Month October 2016

Bound by Cotton

51hw4oz2urlThe door closed, plunging her into a darkness lit only by the ephemeral glow of the displays in the distance. Even through her clothes she felt the heat of his body. The hard bulge in his pants pressed against her, demanding attention. His hands gripped her ass and pulled tighter. She snaked her arms around his body. “I don’t know if I can…” She turned her lips upward, hoping her words didn’t disappoint him.

“My sweet Rebecca,” he whispered in reply. “You’ve already begun.”

She tasted his lips. A soft, moist press. His warm tongue touching her own. His hands slipped farther, cupping between her thighs and ass. As he lifted, she relinquished the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist. She panted, touching his head with the backs of her hands as his lips found her neck.

Gentle. The soft heat of his tongue pressed her jaw line, teased her senses for less than a second before slipping another inch, covering every inch of her neck, kiss by succulent kiss. Her back pressed against the closed door and he leaned into her. The bulge beneath his pants teased her clit through her moist panties. She moaned, ready to give him anything he asked as long as he slid his cock into her.

With a gentle nip against her shoulder, he lowered her legs until her feet rested on solid ground. She stood on shaking legs, unable to see anything in the dim light. She could only feel. (more…)

The Viking’s Conquest

51it9gzs5l“Drop the fruit. I want to hear your voice whilst you’re spanked.”

In a moment of uncharacteristic obedience, I widen my mouth a fraction and release the soft flesh of the fruit. I watch as it falls the short distance to the floor underneath me, along with a humiliating quantity of my drool. Relief washes over my jaw as it can now finally relax, although I wonder what Anders will have in mind for me next.

“Good,” he says from over me. “Now tell me, do you know why you are to be spanked?”

I flinch as he vocalises my predicament, as though hearing it out loud somehow reaffirms the sheer ignominy of it.

“I…” I pause, trying to make myself say the words. “I am to be spanked because I spilled your drinks, my Lofðungr,” I say eventually.

“True,” Anders replies, slapping the cheeks of my behind. The impact is not hard, but is just enough to wake the flesh around the area, summoning the blood there and sending the message to me: this is mine. “And why did you spill the drinks, Aurelie? What function were you serving?” (more…)

Mrs. Maitland’s SAD Valentine

51onrir-tflHer mouth enveloped the tip and she teased it with her tongue. He moaned again, and she moved her head down, taking him all the way to the back of her mouth. She pulled off his cock for a moment, “I forgot how good this tastes. It’s all over my mouth.” With a smile on her face, Judy dipped her head lower and licked his balls, eliciting a loud groan from her young lover.

“Oh, my god,” was all he could manage to say.

Her tongue continued up his shaft to the sensitive spot where it met the head. She collected some saliva and used it to flick her tongue back and forth on this spot with no friction. His hands went to her head, and she turned up the speed.

As she fellated him, she thought about the absurdness of the situation. Here she was at age forty-eight, giving him head like she was a horny teenager. She hadn’t had a cock in her mouth since her husband died.

Her tongue did most of the work, licking around the head and down his shaft and back to tease the pre-cum out of his slit. When she took him all the way in again, she realized that his length was too much for her. Almost two inches of cock remained exposed. She took her fingers and wrapped them around the base of his cock.  She jerked, just a little bit, in time with the movements of her tongue. His hips bucked and his fingers twitched rhythmically in her hair. She could tell he was getting close, and she moaned on his cock to encourage him.   (more…)

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