Serenity’s Key: VDB 3 (The VDB Trilogy)

Scene – Pascal Van Der Braack’s Berlin Apartment, with Thomas Clostocker (his nephew)

Moronic child. Not that 21 was truly a child but the boy acted as one.

He huffed and swung himself back out of the kitchen area to head back into the lounge, hearing footsteps following. Thankfully, the boy was beginning to understand his new place in society, which was well above where it once was. “There is a brown three piece in my closet. Put it on, and shine your shoes. They are most distressed. Berlin will not see me falter because of your incapacity. You are my second. Behave as such.” It was bad enough that the inbreeds might believe him lowered in status because of Alexander. He would not have himself tarnished yet more by upstarts who did not know the correct way to dress. That reminded him to send the boy to Packshiltz while they were there if they had any time. At the very least, the boy would be fully tailored before either of them were killed. “And call Herman Packshiltz for the measuring of your scrawny ass.”

“Yes, Omm.”

Hmm. (more…)

Eden’s Gate (VDB Trilogy Book 2)

CqNgEVrVIAAjX8ZScene – Training with Alexander White, the dungeon at Eden. New York.
From Lilah James’ POV

“I don’t know if I can…” Use those on him? Be comfortable with it? God, today has been normal. Normal walks in the zoo, romantic blowjobs under trees in a wood. Well, as romantic as that gets with Pascal. Loving kisses beneath a starry sky before we left. And now, this. A breath leaves my lungs as I notice Alexander’s boots come into view beside a set of heavy metal cuffs.

“You don’t need any of this if you get it right, Lilah. You voice will be enough for him.” What? My head swings upwards to see his frown gazing back at me. “It’s not in your blood to cause pain, is it? You might have tendencies towards doing it for him, but you’re no sadist, are you?”

No, I’m not. Whatever I’m doing in here, or whoever I’m doing this for, the thought of causing pain does not get me all excited, or horny, as I’m sure it does for the man in front of me.

I shake my head a little and he smiles back at me. It’s a wide smile, soft maybe. Almost kind. (more…)

The Parlour: VDB 1 (The VDB Trilogy)

41FgbaOIBsL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_(The VDB series is best read after The White Trilogy for continuation purposes)

Scene – New York Office, Eden.

Mr Van Der Braack’s POV.

“Oh, what an ungodly mess,” Lilah said from the door. His head shot up from his maudlin musings.

“I told Ruebin to take you to my suite.”

“I know, and he did, but I’ve been locked up long enough already. I wondered if there was anything I could do for you. Looks like there is,” she replied as she got down on the floor and started gathering the documents together. Her hands worked meticulously, fingering the paper and filing it as she went. Her lithe form swayed and undulated as she twisted and turned in front of him, and he couldn’t remove his gaze from her body. He was so shocked by her daring to disobey him that he simply watched the show and pondered the correct response for such an act of defiance. This would normally constitute a beating, but maybe a spanking would be sufficient for such a small error of judgement. She was, after all, an innocent in these ways. Still, his fingers itched at the prospect. Perhaps he could spank this overemotional mood out of himself. (more…)

Absorbing White – Book Three In The White Trilogy

41lunOGzUHL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_Scene: On the plane

Alexander White’s POV

“Bye, Henry.”

With that, he ended the call and looked towards the curled up Tara, who clearly didn’t know what to do next. Having been kicked once she obviously was unsure of her next move. Neither was he, to be honest. He poured a glass of Cognac and looked up at the ceiling for inspiration. Why the hell he thought he’d find any up there was unknown. Hate, hate, hate. How could he help her hate him? Continue being a bastard, he supposed. Normal behaviour really, but maybe he needed to ramp it up a gear or two. (more…)

Feeling White (The White Trilogy Book 2)

index“Fuck, I need inside you,” he said as he shifted her weight to get the leverage on the wall he wanted. She gripped on and raised herself a little so he could manoeuvre her and position his cock. The head of it was poised and waiting as he pushed her throat back, he needed to look into her eyes again when he lowered her onto him, needed to hear her moan as he filled her and reminded them. Her scream of desire was all he wanted as he pulled her down on him and drove in as hard as he could, hitting her core and letting the sensation of her envelop him as he pulled back out. He forced his way back in again roughly, not caring for her comfort, which made her gasp out again and grab hold of his hand at her throat for support. She was the sexiest fucking thing on the planet, God himself couldn’t have created a more divine looking creature, and as her eyes widened he gripped onto her arse and bent down to pull her nipple into his teeth. Biting down harshly he was rewarded with her agonisingly sweet moan of pain, and as her nails dug in further it released the last of his shredded control. The bite of those nails induced all kinds of thoughts and visions. And as his back clenched at the bliss that was beginning to build with every thrust, her now biting teeth on his neck only furthered his primal tendencies onwards. (more…)

Seeing White (Book 1, The White Trilogy)

51zGIyYSIWL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_Scene: His study, Rome Apartment. Both wrists bound and attached, via a choker, to the wall while perched on a sliding staircase.

Push and pull, a lesson in control.

“I didn’t say you could enjoy yourself, Elizabeth,” he says as he watches me, all emotion now having left his face. “I will not tolerate manipulation from you, and if I have to tell you one more time to lower your fucking head, I will strap it down.”

His voice is angry, resentful even, and as I try desperately to swallow the fear that’s starting to claw its way up my spine he just stares at me. His face is still cold, those eyes very nearly black and unwavering in his reprimand as I nervously gaze back at them and begin to realise the severity of my situation. I’m hung up for him and on display with no ability to run, or hide. He put me here and I let him, but where has my Alex gone? This isn’t a man I know or trust. Was one small gesture of defiance enough to send him over the edge of reason? This is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? (more…)

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