The Dragon’s Gift

I’m flooded with lust as Maxine straddles over my upper thighs, her weight a reassuring blanket in the dark. She grasps both my breasts and squeezes, and then drags one clawed hand down over my torso while her tongue licks in a hungry trail down to my navel. Her saliva lingers like sticky paint, evaporating slowly, and I love it. I can feel her impatience; it’s electric in the air, as is my own. I simply can’t remain still. I want to feel her touch everywhere.

My hands find her one hand lingering under my breast, but she moves further down where I cannot reach her. It’s a deliberate tease; she enjoys topping people. She loves control, and has told me numerous stories of doing similar things to her boyfriends. I don’t mind. It’s me she’s craving now. (more…)

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