Month January 2016

Destination Anywhere

510vDoklVKL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I listen hard, straining my body for clues about what you might be doing… From this angle I can just about make you out in my peripheral vision, but I keep my eyes low. I dare not catch your gaze and upset you. “Put your hands up against the wall as well,” you snarl and your voice is so close now – I can feel your hot breath against my neck. The proximity makes me feel even hornier. I comply immediately, feeling instantly more vulnerable this way and loving the increased jeopardy. I know you want me as much as I want you, but to prove the point, you push your frame up against me. Your body is hard and I feel your cock straining against my ass through your trousers. Automatically I arch my hips and grind myself against you. It’s a gamble I am likely to be punished for, but the sensation is so good I am willing to take the risk. A succession of fast, sharp swats to my right cheek soon remind me of my place and reluctantly I move away from you, pressing myself back against the toilet wall. Then suddenly you’re right there behind me, pushing me hard (more…)

Hide & Seek

51ZV0KaC3kL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A sound from upstairs sends my thought process reeling. It’s just a small noise, perhaps the sound of your feet brushing the crimson carpet in the bedroom? It’s not loud or menacing, but it sends a wave of adrenaline crashing through me. You’re on your way! I hold my breath and listen hard. There’s nothing for some time… How long? Thirty seconds, a minute? Then I hear your soft footfall and I know that you’re leaving the bedroom, pushing open the door and surveying the dark landing. I hear a small click as you flick the light on, sending brightness emanating down the stairs and bursting into the games room from the half open door.

Now I hear you moving, but I can’t be sure in which direction you’re walking. My anticipation is already palpable. I often wonder if you actually know where I am, but prolong the search just to torture me a little more? My legs are beginning to ache. They are folded up underneath me and I am struggling to stay still. The mixture of anxiety and arousal makes me restless and eager to receive the punishment I know will soon be coming my way. (more…)

The Roman’s Mistress: An Erotic Time-Travel Romance

51oHpz-ZtfL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_“I’m your woman?” I dared to ask. His gaze ran over my body, its intensity igniting my passion from the inside out. I barley resisted shivering as his bright eyes roamed, deciding exactly what he wanted to do with me and how.

“You’re my woman. Right now, you’re the only woman in my life,” he trailed off, eyes somewhat wistful. Was there a tragedy hidden in this Roman’s past? Could there be more to why Apollo chose to send me here, to this man?

I gave him a smile. Apparently, it was exactly what I wanted to hear.

With a sinful look, I pulled away from my dark Roman and began peeling the clothing from my body. Skirt first, pressed achingly slow over my curves, then my shirt, revealing my modern and apparently thoroughly fascinating underwear.

I made sure to turn so that the full force of my skimpy thong could be properly appreciated and I almost laughed at the choked sound that came from behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I teased, “Is this how you wanted me to prepare myself?” (more…)


7b2DNCgm.jpg largeAnother day just like the one that came before. Another morning spent organizing things for people who seem to neither notice nor care that I do things for them but would scream bloody murder if I didn’t. Another blank page waiting for me to pour romance onto it, and I can’t even remember the last time anything vaguely interesting happened to me.

I need something, anything, a little sweetness in my life. Any kind of connection that will make me feel human again. Something that will relieve this soul-crushing loneliness. And the irony is that I’m never, ever alone anymore. As it happens, the source of most of my troubles is sitting on the sofa behind me right now.

It isn’t that I don’t love him anymore; it would be so much easier if I didn’t. And it most certainly isn’t the fact that he got sick and is in constant pain, a mere shadow of his former self. That part he can’t help, that part is most horrible for him and I am more than willing to help him with that. But that’s not what’s destroying us. He is doing that. He crumbled the moment he found out that the disease he is battling cannot be cured, only arrested. He takes the pills to arrest the progress but he has made no attempt to build a new life around the limitations he now has. Quite the opposite, he has descended into depression and has brought us into that swamp with him. (more…)

Savannah Sins

51RlWpK+zWL._AA160_Jack’s voice was hard and husky in her ear. “You can thank me for the cooking lesson later. It’s time for garden chores.”

Outside he kicked back in a hammock, folding his arms behind his head. Acutely aware of his swanky, come hither smile and those warm brown eyes following her movements, Beverly bent over to dig for potatoes with full knowledge that her shorts were too small to cover panties, had she been wearing any. Jack would get a peak at her pussy, hot and wet, probably glistening in the sun.

“Ever been with a man, Beverly?”

She stopped digging, watching the dirt tumble back to fill the hole. I’ve had a few men. It usually took about three pumps of their dick before it was over. Beverly would be lying if she didn’t admit that she’d fantasized about being with someone who actually knew what they were doing. A man who would push her knees back toward her ears and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. But it seemed only women knew what the hell foreplay was. (more…)

Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield

51s-1uBWQXL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Violet has a special talent, one that her man found out could make him rich. Crowds come to watch her, and the lucky ones get to join in. Tonight she’s performing on a small stage, entertaining the troops. Will Violet be able to satisfy the sex-starved men in uniform? Can she handle getting drilled without protection by a couple of war heroes? Violet is waiting for you to enter the backdoor. Dare to come inside and get wet.

I stood up from the vanity, tucked the stool underneath it and faced Pedro. “Thanks sweetheart,” I replied. I leaned closer to show my gratitude with a quick kiss on his prickly cheek. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” I’m positive that behind all that facial hair, he was blushing from excitement. It was hard to tell since the only hairless parts of his body I had ever seen were his eyes, lips and ears.

I pulled open the bow at the front of my black silk robe. Pedro watched the material cascade off my body and to the ground in front of him. “Do you want to touch me?” I asked, standing naked two feet away from him. (more…)

Immortal Pleasure: The Contract (Book Two) (A New Adult Fairy Tale)

51bu8Yu7hoL._SX356_BO1,204,203,200_“Um…? What are we doing?”

“I’m making sure that you make it to your car safely.”

I stop and look up at him, eyebrow raised. “It’s Seattle, not Chicago.”

“You’re about to make me a lot of money, Miss Bellamy. I would prefer to ensure that you at least make it to your car.”

I shrug and lead him for the garage, but unfortunately the entrance to the stairs is one-way.

“Guess we’ll have to take the elevator,” I mumble.

We walk through the garage entrance and I press the call button for the elevator. I stand awkwardly beside Julien. My hand is still on his strong and muscular forearm. I resist the temptation to slide my hand up and squeeze his bicep for fun. (more…)

Dominating Donna – Excerpt

51EhLtr3X8L._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_They walked into the kitchen where Jonas sat in a bathrobe. The two men from the plant were already waiting, dressed in casual shirts and old jeans, and they all were sipping some coffee, the workers sitting on stools with their backs to her.

“My, but she looks lovely of a morning, doesn’t she, fellows?” Jonas said.

The two hefty workers turned and looked her up and down. Jeeves bowed stiffly to Jonas and Jonas motioned that he could leave.

“Damn,” said one.

The other said, “Yessir, she sure does.” (more…)

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