Luscious Misbehavior

CmJnPB8WIAE2FWX“You were wonderful, dear.” I hear your voice, quiet and stern, as you dismiss your latest client with the faintest praise, then speak to the man beside you. “Take good care of her.”

I peek just a little. The woman’s legs in black hose and high heels are canted to one side and the man’s shoes are very close to hers, as if he’s helping support her weight. You must have taken her to the brink of destruction; exactly what they pay you for.

Realizing how long I’ve been watching her stagger away, I turn my head back so that my nose is pressed against the carpet. I’ve been kneeling here for over an hour, laying forward over my legs with my arms outstretched above my head and my face to the floor, waiting patiently for my turn. I hope you’ve noticed. I hope you see how hard I’ve worked to please you with my quiet worship.

Your bare feet come to rest on either side of my hands and I don’t move a muscle. Though my legs tingle and my shoulders ache from holding this position so long, I am more still than a marble statue. I take shallow, measured breaths and wait for your reaction.

“I’m ready for you, Luscious.” Just hearing your voice aimed at me sends a smile to my lips. I stay still, however, knowing you will direct my every move. You don’t disappoint. “Show yourself to me.” (more…)

Choosing Joy

choosing_joySam slammed Joy’s office door open, pulled her inside, and pushed her against it as it closed.

“What the f-?” Joy got out before Sam’s mouth locked on hers.

He felt her resist for half a second, her body going even more tense. Then he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she melted in his arms. Sam completely took her over, pressing her against the door with his whole body.

Joy’s hands came up to caress his shoulders, but Sam wasn’t going to allow that. He grabbed her wrists and lifted, trapping them against the door with his barely superior strength, and broke their kiss.

Joy’s expression was a blend of confusion and arousal. Her eyebrows scrunched together and her Kelly green eyes flashed like lightning. “What the fuck are you doing, Sam?”

“Noticing that you didn’t tell me to stop or let you go. I’ve been watching you all day, Joy. And do you know what I want to do after all these hours?” Sam leaned in and kissed her jaw as he spoke, making note of the way her breath shortened and stuttered out of her. (more…)

Caught Inside

caught2In the bedroom Marilee walked to the closet and pulled out a black case about a foot cubed with a handle on top, then brought it over to the bed where Jake sat. There were two latches on the side and she undid them, then lifted the lid and the hinged compartments stacked within.

Jake wasn’t sure where to look first. He scanned the contents and was able to identify nipple clamps, a small vibrator with a wireless remote, furry pink handcuffs, and a dildo that made him want to compare sizes.

“What do you need handcuffs for if you’ve never shared your toys?” Jake asked, perplexed.

“What?” Marilee said slyly. “Is there a law that says a girl can’t handcuff herself to the bed with a vibrator and a dildo in her underpants and not let herself up until she’s come three times?” (more…)

Unlived Lives: Emerald Coast Chronicles Book

Unlived+LivesThey ate lunch at a gyro stand, wolfing down their food as quickly as they could, barely talking at all. The drive back to Wren’s house was silent and charged with sexual tension, each of them lost in fantasies that couldn’t be unleashed until they were home.

Wren grabbed both packages as they left the car, then unlocked the deadbolt and stepped inside the house, holding the door for Felicity to come in as well. As soon as she stepped past the swing of the door she turned to him and they launched themselves at each other. Kissing, touching, squeezing. Wren ended up leaning his back against the front door and dropping their purchases on the floor so that he could use one hand to fumble with the lock while the other spread low across Felicity’s back and held her against him.

Once he had the door locked he tore his mouth away from Felicity’s and tried to breathe in something resembling a normal fashion as he looked in her passion-dazed eyes. (more…)

Best of Three: An Emerald Coast Sexy Short (Emerald Coast Sexy Shorts)


I checked myself in the mirror one last time then turned to Vi. “Ready?”

“Yep, we just need to grab the drinks.”

We gathered our supplies and then trooped over to Gabriel’s side of the duplex. Butterflies danced in my stomach at the thought of what we were about to propose.

Gabriel answered just a few seconds after we knocked, opening the door with a big, friendly smile stretched across his face.

Bem-vindo, senhoras bonitas!” he exclaimed, throwing his arm to the side and stepping back to welcome us in.

I laughed. Because what else can you do but giggle awkwardly when a gorgeous god of a man speaks a foreign language to you and, I’m pretty sure, calls you beautiful?

Luckily Gabriel laughed along and reached out to help relieve us of our burdens. (more…)

Chance Meeting (An Emerald Coast Fantasy Novella)

b9aExBZv_400x400Abby woke up hours later and watched the sun set from her balcony. Then she took a quick trip down to the gift shop to buy some cheap neon green shorts and an equally loud tank top to sacrifice to the cause.

She had been back in her room about twenty minutes when the phone rang. Immediately her heart rate picked up and she got that fluttery feeling in her belly. As she crossed the room to answer the phone her knees felt wobbly.

“Hello?” she said, although she was sure it was Chance.

“Hey, gorgeous, did you have a good nap?” he asked. (more…)

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