Month December 2016

Serenity’s Key: VDB 3 (The VDB Trilogy)

Scene – Pascal Van Der Braack’s Berlin Apartment, with Thomas Clostocker (his nephew)

Moronic child. Not that 21 was truly a child but the boy acted as one.

He huffed and swung himself back out of the kitchen area to head back into the lounge, hearing footsteps following. Thankfully, the boy was beginning to understand his new place in society, which was well above where it once was. “There is a brown three piece in my closet. Put it on, and shine your shoes. They are most distressed. Berlin will not see me falter because of your incapacity. You are my second. Behave as such.” It was bad enough that the inbreeds might believe him lowered in status because of Alexander. He would not have himself tarnished yet more by upstarts who did not know the correct way to dress. That reminded him to send the boy to Packshiltz while they were there if they had any time. At the very least, the boy would be fully tailored before either of them were killed. “And call Herman Packshiltz for the measuring of your scrawny ass.”

“Yes, Omm.”

Hmm. (more…)

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