Sunbathing in the Trailer Park

trailer_park_smallPerry Brown heard the flimsy back door of the Jones’s trailer click shut after it bounced the first time, like it always did. He leapt up from his spot on the old plaid sofa where he had been watching game shows and ran into the kitchen for a glass of water, since the kitchen window looked over the shared backyard.

He was already excited, and even more when he saw that Lisa was wearing a tiny little T-back pair of beige panties with her little beige bikini top that barely kept her D-cups contained. The flannel shirt she wore as a coverup didn’t hide anything. When she took the flannel off, the outfit was blended with her light tan so well that she may as well have been naked. By the time she had draped her towel on the grass and knelt down to start oiling herself, his cock was already hard as a rock and poking out the front of his robe. Perry had been waiting on her for over an hour now, and had already deposited his briefs in the hamper so he could access his bare dick and balls as soon as he heard her head outside. She made him as stiff as if he were seventeen again, and he was over three times that old.

He loved it when she had her back to him. He thought about her round, young little ass more and more, the more chances he got to see it. At this point he was almost thinking about it constantly. He couldn’t sleep at night without picturing it in his mind and tugging a load of jizz into the toilet. The fact that she was younger than his youngest daughter didn’t make him feel guilty at all, it only made him stiffer as he stared as hard as he could at her magnificent, bare little cheeks. How tight she must feel compared to Jane! (more…)

Erotic Pulp

CdNMRiJXIAUVtxd♥Candy & Danny♥

star in…

A Romantic Hurdle!

A Callie Comics-Style Old-School Romance!

Candy Lynn Green has finally found the man of her dreams in Danny Drake…or has she?

The two young lovers have had problems in the past, but they’ve worked through them. Candy, a short, buxom redhead with a body to die for, was raised in an extremely religious household with all the right kinds of values! But she was tempted beyond reason, and surrendered all of her maidenhoods to a rock band before marriage! (more…)

Tonguing Tromp

51PBj-ljBCL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_The weather is lovely and there was a huge crowd—especially for our little town. There had to be a good 200 people in the orderly seating, or sitting on lawn chairs placed symmetrically on the edge of the area with provided seats. The entire perimeter was surrounded by equidistant men in black suits, with sunglasses and earpieces and two lumps in their tailoring instead of just one. On both sides of the stage were massive speaker towers, covered with two giant American flags draped over their fronts. The long flags were billowing slightly as the J. Geils song ‘Love Stinks’ (which was followed by Guns ‘n Roses hit song, ‘One In A Million’) emanated from the stacks of massive 48” speakers.

There were also a couple obvious cliques amongst the stragglers and standers behind the prepared seating. One small group was composed of various ethnic people, a few wise-looking schoolmarm types, and the type of teenagers they called ‘thugs’ these days. Two of the other groups consisted of burly white guys in tight, identical brown t-shirts and blue jeans.

Whoa boy! All of this was looking wild to the eyeballs in the pretty face on the red head of my petite little 36DD-24-36 body! (Obligatory, hideously-configured sentence that must fail at arousing prurience, check.)

Everything was so HUGE! So TENSE! So HYPERBOLICAL! I couldn’t wait for the Donald to come out and Tromp on all of us! (more…)

Dominating Donna – Excerpt

51EhLtr3X8L._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_They walked into the kitchen where Jonas sat in a bathrobe. The two men from the plant were already waiting, dressed in casual shirts and old jeans, and they all were sipping some coffee, the workers sitting on stools with their backs to her.

“My, but she looks lovely of a morning, doesn’t she, fellows?” Jonas said.

The two hefty workers turned and looked her up and down. Jeeves bowed stiffly to Jonas and Jonas motioned that he could leave.

“Damn,” said one.

The other said, “Yessir, she sure does.” (more…)

Me Under Glass: Hot Wife Lyssa’s Confessions #5

callieSo I was pretty sure I had died. I remember being impaled on Derrick’s huge, perfect cock, coming like I had never come before, and feeling his sharp teeth tearing my throat open. Tearing my throat out, actually. Like I said, I saw Dan standing there in the bathroom with the sword — and then the next thing I know, I wake up, strapped down to a hospital bed. My neck is itchy as hell and I can’t move my hands, or anything else. I can move my head, but it hurts like mad every time I do it or even think about it.

There was light coming in the window, so I knew it had been at least a few hours, since it had been a fairly late-night shower when Derrick joined me. The wall mounted TV was muted and playing reruns of old game shows. I tried to get comfortable and realized just how tightly they had me strapped to the bed, which pissed me off something fierce. I tried to call someone, but nothing came out of my throat except for a squeaky, guttural sound accompanied by so much pain I almost passed out. (more…)

Rock N Roll Girl – Short Story

CLPtwPZUcAAjdC0My next door neighbor was also my best friend. Candy was always the sensible one, and I (Andrea) was the crazy slutty one. Neither of us were virgins, and we had done a lot of partying together, so she wasn’t exactly Miss Priss, but she was still pretty damned close.

We were the two girls that turned heads, and I guess it’s appropriate that I was the slutty one since I was the blonde. I’m tall and I have a great body and I’m beautiful—and that’s a professional opinion, because I’m working as a model. (more…)

Butterface – Excerpt

61jby3KY7UL._UX250_Butterface –  Excerpt

JimBob looked groggily around, staring at the underside of the top bunk like usual. “What the hell?” he asked. Something was going on and his sluggish, sleeping brain had no idea what it was.

Then he realized that something was making his cock feel wonderful. So wonderful that he just sighed and closed his eyes again for a few moments, feeling fingers on his shaft and balls, and a delightful, warm, wet, sucking, licking envelope over the end of his shaft and his bulbous, foreskin-wrapped head…

He frowned before he opened his eyes. What the hell? he thought, his brain several minutes behind his mouth, as usual. When he looked down, he saw his sheet was missing and a mass of long brown hair was bobbing up and down over his lap. It took him a moment longer to realize it was Susie kneeling between his legs and sucking him off.

“What’n the hayell you doin?” he whispered. (more…)

Got No Strings


His wooden mouth closed on her stiff nipple and she giggled in guilt and pleasure. “Not here!” she whispered, for they were in an alleyway, comiCL6mpQmUYAAnp97ng home from the theater.
Ignoring her protests, he wiggled so that she dropped him. He put his hands on her hips—which were at eye-level for him, being a marionette of some three feet in stature—and pushed her against the wall. With a smile, he lifted her skirts, looked upon her nakedness with no small lechery, then crawled under.
“Oh!” she exclaimed as his wooden face began nibbling a trail up her inner thighs. “Oh! My!” she cried as his warm slot of a mouth closed upon her hairless sex, pulling her lips gently away from her not-quite-spread legs. “Oh! Precious Savior!” she exclaimed as his long wooden tongue slipped out of his lips and between hers, swirling noisily in a wide circle inside her moistened snatch. She groaned, clutched the wall, spread her legs widely.
He stood between her feet, reaching up and kneading her soft white buttocks with his stiff wooden fingers as she wetted his face with her lust. He was relentless in his tonguing; it felt like a wide, flat cock fucking her in quick hard strokes as he slid it in and out of her quickly-heating pussy. (more…)

Nectar – Excerpt


51obxNI69fL._SX372_BO1,204,203,200_   My husband Jerry has no idea that I’m a slut for big black cocks, and that’s how I want it. The big black men who have me want it that way, too.

Like every couple who have been married a while, we’ve had our differences. Jerry’s a good provider and a decent husband, but he’s earned enough resentment from me that if I didn’t get what I needed from other men, we’d have been over a long time ago.

I’m about as white as a girl can get without being an albino. I change my hair color depending on what I think will please my lovers, and I make Jerry think it’s just what I’m in the mood for. I’m a natural blonde, so when I have my hair darker, I let my men tell me how to maintain my bush. I know it turns them on to control me that way, and it turns me on, too. Sometimes they want me all to themselves and don’t let me have sex with Jerry, so I make excuses to my husband and do what they want me to do. All I really worry about is turning them on so I get all of their delicious cum. (more…)



Once in the land of Kebros, which was the land that flowed with cider and maple syrup (a little south of the land which flowed with other good things, of which you have surely heard, and a little to the west and north of the land which flowed with bad things), there was a maiden. Her name was Libby, which was a very odd name for a maiden of Kebros in those days, for nobody knew that vegetables could even come in cans, they simply pulled them out of the ground and wiped them off with a sleeve before eating.

Being a maiden, she was of course quite young, though of course just barely past the age of consent, and exceedingly beautiful, with perfectly gorgeous blonde ringlets that cascaded to the perfectly woman-like hips that adorned her perfectly lustful figure; and also, being a maiden, she had a problem. (more…)

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