Their Sensual One Night Stand: A Steamy One Night Stand Short Story (A Bad Boys One Night Stand Series, Book 3)

51P1tl13kVLHe grabbed her hand, kissed it, and then slowly led her toward the bed.

“Are you ready to make one of your dreams come true, sweetheart?” Dmitry asked her.

She nodded her head ‘Yes’ because her throat was too dry to speak at the moment; she was so turned on by the thought of having both of these men taking her, touching her, kissing her, making love to her.

Her husband began to kiss her as he removed her gown, inch by inch down her body. His touch was so soft, so arousing, that she could barely stand up any longer.

James came up beside her, caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand and leaned in to take her lips in a kiss; a gentle, sensuous kiss that stole the breath from her lungs.

Dmitry knelt on the floor in front of her and pulled her legs apart slightly. He placed tender kisses along the inside of her thighs, starting at the knees and working his way up on each leg.

As her husband was worshiping her lower body, his friend was busy on her upper body, using his hands to massage her breasts that were heavy and tender from her arousal. He pulled away from her mouth and lowered his head to her chest, taking one sensitive, taut nipple into his warm mouth and sucked, then swirled his tongue around the tip before moving over to the other breast. (more…)

His Wicked One Night Stand: A Steamy One Night Stand Short Story (A Bad Boys One Night Stand Series, Book 2)

51Ng9lK2c9LDax watched his buddies for a few minutes, sipping his drink, waiting for the blonde to approach him. He never had to make the first move with women; they always came to him.

About five minutes later, it happened.

“Hey there,” came a sultry voice. He turned his head and said, “Took you long enough.”

She laughed, “You could have always come to me.”

“That was never going to happen. I don’t go to women, they come to me,” he told her.

She tilted her head to the side. “Oh really?”

“Yeah, really. You came, didn’t you?” (more…)

Her Seductive One Night Stand: A Steamy One Night Stand Short Story (A Bad Boys One Night Stand Series, Book 1)

51wOO9rsOPL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_“I need to taste you, Milania,” he growled and pulled her toward him for a hard, passionate kiss that brought ooohs and aaahs from the patrons sitting at nearby tables, and it made her blush, embarrassed from the attention.

“What do you say we get out of here? I want you all to myself,” He said, and she could only nod. She wanted him, needed him to alleviate the ache between her legs where her juices were beginning to pool. She had never before been so turned-on by a man, and she wasn’t about to give up a chance at being with Clayton.

He tossed cash on the table and pulled her chair out, grabbed her hand with his large one, and led her to the reception desk of the hotel to request a room. Once he paid for the room, and received the key card, they practically ran to the elevators, where he pressed her firmly up against the wall and took her mouth in another kiss. This time the kiss began playful, with him taking little nibbles of her lips, but it quickly turned into a punishing feast. It was an arousing, intoxicating kiss, which stole her breath and left her knees weak.

The doors opened on their floor and he pulled her out of the elevators and to their room at the end of the hall. He fumbled a couple of times as he tried to insert the key, but he eventually managed to open the door and flick on the lights. (more…)

Helping Hands: The To-Do List Fantasies Vol. II

51WbvQDo3WL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_His hands touched me again. They were on my thighs, kneading and massaging them before pulling gently to force them apart.

“Spread them,” he said, and I stepped each foot to the side. It felt unnatural. No one just stands at his or her window, completely nude, with their legs spread, do they? No, they don’t.

He bent down behind me and ran his fingers up the inside of each of my legs. Damn if it wasn’t a fucking incredible feeling. My excitement grew as I anticipated where all this foreplay was leading. I needed a good fuck, and he was giving every indication that it would be amazing with him. At least he wasn’t like the usual needy, puppies I was usually with. He was a real man; a take-charge man, and I was enjoying it more than I thought I would.

His hands stopped roaming and came to rest on my ass cheeks. It felt amazing, having his hands touching me there. I loved having my ass played with, touched, rubbed, spanked.

Yes, I was a little kinky, but not over the top. I liked a little light BDSM play. Anyone who truly enjoys sex should be into it at some level. It really heightened the enjoyment from each experience.

He spread my cheeks apart and pressed his nose into my crack. Oh God. (more…)

Invested Pleasures: Worlds Apart


As soon as he closed his eyes, there was a knock on his door.

Who in the fuck was bothering him?

He grumbled to himself as he sat up and walked to the door to answer it. A quick peek through the peephole in the door showed that it was his wife. What was Lily doing at his room? She usually waited for their set time.

He opened the door, and glanced up and down the hallway, then, let her inside. Once he closed the door, she threw herself into his arms. He caught her to his chest and allowed her to capture his lips in a very long overdue kiss.

When she pulled away he asked, “What was all that about?” (more…)

Revenge (Three’s a Crowd and Karma Always Hits Its Mark): The Complete Series Bundle

51FlMJmUMcL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_From women scorned by a lover or partner, to a man catching his wife in the act of cheating, this bundle has the entire Revenge series. (Books 1-4).

Book 1: Selene – Selene is happy. She is content. She is an independent woman with a hard-working, loving boyfriend. She has it all. Until she doesn’t.

Selene decides to surprise her boyfriend on his first night home from a long business trip. She sneaks into his home, and into his bedroom, only to find another woman occupying his bed with him. Hard-working is right! He is hard at work with another woman.

Not listening to his excuses, she storms out of his house and heads home to plot her revenge, which consists of hooking up with a few of his best buddies and sending him photographic evidence of her fun.

Oh! And when he decides to show up at her apartment early one morning, begging for forgiveness, she decides to exact a little more revenge in the form of submission and humiliation.

Book 2: Kiara – Kiara was happy, in love, and content with her life. She had an amazing boyfriend – a man she loved and adored – and a terrific job. You could say that she was “living the life” The only thing that she would change would be to have her boyfriend travel a little less, but travel was part of his job, so she accepted it. (more…)

Invested Pleasures: School’s Out

51zvX4xSasL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_“The order came out harsh, but still aroused her desire for him.

She walked to the windowsill and placed her hands on the ledge.

She heard his footsteps approaching and felt the moisture coating the inside of her thighs. Her husband was an amazing lover, but even he couldn’t cause this to happen to her with just a few words. Not like Mr. Cooper.

His hand was on her now, lifting her skirt and exposing her ass.
“Spread them.”

She looked over her shoulder as she separated her legs further apart, and was thrilled when she saw the satisfied, hungry gleam in his eyes.

“Now, you will keep your hands on the sill, and face forward as you receive your punishment for being late. You will count, aloud, each strike, and you will not look away from the window until I say so.” (more…)

Free Flowing: Neighborhood Support Vol. I

He slowly stood up and set down his tools.

“Well, show me the way,” he gestured toward the stairs and smiled. Oh, what a fucking gorgeous smile he had.

“Oh, right! It’s upstairs.” I motioned for him to follow me. I made sure I exaggerated the sway of my hips with each step, doing my best impression of a sultry walk. I wanted so badly to turn around and see if he was checking out my ass, but I contained that want. I didn’t want to come across too obvious in my need for his attentions.

When I reached the top, I looked over my shoulder to tell him, “It’s in my bedroom, right through that door down at the end of the hall.” I pointed the door out to him and allowed him to pass me and, as he did so, his arm brushed against my chest. I swear I could feel the heat emanating from him, and it warmed my body from head to toe. Just that little brush was all my breasts needed for my nipples to harden to stiff peaks. If it wasn’t for the towel covering my chest, he would have been able to notice through the top of my outfit.

He stopped halfway down the hall, turned around and then asked me, “Will you come show me?” (more…)

Blind Surrender

Lost Without Her 2(CC)Prologue:

Three weeks, four days, and seven hours: The length of time that had passed since he woke up to an empty bed because he didn’t say those words. The three words that he felt with every fiber of his being, but were so difficult for him to say. I love you.

She said those words. He knew she meant them. He could feel her love for him, and wished she had been able to feel his love for her even without him saying the words, because he did love her. He loved her so much that it scared the hell out of him.

Years ago, he gave himself completely to a woman. He was young, naïve, and vulnerable. It wasn’t until he gave up everything and everyone he knew, all that he was, that she began to show her true colors. She had been using him for his family’s wealth, and when it was leaked that his family was struggling financially, she left. She walked out the door, but not before she told him the truth. She never loved him, never planned on staying forever. (more…)

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