Make Me Take It from You: erotic poetry and short stories

fuck me with a whisper…


fuck me with a word, she said

one perfect word


fuck me with your mind, she said

simultaneously benevolent and cruel


fuck me with your voice, she said

a sound like rocks slowly breaking


but, most of all, she said

fuck me with a whisper…



all this talk about hair pullin’ has me in a fuckin’ tizz…



you heard me right ya bastard,

all this talk about hair pullin’ has me really worked up!


I’m in a fuckin’ tizz if ya hadn’t noticed,

and I want,



you to take care of this pussy,

and beat my ass,

maybe choke me while you’re at it.


And you better fuckin’ tease me,

before you hurt me,

‘cause I know,

and you know,

there won’t be much of me left,


my mind will be a blur of happy hurt,

when you’re finished.




grab a fist-full of my hair,

and when I scream,

suffocate me,

with your vicious mouth,

rub my pussy lips,

with the head of your cock,

bite my shoulder ‘till you feel bone,

push my face,

against the wall,

holding me there,

while you fuck me hard,

balls slappin’ my clit hard.



after you fill me with cum,


finish what you started,

with your strong hand,

like fire on my ass,

my thoughts,

slipping loose from my control,

at least for now,



I’m in quite a tizz,

because of you…



morning sex


when she ran her tongue across his lips

his mustache tasted of coffee and smoke

and the honey freshly harvested from between her thighs


fingers rested

over her pounding heart

soft now

unlike the fire that they burned with before

so she mused

on how this began

how he had called her by her secret name

a name that made her feel both vulnerable and understood


she traced that name

into the sweat on his ink stained shoulder

newly broken nail dragging on his skin


he smiled

the drying blood on his back creaking

as he drew her close

moving her to let loose a happy sigh


after all

morning was long from over


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