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His Wicked Touch: A Time-Travel Romance (Touched Book 3)*Version*=1&*entries*=0515o5TF7dbL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_

“So you’re just some bored God who meddles in the life of mortals because your own life isn’t interesting enough?” I summed up.

Apollo gave me a quizzical look. “When you put it that way…”

He almost looked embarrassed, but I guessed that not many people called him out on his bullshit.

“This is the weirdest dream ever. So you expect me to believe that you’re some ancient and immortal God with nothing better to do with their time than to fuck around with human relationships, why?”

This will be good.

“You’re not dreaming, Mina. I’ve taken you through time and space to my home on Olympus to make sure that you recover from being drugged in a safe space,” he explained. (more…)

Erotic Pulp

CdNMRiJXIAUVtxd♥Candy & Danny♥

star in…

A Romantic Hurdle!

A Callie Comics-Style Old-School Romance!

Candy Lynn Green has finally found the man of her dreams in Danny Drake…or has she?

The two young lovers have had problems in the past, but they’ve worked through them. Candy, a short, buxom redhead with a body to die for, was raised in an extremely religious household with all the right kinds of values! But she was tempted beyond reason, and surrendered all of her maidenhoods to a rock band before marriage! (more…)

Night’s Beauty (The Valkyrie’s Passion Prologue): A Valkyrie/Shifter Romance

5189Lf5YnDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_As I puzzled over what had happened, a motorcycle roared behind me. I threw a look over my shoulder as the bike slowed and came to a stop beside me, the engine chugging and roaring. A large man sat upon it, his blond hair falling long and wild about his broad shoulders. His blue eyes flashed in the light from the bar as he looked at me, a slight grin curling his strong lips. He wore a leather vest that left a muscular chest and thick arms bare.

A flush of heat and fear went through me. This man was dangerous. A tattoo of a black, howling wolf’s head was on his upper, right arm, and I could just make out what looked like a dragon on his chest. The back of his vest was covered in patches, dominated by another black wolf howling at the moon. His patches declared him to be a member of the Black Wolves Motorcycle Club, a founder and President of the Wolf Council, a hunter, and a 1%.

Definitely dangerous.

“Car trouble?” he asked, his eyes raking over me. (more…)

The Pixie’s Passion – Book One of the Mortal Champion

51UR7GnIsVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Prologue: Maeve of the Red Rose 

Treasach’s melody haunted Titania’s Garden.

“He’s so wonderful,” sighed Maeve of the Red Rose as she lounged beneath the shade of a tall elder tree. A gentle breeze wafted through the air, stirring the elder tree’s branches. Small, white petals drifted down from the dark leafs, adding their sweet perfume to the air. “We could make such wonderful music together.”

Aisling of the Bluebells giggled beside her, the Pixie’s silvery wings twitching. “Treasach has all those Dryads fawning on him. What would he see in a little fluff like you?”

“You don’t have to be so mean,” Isolde of the Violet scolded, her bluish wings sticking straight behind her. “Just because her love is delusional, doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud.”

“Thanks for the support,” Maeve muttered to her friends. Then she turned her gaze back to the perfection of Treasach’s form. His chest was sculpted like a maiden’s wet dream, while his thick fingers nimbly played his linden pipe with such perfection even the vain Dryads had crept from their elder trees to fawn at his feet. “I could attract his attention.” (more…)

The Girls of My Dreams

51FD088q-+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Juanita sat on her bed in her college dorm, sobbing onto the mussed sheets. She was alone, her roommate, Rochelle, had already left for classes. As had the man Juanita had sinned with last night. And again this morning. The proof was staining her thighs, forming a wet spot on her bed, and her pussy still ached from the vigor of their morning tryst.

Once again, she had given into her lusts. She was supposed to be better than this. She dreamed of being a preacher, attending Parkland Lutheran University to study theology. But what preacher gives into her lusts? And with a man she had only met the night before? How can I tend to a flock, if I can’t even control my own passions?

“Why am I so weak?” she prayed, looking up to the heavens. “Why can’t I resist sinning?”

Light blossomed. A man appeared before her, blue-white wings extended, his body burnished bronze. Juanita gasped; he was so handsome, a perfect specimen. Her eyes traveled his naked, muscular frame and widened at the size of his cock dangling from a thatch of golden hair. Desire burned between her thighs for this being.

He was an Angel sent from Heaven to answer her prayers. (more…)

Love’s Choice (The Valkyrie’s Passion Book 1): A Valkyrie/Shifter Romance

51UcTwDnLGL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“That is an interesting style,” a man with a smooth baritone said.

 I gasped and spun around. Instinctively, my flaming sword swept into being. A man in a gray, immaculately tailored suit stood in the doorway. It was the type of suit you could only buy in Italy. Perfect craftsmanship. A crimson pocket square added a splash of vibrancy.

The man who wore it was as equally immaculate. His hair was black and slicked back, his eyes an intense green. No stubble adorned his strong jaw. He stood straight, confident, and arrogant, a powerful smile curling his lips.

He was a man that knew he had power and knew how to flaunt it. He stepped into the kitchen, his intense, green eyes examining me. I was shocked by the hot wave that rippled through me. His eyes ended on the sword and his smile grew more confident.

I pointed the sword at him. “That’s close enough.” (more…)

Bending Over For Jeff (Humiliated by the Boss)

51lERe3Z+cL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_My head was tripping from drinking so much wine. This meeting felt like one big hallucination.

“Is everything okay? You look a little pale. Maybe it’s time you took a break. Have a walk around the room and stretch out those legs.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt. My body’s feeling numb from sitting so long,” I replied, pushing myself out from the desk. I stood up, arched my back to get out the kinks and the room began to spin.

Now was a good time to switch to the water I still had in my purse. I reached down into my bag, and as I came up I had a massive head rush. I downed the rest of the lukewarm water, hoping it would help stop the spinning.

Jeff smirked. “Better now?”

“Somewhat. I need a few minutes to clear my head.”

“Sure. Do you want to give your customers a great experience?” (more…)

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