned with mine. A few men kept their gazes on me a little longer than comfortable, and I prayed my nipples could not be seen under my thin black dress. The AC made them hard. Thinking about him made them even harder, who was I (more…)

IMOGEN: Claimed (#4)

51EHGFf9f1LHe took steps towards me and stood mere inches from my exposed, shivering body. He lifted my chin that way he did, and I refused to make eye contact. “Look at me, Imogen,” he ordered.

I refused. I couldn’t let him see my emotions, my turmoil. I needed to stay strong.

“Imogen,” he started again. “Obey me or pay the consequences. It’s been a very long, trying day. I have zero patience right now.”

Something in his voice made me obey, and I looked into his chocolate brown eyes to see that tenderness, that kindness that always lay just below the surface, muted with sadness and distress. I wanted to cry. I wanted to melt. I wanted to beg him to take me in his arms. I wanted to ask him to take me right there, hard and fast. Instead, I stood motionless.

“Tonight will be…” He struggled for the right words. “Unpleasant.”  (more…)

IMOGEN: Corrupted (#2)

51yIXikuALLWhen I had drawn my own bath to wash away my guilty loss of virginity, it stung fiercely. But I did not need a reminder of what he had done to me; I did not need the stain to remind me that my body actually liked it.

I sunk into the warm water, tensing as the sting came back. I flinched but sat down deeper into the water, and I could feel the soothing effects of the oils, and somehow I began to relax.

He sat down in front of me, faced away from me, and I couldn’t help by stare at the wide expanse of his back. The muscles bulged with even his slightest movement. He had scars and battle wounds and in that moment I wanted to kiss them all, one by one, and I loathed myself for feeling such desire.

He turned slightly to pass me a cloth and some soap. “Wash me,” he ordered.

I slowly began with his back, his shoulders. I was aroused looking at his chiseled body, and I was thankful that I didn’t have to look into his eyes. When he was pleased with how I had washed his back, he stood, his ass facing me, and I continued to wash him, all the way down to his feet. (more…)

IMOGEN: Conflicted (#3)

51eof3zT1SL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I had no idea what time it was, and the reality of my situation engulfed me. I felt sick to my stomach, felt sick about my predicament. It felt almost surreal. This couldn’t really be happening to me. I couldn’t really be a slave. I drew my arms around my body as tears escaped my eyes without sound, without a chance for me to control it. I felt a sense of dread, of unease, of simple, plain fear.

“Good morning, Imogen.” Erik’s deep voice broke into my bleak thoughts, startling me. I wiped away my tears quickly. The light shone just enough so that I could make out the shadow of his figure sitting in the chair in the room where I had slept.

He rose and pulled open the curtains fully, letting the light shine through the windows brightly now, illuminating the room, illuminating him. God. He really was a masterpiece. His strong, wide back was uncovered, his muscles sharp, defined as he did the simple task of opening the curtains. I tried to pry my eyes from the expanse of his shoulders and neck, the faint markings of his years as a soldier.

I spoke with strength, conviction, masking my emotions, my fears, hiding the tears that had so quickly risen in me. “Good morning,” I replied without enthusiasm.

He came over to my bed and sat down, causing my body to roll over against him. He smiled down at me with guarded tenderness and pushed my hair from out of my eyes. “You’ve been crying,” he said matter-of-factly. (more…)

THORNE: Rose’s Dark Secret

51b0PDKlJ9L._UY250_She left me alone and I made my way into the master bathroom. Steam filled the room and I drew it into my lungs. I placed my glass on the side of the tub and sunk down into the heat of the water. Once comfortable, I picked up my glass, closed my eyes, and took a long, deep sip. It lightly burned my throat that way only scotch could and I kept the glass steady in my hand to sip slowly but often.

Fuck. How had I gotten to this point? So close to making a difference. The Performing Arts Academy for the at-risk youth, a victory against those fuckers who basically killed my father–my childhood. And Victoria. Rose. She had fooled me, taken me as a fool. A chuckle escaped from deep within my gut. I had been duped. For the first time in my adult life, I had actually felt something, felt something real, I actually cared and, ha, check mate. That’s what monsters deserve, I suppose. Good for her.

I put the perspiring glass against my lips and took another long sip. An overwhelming sickness swam through my veins at the thought of what I was about to face and what I had lost.

“William.” (more…)

IMOGEN: Captured (#1)

ImogenCensored2You can call me Sir for now,” he offered. “And I am not going to hurt you.”

That was the second time he told me that he wouldn’t hurt me. Could I trust him? Should I trust him? Why would I trust a man who had taken me prisoner?

When I was untied, he picked me up to carry me, naked and helpless in his strong grip. We went through what appeared to be a large compound. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Women were tied up; some were being whipped, others fucked mercilessly. I closed my eyes as he carried me through the wails and moans. It was a mixture of torment and lust and sex and torture. Tears came uncontrollably again.

He took me outside. Many buildings surrounded the large, center compound. He brought me inside to one of them. It was warm and actually inviting. It was a small home in its own way. He placed me down on a soft, plush couch, exposing me fully. I shivered, even though the room was not at all cold. A fire had been lit.

“I do not want your first time to be painful, Imogen,” he said bluntly. “I want to learn your body.”

Oh my god. He was going to rape me. I was no longer going to be a virgin, and I was going to lose my virginity to this…this barbarian. (more…)

Thorne: Rose’s Dark Contract

51g-MkfapbLOh Christ. I pressed my forehead against hers. Her dependence on me would be the death of her. I knew this deep down, and yet, I wanted her even more. The thought of her dependence on me both aroused and worried me. “I will hurt you, Victoria,” I repeated, whispering, and even as I said it, my cock bulged.

“Let me work for you. Please. Just let me work for you. Just for those three months. I need a job.”

“Victoria, it is you I want. I want you to be mine. Unequivocally. At my beck and call. I want you to put my pleasure before yours. I want to own you, body and soul. I want you. Right. Now.”

“Yes,” she panted into me.

I couldn’t have stopped now if I had wanted to. I had no more will power. (more…)

THORNE: Rose’s Dark Contract

“You will eat in the kitchen downstairs, and I will show you the amenities of the grounds, including the use of the swimming pools and spa. Besides your office, you have internet access here, telephone, television. But there are rules regarding the use of these things, all outlined in the paperwork. And you will find that you will not have all that much free time. Any questions?”

“I…forgive me. This is all just a bit overwhelming. I am confused. You…oh god,” she paused, flustered, looking down at the ground, blushing, “You kissed me earlier…” She fought off her embarrassment.  “You’ve kissed me twice now. I just don’t understand what…”

I cut her off by holding up my hand.

Her questions were endearing and I didn’t know if I could play this game with her any longer. I wanted her. I wanted to devour her, possess her, dominate her. And truth be told, I was going off my usual script, my usual plan. I hadn’t done my full research. Jennifer hadn’t done her full research. And I had never kissed a personal assistant like that. I needed to pull my shit together.

I sat on the bed and motioned for her to come sit beside me. She hesitated. “Come here, Victoria.” I did not give her much room to refuse me with my tone. (more…)

THORNE: Rose’s Dark Contract

51g-MkfapbL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_EXCERPT from CHAPTER NINE of THORNE: Rose’s Dark Contract

Suddenly, Victoria stopped playing and just stared back at the three of us. I could see her blush and felt the heaviness of her emotional energy. She had gone to another place in her mind and she forced her focus to come back to the present. Her breathing was slightly erratic. Her eyes, so filled with passion, intense fervor, I wanted to pick her up, carry her out of there, and fuck her brains out in the back of the Lincoln. I wanted to take her back to the house, tie her spread eagle and lick and suck and touch every inch of her body.

I tried to look away from her to respond to Mark, but I was glued. “Do whatever the fuck you want,” I hissed. “I’ve gotta run.” I slammed my glass down and stood. She never removed her eyes from mine.

“Are we leaving?” she called over to me as I waved goodbye in her direction, trying to remain casual, unaffected. (more…)

The Bed, the Blindfold, and the Belt: A Christmas Eve Game“Mmmmm, Natalie. You look like you want something,” Michael teased as he came out of the shower in only a white towel wrapped around his waist. He stood predatorily in the doorframe of the adjourning bathroom and tilted his head to watch Natalie, already squirming on the bed. His black hair dripped moisture down his neck and across his chest.

Natalie’s intent gaze towards him embarrassed her. She could never tire of looking at him. His lean, muscular abs, his seductive, dark blue eyes that melted her every time, his smirk that screamed sex and sin. Her breath hitched and his smile widened. He always knew the effect he had on her. She liked that. His control. His dominance. His confidence.

Michael stepped through the bathroom door and made his way over to his waiting wife and sat down on the bed next to her. “Lie back,” he ordered. “Let me take you in.” (more…)

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