Evelyn’s Journey: An Erotic Awakening


I am privileged to have a gym at my place. Rejuvenated after a workout. The past few months have been hectic. I’ve been helping out at the local hospital due to their shortage of doctors, and my appointments with regular patients here.  I am grateful for my mother who taught me, time management skills.  It has come in handy to run my business smoothly. I employ a cleaner and gardener as I hardly have time to maintain my house and property.

My current cleaner Adele finished yesterday. A lovely middle age woman. She had to leave due to her mother’s illness and will miss her.  I have narrowed my list of applicants for the cleaner’s position down to 6. In my foyer out the front of my house. The warm sun lights through the front of my house. My house could not be a better position. Especially during the colder months. My eyes gaze through the tinted sheet glass window outside to watch Ms. Fox park her car. She intrigues me. I thoroughly combed through her resume yesterday.  Evelyn Fox is 22 years old. She is a qualified registered nurse with honors and has flawless references. Why is she applying for a cleaning job?  My breath quickens at the sight of her. (more…)

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