Getting Bent: Punished for Their Defiance (Best Friends to Lovers Vol. III)

5105mBl-tWL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I heard Max’s strangled breath come from behind me when my panties slid down below my ass cheeks and my swollen folds were finally revealed to him. I felt the exact second that the strain of my position caused them to split apart and expose the glistening center of my body.

“Fuck.” Max groaned behind me. I heard the rustling of fabric and felt the air current shift as Max rose. Seconds later his tongue was buried in my snatch and my hands shot out to steady myself against Foster’s shoulders.

I moaned with pleasure as Max ate me out from behind and Foster grunted with arousal as my motion caused my breasts to swing madly before his gaze.

“I want to touch them so badly.” Foster whispered his ragged confession into my ear. “Having my hands tied makes the urge almost unbearable,” he admitted, before connecting his lips to the skin of my neck and using his tongue and teeth, and the suction of his mouth to drive me crazy.

Behind me, Max forced my stance apart with his hands so he could drive his head deeper between my legs and he could focus his mouth on my clit. My eyes rolled up as his tongue flickered across my erect button with unrelenting force and he used suction to bring even more blood to my already engorged flesh. It was almost painful. (more…)

After the Ménage is Over: Breaking Him by Accident (A Best Friends to Lovers Romance Novella Book 2)

51FXBT6FwAL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Unconsciously, my jaw slackened and my tongue made a quick circuit over dry lips as my eyes greedily roved over Foster’s golden perfection. Foster had no hang ups about nudity, he was absolutely comfortable walking around in his own skin – hardly surprising given that his sleek, toned, gilded flesh could give any Greek God a run for his money.

My eyes slid over his taut, rippling abs then slid lower to witness his oversize package beginning to stir with interest. Foster cleared his throat conspicuously and my cheeks burned with the blush of embarrassment.


“Eyes up here Maya,” Foster commanded with a knowing chuckle, and even though I was ashamed at having been caught ogling him like he was a USDA prime piece of pleasure meat, I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander a very leisurely path back up his golden treasure trail, over his six pack abs and perfect pecks, along his square jaw and hollowed cheeks, and upwards, to finally meet with his blue eyed gaze.

“Are you done Maya?” Foster teased with one golden brow cocked. “Would you maybe like to grab your phone and take a picture?” He chastised good-naturedly. My blush deepened at his words, but I still answered ‘yes’ to that last question – albeit in my head. (more…)

Seduced by 2: A Sexy Ménage à Trois Romance Between Best Friends

51wEgyvoZuL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_“How about a shot, pretty Maya?” asked Foster, twisting the cap off a fresh bottle of nice Irish whiskey.

“Umm, sure,” I replied, biting my lip a bit nervously. Foster slid the mouth of the bottle towards my lips as if to pour a shot into my mouth. He must have seen my quizzical expression, because he winked at me and said, “We’re all friends here.” Just as Max also said, “No need to waste glasses.”

I hesitantly opened my mouth as Max placed a kiss at my temple and rubbed my arms reassuringly from behind. I think he could tell this was making me nervous.

The bottle gently touched my lips and Foster tilted it up, pouring the searing liquid into my mouth. It was too much. I had to close my lips to swallow before it started overflowing. I gulped it down, coughing lightly spilling some down my jaw as Foster pulled the bottle away.

“Oops, sorry Maya.” Foster grinned as his free hand shot out to wipe the excess off my face, his thumb slid over my jaw, just as the burn of the whiskey hit my belly turning my insides molten. He lifted his thumb to his full sensuous lips and sucked the whiskey off of it. (more…)

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