Replay Book 2: Triple Play

5118egqmupl“Why me?”

One corner of his mouth curved upwards.  “Yer book,” he said.  “I wanted tae meet ye and was willing tae pay for the privilege.”

“Um.  Thank you.  I think.”  She wondered if he had a sub who’d benefitted from the experiences and research that she shared online.  She had let her followers know that a book was coming, had kept them updated on her progress.  The manuscript was done, but only her publisher had seen it.

Micheil dipped his head at the Replay owner, who was ordering punishment for a slave girl.  “St. Leger told me that ye command a hefty appearance fee.  My offer was purely a guess.  Since ye agreed tae the terms, I take it that the contract met yer expectations.”

“Yes,” she said simply, following his gaze when it failed to return.  The slave was stripped and bound to a column.  Tiberius Piers snapped his fingers and a tray of floggers appeared.  He picked one of softest leather and introduced her to it, stroking her sides, rubbing her back, tracing her cheek, then stepping back and laying on the first set of stripes.

Rowena clamped her thighs together, cursing her traitorous body, feeling the creamy moisture between her legs. (more…)

Dark Moons Rising

51fD-dA+HVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_She remembered the stories of dark giants that had once frightened, then intrigued her, and knew she could only hide her nature for so long. If they wanted her, they would take her. If they took her, they would know.

It did not make her decision any easier, but revealing herself sooner rather than later might work to her advantage. Oddly, she could thank Mordred for the training he’d ordered her to undertake these past weeks while his custom mark was being made. The lessons were meant to prepare her for his possession. She never dreamed that she would use them to try to tempt a man, yet she now found herself preparing to seduce two. And not just men. They were another race altogether. Dark lords. Manbeasts. Centaurs who would split her asunder, if they chose to take her in that form.

The thought made her tremble, but she had to risk it. She’d made her choice when she’d climbed on Thorne’s back and wrapped her arms around his waist, breathing in his heady male scent as he galloped through the forest at breakneck speed, carrying her to safety.

Casting a glance about the room, Deidra spied a ewer of water on a sideboard. Untying the length of linen from her hair, she unpinned her knot and loosened her locks, finger-combing them into some semblance of order. Thirstier than she’d been in her life, she could not resist stealing a few sips of water before wetting the cloth and scrubbing her face, neck, and hands. She moistened it again, as needed, cleaning her fingernails, one by one, as best she could. Helpless to do more without the proper tools, she turned her attention to her poor legs and was tending the worst of her scratches when the brothers came back. (more…)

As Wicked as You Want: Forever Ours Book 1

516WT-rOG0L“What was that?” I rasped, my voice an octave lower than normal.  I’d been a vocal partner, urging him on, begging him to finish, yelping when he accidentally hit a sore spot, crying his name into the mattress when his curled fingers hit another, sweeter place.

“The French call it la petite morte,” he said“‘The little death.’”

I arched a brow.  “Then they have misnamed it,” I muttered in the same language, earning a smile from the good professor.  “Pardon me if I don’t reserve judgment, but there was nothing little about that.”

Edward smiled, indulging me.  “You are correct.  There was nothing little about that.  You were magnificent, my dear.  Responsive beyond my expectations.”

I rolled on my side to face him.  “Beyond your expectations?  You mean to say, it’s not like that every time?”

He arched a curious brow.  “Hardly.  I take it your other partners have not pleased you equally well.”

“Edward,” I said solemnly, “I’ve had no other partners.  Remember, I asked you to teach me?” (more…)

Something Special: The Three Graces Book Six

414oO+2E5JL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I’m quiet when I slip inside the house, pull off my boots and socks and head down the hall toward the back of the house.  Through the open door of the master suite, I hear: “How hard do you want it, Grace?”

“Hard, Sir.  Please.  I want to come on your cock.”

Trust Nico to give her exactly what she wants.  Hearing them go to it makes my blood rush south.

God.  Damn.  My erection tents the front of my jeans, demanding release as I listen to the slap of flesh on flesh.  I can only imagine how he’s taking her.  I open my zipper, pull out my dick, and fist it, getting myself ready to join them.

Grace moans.  Nico swears.  “Jesus, sweetheart.  Your pussy’s so wet.  So fucking tight.  I want to pound it, but I don’t want to make you sore.”

She begs him to do it anyway.  “Please, Nico.” (more…)

Something More (The Three Graces Book 3)

51V6XtQqZCL._SX260_It’s two hours before I normally pick up Hannah. Two and a half hours before I start getting charged by the minute. Rules are rules, and there are penalties to be paid. As I drive to the motel, I think of all that’s gone on, of what each of us owes the others, and wonder how it’s going to play out. My question is answered when Cord opens the door. The warmth of the room hits me first, then the sight of both men, shirtless and barefoot, dressed in their Dom leather pants.

Cam stands beside the turned-down, king sized bed, dangling handcuffs and holding a deerskin flogger.

“Clothes off,” Cord tells me. “Then kneel.” (more…)

Something Different (The Three Graces Book 2)

515qqIvcjRLI pick up my guitar. Stringing chords that shouldn’t go together, I find what makes them work. It’s like nothing I’ve ever written, nothing I’ve ever heard. When Nico adds his flute, Jackson’s and Jacob’s jaws drop.

Magic. Pure, simple, elemental, it evokes memories of a young white girl, taken against her will. Finding a way to survive, to accept, then embrace the harsh facts of her new life, only to be torn from it, forced to return to a world where she’s no longer welcome, and all she wants, for the rest of her life, is to go back.

“Damn, little sister.” Nico turns off his digital recorder. Thank fuck at least one of us got it. I truly don’t know if I could do it again. I might be able to come close, but to re-create it exactly would be like writing a short story, setting it aside, and writing it again, verbatim.

“Anna. That was…wow.” Jacob is pretty much speechless. Jackson rubs his chest, making the barbells through his nipples glint under the lights. When I get up and go to the kitchen for a chilled bottle of water, he follows me.

There’s six feet three inches of male heat on my back when I grab one of the reusable glass bottles and close the refrigerator door. He bends down to murmur in my right ear; his nose nudges the row of hoops that rim it as his breath dances over my skin. “I don’t know where you went,” he says, “but I sure as hell hope you go there again–and take us the fuck with you next time.” (more…)

Something Else (The Three Graces Book 1)

51+U0eN4dNL._SX390_BO1,204,203,200_J.T. notices my submissive traits: keeping my eyes down, letting the two men lead the conversation, listening more than talking. And I notice his dominant traits: paying attention to my needs, making certain Cherry finally brings the glass of water I ordered when we first got there, asking if my burger is cooked the way I like it, complimenting my hair and flowing New Age dress, asking me the standard getting-to-know-you questions.

I tell him where I was born, where I went to school, where I work, where we live.

“You need to come out,” I tell him. Please please please. “It’s too cold for swimming, but on warm days, the fish still jump. Or we could kayak.” We have two, but a neighbor has several that he rents to campers, fishermen, and the occasional waterfowl hunter looking for a better way to retrieve downed birds.

Nico seconds the notion. “Sure,” he says, lifting his beer in a toast. “Bring your stuff. Spend the weekend. I’ll give you my room, or there’s a couch.” His choice of words reminds J.T. that, so far, we are friends and nothing more. Hopefully that’s about to change.

The warmth in Nico’s eyes makes me wonder if he’d rather share his room–his bed–with J.T. alone. It would let the two men bond before adding me to the mix. Trouble is, I can’t get a handle on J.T. What’s he up for? (more…)

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