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Nectar – Excerpt


51obxNI69fL._SX372_BO1,204,203,200_   My husband Jerry has no idea that I’m a slut for big black cocks, and that’s how I want it. The big black men who have me want it that way, too.

Like every couple who have been married a while, we’ve had our differences. Jerry’s a good provider and a decent husband, but he’s earned enough resentment from me that if I didn’t get what I needed from other men, we’d have been over a long time ago.

I’m about as white as a girl can get without being an albino. I change my hair color depending on what I think will please my lovers, and I make Jerry think it’s just what I’m in the mood for. I’m a natural blonde, so when I have my hair darker, I let my men tell me how to maintain my bush. I know it turns them on to control me that way, and it turns me on, too. Sometimes they want me all to themselves and don’t let me have sex with Jerry, so I make excuses to my husband and do what they want me to do. All I really worry about is turning them on so I get all of their delicious cum. (more…)


JOSIE“You mean…another girl?”

Erich nodded eagerly. “Of course, darling. I know how much you love to lick pussy. I am going to find my kitten a new toy to play with.”

Josie fell back against the bed.

Erich walked over to her to kiss her on the cheek. “You should be happy to be married to a man who accepts and encourages your desires.”

“Do you have one yet?” Josie asked her mouth dry. (more…)



Once in the land of Kebros, which was the land that flowed with cider and maple syrup (a little south of the land which flowed with other good things, of which you have surely heard, and a little to the west and north of the land which flowed with bad things), there was a maiden. Her name was Libby, which was a very odd name for a maiden of Kebros in those days, for nobody knew that vegetables could even come in cans, they simply pulled them out of the ground and wiped them off with a sleeve before eating.

Being a maiden, she was of course quite young, though of course just barely past the age of consent, and exceedingly beautiful, with perfectly gorgeous blonde ringlets that cascaded to the perfectly woman-like hips that adorned her perfectly lustful figure; and also, being a maiden, she had a problem. (more…)

Seeing White (Book 1, The White Trilogy)

51zGIyYSIWL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_Scene: His study, Rome Apartment. Both wrists bound and attached, via a choker, to the wall while perched on a sliding staircase.

Push and pull, a lesson in control.

“I didn’t say you could enjoy yourself, Elizabeth,” he says as he watches me, all emotion now having left his face. “I will not tolerate manipulation from you, and if I have to tell you one more time to lower your fucking head, I will strap it down.”

His voice is angry, resentful even, and as I try desperately to swallow the fear that’s starting to claw its way up my spine he just stares at me. His face is still cold, those eyes very nearly black and unwavering in his reprimand as I nervously gaze back at them and begin to realise the severity of my situation. I’m hung up for him and on display with no ability to run, or hide. He put me here and I let him, but where has my Alex gone? This isn’t a man I know or trust. Was one small gesture of defiance enough to send him over the edge of reason? This is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? (more…)

Night at the Opera

51quJNfvJ6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Part one – Delivery.

His instructions are explicit, but I read the note for the third time as though I expect the words
to change. I glance across our bed and eye the small, cream cardboard package, steeling
myself to open it. Rising from the soft carpet I lunge at the box and whip off the lid before I
lose my nerve completely. I assess the contents in a frantic panic.

The crimson fabric inside is not what I expect to see. I cast my eyes over his words
again… Wear only what I have bought for you, before reaching into the box. I was so sure
that I would find some kinky, leather outfit in here and yet the opposite appears to be true. I
run my fingers over the material, surprised at its indulgent, lush feel – somewhere between
satin and silk. I grab the top of the red cloth and hold it out in front of me, allowing the cream
box to fall to the floor as I rise to accommodate its length. I am truly stunned by the beautiful
garment that I find. I check the message again and then the clock on the far wall. I only have
about forty minutes until my taxi will arrive. Time to get ready… (more…)

Exclusive first excerpt from Ava second book in Devil’s Angels

Involuntarily, Ava stiffened at the mention of Reese’s name. McCallister noticed this even though it was a split second reaction. Ava must know Reese he decided from her noticeable discomfort.
“No, I don’t, Colt. If this is a question and answer game, then I want to play too. Tell me, Colt, why are you a detective?” CPN4_JJWwAEEX9N

Ava ran her fingers lightly over his hand.
McCallister felt himself become aroused by this despite his promise to himself to remain professional.
“If you must know, my original plan was to be an FBI agent.”
“So why didn’t you, Colt?”
He cleared his throat. “I married young, had a daughter, and decided to stay in Chicago to help raise her. I had dreams as a kid to solve mysteries, save lives.”
“Very interesting. So you gave up your dreams for some lame girl, boo hoo.”
Ava leaned in to brush his ear with her lips.
“Be a real man, Colt. You see something you want, take it.” (more…)

A Thing of Beauty: The Sir Henry March Mysteries (Volume 1)

51cOzt2NHaL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Eliza woke to the smell of tea and a soft nuzzle against her cheek. Her eyes still closed, she stretched and hummed her contentment. So encouraged, the nuzzle moved from her cheek to her neck and into her hair and turned into an embrace as Henry’s arm burrowed its way under her shoulder and his other arm found its way around her waist. She stretched farther as their bodies aligned, enjoying the feel of his bareness against hers and noted that his skin was cool next to hers. “You’ve been up already.”

He kissed her gently on the mouth, drawing another hmmm, this one disgruntled. “And you used the tooth powder. Not fair.”

Henry chuckled and kissed her again, this time teasing her lips open and stroking his tongue against hers. “I don’t mind, but I’d be happy to keep the bed warm whilst you use the facilities.”

Her eyes were still closed and she snuggled deeper into his embrace. “Hmmm, in a minute.” (more…)

Teaser from Devil She Became

When beautiful Reese Vogel met wealthy, handsome Harrison Grantham she thought she found the perfect man. Sexy and powerful, Harrison was everything she ever wanted. Their love was intense, erotic and full of passion.

Only one thing stood in their way. His wife.

When she threatens their illicit affair how far will they go to preserve their relationship? Will they succumb to a burgeoning evilDevilSheBecameFinal-FJM_Low_Res_500x750 born of desire to stay together? A vicious web of deceit, lust, and betrayal entangles them all…who will make it out alive and who will be devoured? Who will be the first to recognize the Devil She Became?


By Autumn Raynne

Visit her on twitter @autumnraynne2 or at

Devil She Became premiering on Amazon September 7!!!

Submission at The Tower: The Depths of Desire

“But you, Janie—”unnamed

He tugs my hair gently as he speaks, suddenly so utterly consumed with me. For a moment I don’t think I can take another breath…

“You are something different. You might be able to inspire me to command, to make me a better master, and that would be truly something.”

He breaks his insistent eye contact and I realise I’ve been holding my breath.

“I don’t know, little one. This is day one after all. Perhaps this is a wave that will wash over us both?”

I gaze at him, watching his full lips as he speaks, as though I almost can’t quite believe what I am hearing.

“I don’t want it to,” I say finally. “I want it to consume me, sir. I want to drown in it.”

He shakes his head as though he can’t listen anymore, but I carry on. (more…)

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