Month August 2015

An Evening with Mr. Blackthorne

CJy2EYxUAAEZwvpFuck. Ava thought as she pulled her black seamed stockings on clipping them to her lacy garter belt. A damned run in her stocking!

Well, she wasn’t going to let that ruin what could be one of the hottest nights in her life. Her buzzing phone alerted her to a text.

Hey sexy, when are you picking us up?

I’m sending a car for you in a few.

Can’t wait, babe. I’m so hot to do this!

Ciao, babe.

Quickly, Ava slipped into a tight black bustier that showed a lot of cleavage. Her breasts heaved upward as her breath quickened at the thought of this evening’s plans. Dabbing lipstick to her full lips, she gave herself a final glance in the mirror. Her raven black hair hung straight down her back, her cold blue eyes lined dramatically with kohl liner. (more…)

Devil She Became

As she stepped into the elevator, a young woman was already in there. Her hair was styled beautifully and her skin was glowing as well.DevilSheBecameFinal-FJM_Low_Res_500x750The dark brown hair….she realized it was the same woman from earlier.

“What floor?” she asked.

“15th.” Reese answered.

“Ahhh, the grand deluxe suite. I tried to book that suite when I checked in but it was already taken. I guess that must’ve been you.”

Reese nodded. “Sorry. I’m staying here until my wedding.”

The young woman turned to her. “Why aren’t you staying in your mansion….Barbie?” she asked in a husky whisper.

Reese looked at the woman in the eyes. Her blood drained to her feet. Oh my God. It was Ava! Her penetrating eyes fixed on Reese she moved closer to her. “What the hell are you doing here?” Reese demanded.

“Just visiting, Barbie. Surely you have missed me.” Ava fluttered her heavily made up eyes at her. (more…)

Winner Takes All


Slinking into a seedy roadside bar, this place was so unlike her. Ava was a woman of refinement of class.

Meeting someone here was unlikely. However she had grown tired of bedding little stuck up twits like Alanna or her latest conquest, Natalia.

She felt a tugging tingling feeling deep in her loins for a down to earth sexy woman.

Sauntering in the smoke filled bar she felt all eyes upon her. Ava was accustomed to this as she was a spectacularly beautiful woman with long black hair, firm breasts, tiny waist & long legs. Her breasts unencumbered by a bra jiggled freely as she moved. Her Loubotuin heels clicked on the dingy floor. Sweeping her long hair back, she took an empty seat at the bar.


The Spider and the Fly-Lesbian Love


As an absolutely gorgeous raven haired woman named Ava, she had it all. Glamorous job, lots of money and most of all, an unbelievably sexy girlfriend named Natalia. Ava made her living in a very unconventional way. To put it bluntly, she was a contract killer. No one would have ever guessed that’s what she was as she was as tall as a model with the body of a Playboy centerfold. (more…)

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