The Arrangement

“I want you to make love to me. But I want it to happen in your bed.”  I said to him.

His face never lost its heavy seriousness, but I couldn’t fight this need… this desire. It was raging inside me. I needed assurance. I wanted to feel close to him.

“Please, Sullivan. I just… I just need you to do this for me. Please.”

Without another thought, his strong arms captured me, sweeping me off my feet. Carrying me out of the bathroom, he ascended the staircase two steps at a time.

It was like a dream; I could have pinched myself. He’d brought me there, to his room: The No-Go Zone. The place I was never allowed to be. (more…)

Savannah Sins

51RlWpK+zWL._AA160_Jack’s voice was hard and husky in her ear. “You can thank me for the cooking lesson later. It’s time for garden chores.”

Outside he kicked back in a hammock, folding his arms behind his head. Acutely aware of his swanky, come hither smile and those warm brown eyes following her movements, Beverly bent over to dig for potatoes with full knowledge that her shorts were too small to cover panties, had she been wearing any. Jack would get a peak at her pussy, hot and wet, probably glistening in the sun.

“Ever been with a man, Beverly?”

She stopped digging, watching the dirt tumble back to fill the hole. I’ve had a few men. It usually took about three pumps of their dick before it was over. Beverly would be lying if she didn’t admit that she’d fantasized about being with someone who actually knew what they were doing. A man who would push her knees back toward her ears and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. But it seemed only women knew what the hell foreplay was. (more…)

Sealed in Blood

gator4230.hostgator.comA small town preacher’s daughter gets down on her knees…

But not to pray.

Charisma swallowed hard, standing in front of the door to Hunt’s suite. What lay behind it? It was like he was opening the lid to Pandora’s Box.

Hunt held her gaze, and took her purse when the door clicked open. “I like being in charge of things. You won’t have a problem with that.”

The carnal rumble in his voice rekindled a fire deep inside of her that Charisma had thought was long dead. She’d become so tired of the struggle to keep her life together; tired of trying to take care of herself and every situation in her single life. How liberating it would be to surrender control to this man. (more…)

Conceiving Evil

41RBLQsHOKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I made His fucking dinner and He stood me up again…

Pissed off and feeling vengeful, I knew violating the terms of our arrangement would anger my billionaire Dom, Dorian Lincoln. As a brat, I loved testing Him because I longed for His punishments. Wearing His marks and feeling His pain defined me. But after I went to the movies with a male friend, I didn’t know Dorian would punish me in the most humiliating manner. 

He had taken me to his Victorian style manor that he occasionally shared with Bianca when she wasn’t out of the country doing mission work.  I never asked Dorian if she knew about me, he rarely mentioned his wife.  He claimed their marriage was nothing more than a front for the media and she was basically an accomplice to his dog and pony shows. Bianca could bear him no children, but I could bear him as many as he wanted.  I adored kids and Dorian said when the time was right, we would have as many as our hearts desired.

The bedroom was decorated with heavy drapes and gorgeous furniture.  I stood in front of the four poster bed, slipping into a dream of the day we would sleep together skin to skin.  It was the last thing I thought about when I laid my head on the pillow at the end of each day.  It was the first thought that popped into my head when I opened my eyes in the morning.

In the reflection of an antique mirror I saw Dorian open a silver box.  I turned to face him, the pink dildo in his hand earning a sullen pout from my bottom lip.  He ordered me to undress except for the shoes.  He always wanted me to wear the shoes.  He said they made my legs look longer. (more…)

My Secret Sir – POEM

51bLWrI+xeL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_I sit and wait for you in the thick of night.  Only now do I know how Eve felt before she took that first fatal bite.

My friends told me to run; I wonder if I should, but my lover can’t fulfill my needs and you said you could.

I don’t want your love, neither do you mine.  All we long for is some of each other’s time.

I received the instructions you sent through the man in brown.  I’m wearing two of them:  stiletto heels and a lacy gown.

My heart hearkens the sound of the opening door.  Thankful you’re here, my knees hit the floor. (more…)

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