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Feeling White (The White Trilogy Book 2)

index“Fuck, I need inside you,” he said as he shifted her weight to get the leverage on the wall he wanted. She gripped on and raised herself a little so he could manoeuvre her and position his cock. The head of it was poised and waiting as he pushed her throat back, he needed to look into her eyes again when he lowered her onto him, needed to hear her moan as he filled her and reminded them. Her scream of desire was all he wanted as he pulled her down on him and drove in as hard as he could, hitting her core and letting the sensation of her envelop him as he pulled back out. He forced his way back in again roughly, not caring for her comfort, which made her gasp out again and grab hold of his hand at her throat for support. She was the sexiest fucking thing on the planet, God himself couldn’t have created a more divine looking creature, and as her eyes widened he gripped onto her arse and bent down to pull her nipple into his teeth. Biting down harshly he was rewarded with her agonisingly sweet moan of pain, and as her nails dug in further it released the last of his shredded control. The bite of those nails induced all kinds of thoughts and visions. And as his back clenched at the bliss that was beginning to build with every thrust, her now biting teeth on his neck only furthered his primal tendencies onwards. (more…)

Excerpt from Ava-The Sequel to Devil She Became

As his eyes fluttered open he found himself enveloped in darkness save for a faint light that glowed beneath the door. The room was damp and cold sendCPkJR9TWsAA-1B5ing a chill through his body. The strong odor of decay filled his nostrils.

“Where am I?” His voice echoed through the dank concrete halls.

His eyes roamed the darkness searching for anything, anyone.

“Help me!”
Pulling on his arms, he found himself immobile. Trying to kick his legs, he discovered couldn’t move them either. Thrashing his head from side to side, he felt cold metal against his skin. Where the hell was he?
Suddenly, there was a rattling like a key in a lock then the sound of a door creaking open.

“Who’s there? Help me, please.”

A small stream of light poured in. He sat up struggling to see who was there.

“Who’s there? Answer please!”

Click clack. Click clack. The sound of high heeled footsteps crept closer.

“Help me! Please!” The man desperately pulled against the leather restraints.

All of sudden, he screamed as light was beamed directly into his eyes. (more…)

Rock N Roll Girl – Short Story

CLPtwPZUcAAjdC0My next door neighbor was also my best friend. Candy was always the sensible one, and I (Andrea) was the crazy slutty one. Neither of us were virgins, and we had done a lot of partying together, so she wasn’t exactly Miss Priss, but she was still pretty damned close.

We were the two girls that turned heads, and I guess it’s appropriate that I was the slutty one since I was the blonde. I’m tall and I have a great body and I’m beautiful—and that’s a professional opinion, because I’m working as a model. (more…)

Friday’s Lesson

Friday's LessonShort story from “Tales of Sexual Surrender “

I am late and I know it. As I step out of the taxi, I notice that our house is in darkness. Strange, I think… you should be at home by now?  But then who I am to judge? One quick drink had turned into three, and before I knew it, Friday evening had turned into Friday night. I approach the door, suddenly bathed in light from the security sensors and argue my key into the lock. After a few moments the security light lapses and I finally win the argument. Stepping over the threshold, I fumble to my left for the internal switch and notice for the first time that there is already a pale light visible from inside. My fingers find the target and brightness sweeps our hall. It takes my eyes another moment to register you – there in the hallway with me. You’re seated regally on the large teak chair which dominates the entrance to our house. Even though I am expecting you to be home, your sudden presence surprises me and instinctively my heart-rate spikes in panic.

“Damn it, Oliver! You frightened me half to death!” (more…)

Butterface – Excerpt

61jby3KY7UL._UX250_Butterface –  Excerpt

JimBob looked groggily around, staring at the underside of the top bunk like usual. “What the hell?” he asked. Something was going on and his sluggish, sleeping brain had no idea what it was.

Then he realized that something was making his cock feel wonderful. So wonderful that he just sighed and closed his eyes again for a few moments, feeling fingers on his shaft and balls, and a delightful, warm, wet, sucking, licking envelope over the end of his shaft and his bulbous, foreskin-wrapped head…

He frowned before he opened his eyes. What the hell? he thought, his brain several minutes behind his mouth, as usual. When he looked down, he saw his sheet was missing and a mass of long brown hair was bobbing up and down over his lap. It took him a moment longer to realize it was Susie kneeling between his legs and sucking him off.

“What’n the hayell you doin?” he whispered. (more…)


CRfkMsYUYAAFtGJLondon, early October, 1819

Henry turned the key in the door to the comfortable rooms above Regents Street and let himself in. It wasn’t his residence, he had not chosen it, and it most certainly did not reflect his taste. But he had financed it for the past three months and had just signed the lease for another six. The gesture was his parting gift to his latest mistress, Millie, but Henry was not about to make her aware of that fact. This was to be their last night together, and Henry did not want it spoiled by any unnecessary emotional outbursts. Millie was the sort of woman who would consider it a point of pride to indulge in such a display but that was only partly why he planned to keep her in the dark about the significance of the occasion.

There was always a special excitement to the last encounter with a woman, almost more so than the first. The lady in question never knew it would be the last time; only he did, and that lent urgency to the encounter. Of course, they all knew he would move on eventually. That, after all, was the nature of his game and most of London knew how he played it. But still, he liked being in control of when and how things ended. (more…)

Got No Strings


His wooden mouth closed on her stiff nipple and she giggled in guilt and pleasure. “Not here!” she whispered, for they were in an alleyway, comiCL6mpQmUYAAnp97ng home from the theater.
Ignoring her protests, he wiggled so that she dropped him. He put his hands on her hips—which were at eye-level for him, being a marionette of some three feet in stature—and pushed her against the wall. With a smile, he lifted her skirts, looked upon her nakedness with no small lechery, then crawled under.
“Oh!” she exclaimed as his wooden face began nibbling a trail up her inner thighs. “Oh! My!” she cried as his warm slot of a mouth closed upon her hairless sex, pulling her lips gently away from her not-quite-spread legs. “Oh! Precious Savior!” she exclaimed as his long wooden tongue slipped out of his lips and between hers, swirling noisily in a wide circle inside her moistened snatch. She groaned, clutched the wall, spread her legs widely.
He stood between her feet, reaching up and kneading her soft white buttocks with his stiff wooden fingers as she wetted his face with her lust. He was relentless in his tonguing; it felt like a wide, flat cock fucking her in quick hard strokes as he slid it in and out of her quickly-heating pussy. (more…)

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