Rigger: Book Two – The Bequest

“Well, fuck me.” I stood there on the sidewalk, watching the cab disappear around the corner at the end of the street with my arms crossed at my chest and my pulse beating a crazy tattoo in my throat.

How the hell had this one woman managed to affect me so viscerally? She had walked into my home, invaded my heart, and now with her leaving, I realized she had taken a huge piece of it with her. Even as I watched the cab’s tail lights disappear out of sight, I acknowledged in my heart she was my destiny. I would do whatever was necessary to make it a reality.

At my age, I had all but given up on finding ‘the one’, but I guess the old saying is true: “It’ll happen when you least expect it.” The only question now was how to make it a reality. (more…)

Rigger: Book One – The Trial

51gfyp3bjulThe text message had been short and to the point—an address, a date, a time and a clipped warning, “Don’t be late.”

Stepping out of the cab, I raised my gaze skyward, my hand shielding my eyes from the mid-day sun as I took in the imposing façade of the Edwardian mansion before me.  The house was three, possibly four, stories high not taking into account any basement it might have had.  It looked to be an early Twentieth Century build, reflecting a more sombre design as compared to those built during the previous Victorian era.  I considered briefly whether its exterior aspect—dour and dark—reflected the character of its owner.  I hoped not.

Pushing the heavy iron gate open, I passed through and closed it behind me.  Turning, I began my ascent up the long flight of stairs leading to the set of double doors guarding the home’s entrance.

I raised my hand to knock but, before my knuckles could connect with the ornate glass-paned door, it swung inward.  A striking man in his late thirties, approximately six three, with classic Roman features and jet black hair filled the doorway.  The most intense pair of cobalt blue eyes I’d ever seen examined me from head to toe.  I took the opportunity to return the favour.  He was obviously fit.  A crisp, white button-down hugged his upper body.  The sleeves were rolled up, showing off his muscular forearms.  Tucked in at the front, its shirttails hung down over the back of his distressed blue jeans.  He finished his look with a pair of soft, natural leather shoes.   (more…)


images (1)I rounded the corner at the bottom of the long set of stairs leading into the nightclub, laughing over my shoulder at the punchline of some filthy joke my best friend had justtold.  When I turned to ensure my footing on the next short fall of stairs leading down into the club, arms of steel encircled me as I collided with a solid wall of muscle. I looked up in surprise and stood transfixed, an apology frozen on my lips as I took in thevision before me.  He was the incarnation of my fictional book boyfriend, the love of mylife.  His eyes were of the midnight sun; the deepest black with diamond-bright shards of anticipation sparkling mischievously in their depths.  His long black eyelashes were a perfect match to his luxurious hair, which fell in riotous curls around his face and down his back.  His olive skin, dark and swarthy, called my hands to smooth over its fine surface.  My heart beat furiously in my throat as my eyes found his mouth. Pearlescent teeth flashed at me through lips curled into a smile paid at my expense.

I locked my eyes to his.  I couldn’t speak to answer the silent question residing in his gaze.  He looked past me at my friends and uttered a fantastical story of being a long lost acquaintance and wishing to spend a few moments alone to catch up.  The deep timbre of his voice resonated between my thighs.  All I could manage was an inane nod and a quick hug of re-assurance for my best friend before his firm grip on my arm propelled me back up the stairway and into the cool night air.

“Home,” was all he needed to say as we stepped into a waiting cab.  His hand enveloped mine while I instructed the driver; our fingers laced together forming an unbreakable bond.  Where our bodies met, my right side against his left, energy flowed like water, ratcheting up my awareness of him, my pulse keeping pace.  I turned only my head to look his way, not wanting to disrupt our physical connection.  He took my mouth then.  My breath soon followed.  I felt drugged; transported to a time long-passed when I’d dreamt of such a moment but never truly dared to believe. (more…)

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