Fantasy Girls: Alessandra Bordeaux

51aDa-rEzwLChapter One

Megan Cassidy walked past the mountain of bills on her kitchen counter and cringed. Turning to her two best friends Sophia and Gabriella with a frown, “I feel like I’m drowning in debt. I just graduated college and already the bank sent me a bill for my student loan. Ugh.”

“I know exactly what you mean. It really sucks,” replied Sophia. “I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“I hate to do this but I think I’m going to call my grandparents and ask them for a loan. Between the rent of this cramped apartment and all the other bills, I’m ready to scream.” Megan groaned while taking a seat on the couch in an angry huff.

“Ladies. Stop with all this negativity. We’re all smart and in the same boat. We’ll figure it out,” called Gabriella from the laundry room. (more…)

The Ex-Wife

51N5GeU2gQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Chapter One

“Most men cheat, let’s face it,” said the gorgeous blonde sitting in a quiet corner in a dimly lit restaurant toying with her food. Feeling slight unease, she placed her fork down on her plate and shoved it away from her.

“Your point,” said the older gentlemen sitting across from her with a sly grin etched across his face.

“I’m not interested in anything you have to offer,” she said while quickly standing up and grabbing her purse and cell phone. With the grace of a prima ballerina, she held her head high and proceeded to walk out of the restaurant and straight to a dark black brand new Range Rover. Sitting in the safety of her vehicle, Brianna locked the doors and started the engine while getting her breathing under control. Every nerve in her body was at attention. Something just wasn’t right.

Taking a look around one more time, she backed out of parking spot, and nervously drove to the safety of her own home.

~*~*~*~ (more…)

The Camping Trip

51Mc5HBEDIL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Stefania sat at her desk in uptown Manhattan staring out the window begging for the dreaded workday to finally end. Anything and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong and as the seconds ticked by, things weren’t looking any better.

“Miss Triolo,” said a tall, older gentleman leaning into her office.

“Yes, Mr. Davidson,” said Stefania standing up nervously.

“Whatever you did to get our client back,” he said in a flat, monotone voice. “Thank you. Just make sure your staff doesn’t do anything like that again.”

Feeling like she shrunk ten inches, she blushed and lowered her eyes, “Yes sir. Apologies. I’ll speak with them on Tuesday at our weekly meeting.”

She stood there for a moment and watched him saunter off and finally let out the breath she was holding. Looking at the huge clock on the wall, she finally smiled and whispered, “Time to go home and get ready for my long three day weekend. Let the fun begin.” (more…)

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