Down Devils Road: A Dark Psychological Thriller (Devil’s Angels Book 1)

51mb7owhqlHis dark brown eyes fluttered open. Above him was a bright surgical lamp to illuminate the dark room. His back felt cold and he realized he was lying on a metal table. There was a sharp stinging pain in his neck. Javier attempted to move his hands to alleviate the throbbing, but found his arms bound to the table with leather straps.

What was going on?

Straining to sit up, Javier glimpsed the room he had built. From this vantage point, it appeared savage. For the first time, he realized that the table he was lying on was a surgical table and the tools on the shelf were surgical tools. Ava had informed them that she ran a funeral business and she prepared corpses for burial.

Now he understood what she’d meant.

“Please,” he gasped. The light overhead seemed blinding. He squinted his eyes to keep from becoming dizzier. The bright light made the blood oozing down his cheek appear black.

Suddenly, he was face to face with Ava. She was dressed in all black her hair hung around her face and her full lips blood red. He noticed a curious vial pendant around her neck. It was empty.  She smiled at him as she picked up a shiny surgical instrument. (more…)

The Games He Played

51ZKeUJzJlL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_“Hands behind your back. Spread your legs.” In her darkest nightmares, Josie never thought this would be happening to her. Feeling the shackles being applied to her ankles then her wrists made her heart stop.  The shackles only added to the discomfort of the scratchy fabric of the jail uniform. She hadn’t been given a bra and the material was rubbing her nipples raw.

“Line up with the rest of the ladies. No talking!” A burly guard shouted tapping his black baton menacingly.

Tears welled up in Josie’s pretty blue eyes. This wasn’t supposed to happen to her. Erich promised her nothing would ever happen to them.  Erich had promised her lots of things. Most of them had proven to be nothing but lies.

Shuffling down the long corridor with her legs in shackles, Josie felt someone softly touch her tousled blonde hair.

“You’re a pretty girl. How did such a pretty girl get locked up in this shithole? What did you do, forget to pay some traffic tickets?”

Josie whirled around to see the girl behind her grinning with a set of broken teeth. Meth head, Josie thought disdainfully.

“I didn’t do anything.” Turning back, Josie rolled her eyes. (more…)

Devil She Became: A Psychological Suspense Thriller (Devil’s Angels Book 1)

51inpSyIIhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_As she stepped into the elevator, a young woman was already in there. Her hair was styled beautifully and her skin was glowing as well. The dark brown hair….she realized it was the same woman from earlier.

“What floor?” she asked.

“15th.” Reese answered.

“Ahhh, the grand deluxe suite. I tried to book that suite when I checked in but it was already taken. I guess that must’ve been you.”

Reese nodded. “Sorry. I’m staying here until my wedding.”

The young woman turned to her. “Why aren’t you staying in your mansion….Barbie?” she asked in a husky whisper.

Reese looked at the woman in the eyes. Her blood drained to her feet. Oh my God. It was Ava! Her penetrating eyes fixed on Reese she moved closer to her. “What the hell are you doing here?” Reese demanded. (more…)

Ava: A Chilling Psychological Thriller (Devil’s Angels Book 2)

sPs__PUx.jpg-largeThe black limousine rolled up to retrieve Ava and her companions. Once they slipped inside the warm leather car, she retrieved several small vials of white powder from her purse. Pouring the contents out onto a small silver tray, she cut the lines with a razor blade and handed a small tube to Jenna and Nick. They all inhaled the drug and sat back, sipping the chilled champagne that had awaited them.

Ava crossed her long legs as she sat next to Jenna.

“So, Nick, Jenna tells me you have connections in South America. Tell me about that.”

Nick remained silent as the view up Ava’s skirt distracted him. Realizing she had spoken to him, he looked up.

“Yes, I do. I know quite a few people down in Columbia, Argentina and Brazil. Can get you whatever you need. Name your price.” (more…)

Ava: A Chilling Psychological Thriller (Devil’s Angels Book 2)

sPs__PUx.jpg-large“What about this girl?” Colt held up the picture of Ava.

Rich pursed his lips.

“I might’ve seen her. Those eyes…”

Colt sensed Rich knew more than he was letting on. He could feel his unease. If Rich knew Ava his discomfort was more than justified.

Rich stared down at the photo. Turning from Colt, he poured himself another shot. The liquid burned its way down his throat as he turned back. (more…)

Excerpt from Ava-The Sequel to Devil She Became

As his eyes fluttered open he found himself enveloped in darkness save for a faint light that glowed beneath the door. The room was damp and cold sendCPkJR9TWsAA-1B5ing a chill through his body. The strong odor of decay filled his nostrils.

“Where am I?” His voice echoed through the dank concrete halls.

His eyes roamed the darkness searching for anything, anyone.

“Help me!”
Pulling on his arms, he found himself immobile. Trying to kick his legs, he discovered couldn’t move them either. Thrashing his head from side to side, he felt cold metal against his skin. Where the hell was he?
Suddenly, there was a rattling like a key in a lock then the sound of a door creaking open.

“Who’s there? Help me, please.”

A small stream of light poured in. He sat up struggling to see who was there.

“Who’s there? Answer please!”

Click clack. Click clack. The sound of high heeled footsteps crept closer.

“Help me! Please!” The man desperately pulled against the leather restraints.

All of sudden, he screamed as light was beamed directly into his eyes. (more…)


JOSIE“You mean…another girl?”

Erich nodded eagerly. “Of course, darling. I know how much you love to lick pussy. I am going to find my kitten a new toy to play with.”

Josie fell back against the bed.

Erich walked over to her to kiss her on the cheek. “You should be happy to be married to a man who accepts and encourages your desires.”

“Do you have one yet?” Josie asked her mouth dry. (more…)

Exclusive first excerpt from Ava second book in Devil’s Angels

Involuntarily, Ava stiffened at the mention of Reese’s name. McCallister noticed this even though it was a split second reaction. Ava must know Reese he decided from her noticeable discomfort.
“No, I don’t, Colt. If this is a question and answer game, then I want to play too. Tell me, Colt, why are you a detective?” CPN4_JJWwAEEX9N

Ava ran her fingers lightly over his hand.
McCallister felt himself become aroused by this despite his promise to himself to remain professional.
“If you must know, my original plan was to be an FBI agent.”
“So why didn’t you, Colt?”
He cleared his throat. “I married young, had a daughter, and decided to stay in Chicago to help raise her. I had dreams as a kid to solve mysteries, save lives.”
“Very interesting. So you gave up your dreams for some lame girl, boo hoo.”
Ava leaned in to brush his ear with her lips.
“Be a real man, Colt. You see something you want, take it.” (more…)

Teaser from Devil She Became

When beautiful Reese Vogel met wealthy, handsome Harrison Grantham she thought she found the perfect man. Sexy and powerful, Harrison was everything she ever wanted. Their love was intense, erotic and full of passion.

Only one thing stood in their way. His wife.

When she threatens their illicit affair how far will they go to preserve their relationship? Will they succumb to a burgeoning evilDevilSheBecameFinal-FJM_Low_Res_500x750 born of desire to stay together? A vicious web of deceit, lust, and betrayal entangles them all…who will make it out alive and who will be devoured? Who will be the first to recognize the Devil She Became?


By Autumn Raynne

Visit her on twitter @autumnraynne2 or at

Devil She Became premiering on Amazon September 7!!!

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