A Bride For The Highlanders: A Historical, Time Travel MMF Erotic Romance

51ZYLWkKzDL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_Ewan’s mouth brushed against the shell of my ear as Magnus moved towards me. His lips caught mine gently before his tongue slipped sensually into my mouth, tangling sweetly with my own. I could taste myself on his lips and it made me ripe with desire. I could feel my sex clench and grow slick as I thought of all that I could experience between the arms of these two Highlanders.

Magnus pulled away with a sexy grin as Ewan shifted behind me, cradling his hard cock in the cleft of my bottom. He was thick and long and slightly frightening. He couldn’t be that big? Was it possible?

“Spread your wee body wide, lass. Show yourself to me,” Magnus demanded, and I blushed but obeyed his command. It was the first time that I’d ever been so sexual in my life and I wasn’t sure whether to be proud of myself or curl into a ball and die.

“Gods, Ewan, she has the prettiest wee pussy I have ever seen.”

Ewan laughed behind me. “Would that I had the same vantage point, but soon enough,” he promised, punctuating his words with gentle, suckling kisses along my shoulder.

With a smirk, Magnus dropped his head and nuzzled my sensitized sex before his tongue split between my lips, licking along the seam of my sex. (more…)

Taken By The General: An Ancient World Historical Romance

51OwT4QvbZL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_The pads of my fingers trailed over the shell of his ear before working down to massage his lobes. I loved this feeling, and I hoped that the Roman would enjoy it as well. I smirked as a low rumble resonated through the General and into me. He was enjoying my touch, which secretly thrilled me. I was forward, to be sure, but it was a calculated measure. Sexuality wasn’t discouraged within my sisterhood, but we were to be wise with how we used it. I continued massaging down the column of his neck before settling over his broad shoulders, firmly massaging the knots and tension from his form and, before long, I was surprised to notice that he’d fallen asleep to my touch.

I could benefit from having this General desire me—for didn’t great men enjoy making a show of how much they could do for the women they loved?

But there’s more to it, isn’t there, Alexa? Accused the voice inside my head. I tried to ignore it, but, truth was, I’d already started imagining what it would be like to have this man in my life permanently. I sighed as something like fondness started to bloom within my chest while this great Roman general dozed softly against my body.

Foolish, beautiful man. That he would trust me enough to fall asleep around me would have been surprising had I not felt so connected to this man, was it the same for him? A strange sort of knowing-unknowing, as if I had been waiting for this very moment, for this man to march into my life, but I just hadn’t known until he had appeared. (more…)

His Wicked Touch: A Time-Travel Romance (Touched Book 3)*Version*=1&*entries*=0515o5TF7dbL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_

“So you’re just some bored God who meddles in the life of mortals because your own life isn’t interesting enough?” I summed up.

Apollo gave me a quizzical look. “When you put it that way…”

He almost looked embarrassed, but I guessed that not many people called him out on his bullshit.

“This is the weirdest dream ever. So you expect me to believe that you’re some ancient and immortal God with nothing better to do with their time than to fuck around with human relationships, why?”

This will be good.

“You’re not dreaming, Mina. I’ve taken you through time and space to my home on Olympus to make sure that you recover from being drugged in a safe space,” he explained. (more…)

His Dangerous Proposal: A New Adult Erotic Romance

51axT9CRTgL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_“Are you still at work?” I asked. The thought turned me on more than I realized. Did I want him to get caught? Not really, but the possibility was endlessly thrilling.

“Yes,” he said, but what really caught my attention was the discernible sound of his zipper being pulled down—did he want me to know he was fondling himself?

“Don’t get too busy,” I said with a laugh. “You’re supposed to be impressing me.

“Oh, you will be impressed, Nissa. I guarantee it. I live and die by my word.”

“Prove it, boss,” I teased.

“You’re insubordinate, and I like that in my women. Makes it so much more interesting when I break them.”

“Oh, you think you’re going to break me?” I challenged as my fingers played with the waistband of my pajamas.

“I know I’m going to break you. I’ll make you beg. Scream. I’ll make you mine. And then, when you’re so thoroughly fucked your legs can’t support you, I’ll ruin you for every man that’s to come.” (more…)

His Beloved Muse: An Erotic Time-Travel Romance

51QvE7nky7L._AA160_In my dream, the painter was intense and vibrant in a way that called to my soul. I couldn’t make out his face, but I knew that his eyes were as dark as his luscious hair. I laughed and smiled at him and he scolded me. Told me to stay still.

“Actually,” he stopped, mid-stroke. “Let’s try something else, shall we, cora?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked back, voice throaty with my desire. We were lovers, everything in every fiber of my being told me so. When he painted, it felt as if I was the canvas, his eyes so passionate and detail oriented that it nearly felt like a caress against my skin. It wasn’t the first time he’d painted me and it wouldn’t be the last.

Of course not. I’m his muse.

The other painters at La Accademia have all told him how much his art has improved ever since…

Ever since I fell into his life. (more…)

The Roman’s Mistress: An Erotic Time-Travel Romance

51oHpz-ZtfL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_“I’m your woman?” I dared to ask. His gaze ran over my body, its intensity igniting my passion from the inside out. I barley resisted shivering as his bright eyes roamed, deciding exactly what he wanted to do with me and how.

“You’re my woman. Right now, you’re the only woman in my life,” he trailed off, eyes somewhat wistful. Was there a tragedy hidden in this Roman’s past? Could there be more to why Apollo chose to send me here, to this man?

I gave him a smile. Apparently, it was exactly what I wanted to hear.

With a sinful look, I pulled away from my dark Roman and began peeling the clothing from my body. Skirt first, pressed achingly slow over my curves, then my shirt, revealing my modern and apparently thoroughly fascinating underwear.

I made sure to turn so that the full force of my skimpy thong could be properly appreciated and I almost laughed at the choked sound that came from behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I teased, “Is this how you wanted me to prepare myself?” (more…)

Immortal Pleasure: The Contract (Book Two) (A New Adult Fairy Tale)

51bu8Yu7hoL._SX356_BO1,204,203,200_“Um…? What are we doing?”

“I’m making sure that you make it to your car safely.”

I stop and look up at him, eyebrow raised. “It’s Seattle, not Chicago.”

“You’re about to make me a lot of money, Miss Bellamy. I would prefer to ensure that you at least make it to your car.”

I shrug and lead him for the garage, but unfortunately the entrance to the stairs is one-way.

“Guess we’ll have to take the elevator,” I mumble.

We walk through the garage entrance and I press the call button for the elevator. I stand awkwardly beside Julien. My hand is still on his strong and muscular forearm. I resist the temptation to slide my hand up and squeeze his bicep for fun. (more…)

Immortal Pleasure ( Book One: The Spell)

51teMXY6bBL._SX280_BO1,204,203,200_Excerpt from Immortal Pleasure ( Book One: The Spell)

I had been staring out the window when the lock had flicked open on my door and he had walked in.

Turning towards him, I had to stifle a gasp. He had been handsome before, but now…He was absolutely gorgeous.

Evidently, he had cleaned himself up. His dark hair fell to almost his shoulders, curling slightly around the edges of his face. Still dressed simply, but the colors of his clothing reflected his highborn status—dark blue tunic cinched tight with a handsome leather belt and expertly crafted breeches—his clothing was tailored with care by an expert and it drew my eye to all the right places. (more…)

Claimed By The Highlander: A Time Travel Erotic Romance

index“Jesus H. Christ!” I cursed as I backed against the wall.

A dark laugh rumbled from across the room and I could barely make out a decidedly male form walking towards me.

“Och, lass. I wish to put that mouth to better use. I cannae believe you’re here…I thought you were lost to me…”

“Whoa, hold your horses there, buddy! There isn’t supposed to be anyone in this part of the hostel!” Must be a drunk tourist. Must be a drunk tourist. Must be a drunk tourist. My mind repeated as I tried to calm myself.

“And why no’, lass? This is my home, is it no’?” He was close enough that I could see his face, close enough that I could make out the muscles straining against the fabric of his thin shirt, close enough that his scent washed over me, masculine and satisfying in a way that called to my soul. My insistent gaze wasn’t lost on the gorgeous highlander and he seemed to watch me with equal measures of amusement and desire. (more…)

Claimed By The Greek God: A Time Travel Erotic Romance

51vNz2gra2L._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_“So, humans don’t typically fall into your arms and let you finger-fuck them to orgasm?” I asked, eyebrow raised.

“Not unless their bodies call out to mine for release—or if they offer themselves into my service, as you did.”

I gave a little cough as I hiked the sheets up higher around my body. “Right, about that. What exactly did you have in mind for my offering?”

Apollo gave me a devastating smile. “What do you think I have on my mind, Lillian?”

I gasped as I noticed the sizable erection pressing against the fabric of his clothing.

“I’m not going to be cleaning your temple then?” (more…)

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